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File: 760dea4f355214d⋯.png (365.91 KB, 728x469, 104:67, ap_resize.png)


Back in May, Google showcased an innovative navigation system that leveraged the phone's camera to provide augmented reality GPS guidance. Although the demo was very promising, the feature wasn't expected to be immediately available, even for testing. However, the company is now letting select people, mostly Local Guides with access to a preview version of Maps, use the feature, and David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal was among the lucky ones to give it a first try.

We've all walked for what seemed like miles in the wrong direction before realizing our phone's compass went berzerk and led us the wrong way. These days are almost over, as Google's AR-based guidance is gradually making its way into our lives. Although the version the WSJ tested isn't final, it helps us get a better idea of what's coming up.

more here:


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