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Samsung is holding an event on Feb. 20 where it's expected to unveil its latest family of Galaxy S10 phones. It will also at least tease a foldable phone, according to a video the company posted to YouTube on Monday.

Samsung's video is titled "The Future Unfolds," suggesting that it will finally make good on promises to sell a phone that can fold. The company revealed a prototype device in November when it promised that a model consumers will actually be able to buy is "coming soon." Samsung's foldable phone is expected to be the first device in the category that will be available for anyone to buy.

The new video doesn't show how the device will fold, but other companies such as Xiaomi have provided a closer look at what we might expect. Xiaomi's prototype looks like a tablet that can fold into a device the size of a phone.

Foldable phones are expected to be more expensive than traditional phones because they have more advanced and larger screens than what's currently on the market.



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