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File: c86d2dcace9a0fd⋯.png (241.47 KB, 638x398, 319:199, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)


An unborn baby was removed from its mother’s womb for life-changing surgery before being put safely back inside, her mother has revealed.

Surgeons performed the pioneering operation at 24 weeks’ gestation after scans revealed the feotus had spina bifida.

The condition can leave sufferers with walking difficulties and even paralysis because the spinal cord does not fully develop during pregnancy.




You mean they did some surgery on some woman's body tissue; because everybody knows that human life does not begin until after birth, so that could not possibly have been a 'baby' they did surgery on!



This is correct. Up until the umbilical cord is cut, the baby is biologically a parasitic growth, not an independent life form. And for at least a couple years they're completely useless to even avoid not shitting on themselves, and are functionally severely mentally retarded. Human life doesn't even begin until age 6 or so; before that they're lesser than a dog.



>if we don't stop global warming I mean uh climate change the whole human race will go extinct now hold on while I murder a million babies a year




When did anyone mention climate change? Are you high or in the wrong thread?

>now hold on while I murder a million babies a year

Who is doing this? Certainly not me! I don't have the time. A million babies per year at five days per week (two weeks vacation) and an eight-hour workday comes out to 50 babies per hour. Even if I have some kind of extraordinarily efficient device for murdering them that I can operate without getting too tired, I can't imagine the complicated logistics that would deliver all these babies to my workplace, nor either the logistics of disposing of two tons of baby corpses over the course of the day. That's a lot of biological waste.

But by the way, if a life is one that isn't actually born but rather just on in potentia, every time you jerk off you're murdering several million babies. So think about that the next time you reach for your loli porn, kid.

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