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File: 328a7072954eba4⋯.png (428.58 KB, 795x479, 795:479, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….png)


A simple step in many people’s hygiene left an English man developing a near-fatal infection that spread to the lining of his brain.

Over the past five years, the man had been experiencing pain and hearing loss in his ear — something he had been treated for multiple times. It wasn’t until he had a seizure that led him to look more carefully into the problem and discover that a piece of a cotton swab stuck in his ear was causing his severe medical issues, according to his link opens in a new tab Live Science.




Fucking retard was putting that shit in his ear canal. He deserves to die



literally says it right on the box not to do it too


Next time he should try using an ice pick for added reach.


Thank god I only put toothpickers in my ear


if he had been treated for it why didn't a simple syringing of his ear canal fix the problem ?


The Jews made cotton swabs



i hate faggots so goddamn much



Getting the wax out of your ears is strangely satisfying.


How did the fucking doctor treating him for years miss the fucking cotton bit?


Or you could just fuckin make sure your cotton swabs aren't covered in sewage. Anyone who doesn't clean their earxax after every shower is disgusting.



You are supposed to clean your earwax during your shower.



Most doctors in the uk are pajeets


A simple otoscopic exam takes seconds and would have found the foreign body in the external canal. Sadly, many GPS don’t use halogen or LED lighting and hardly ever change batteries in their otoscopes.



I had a cotton swab lodged in my ear once, the doctors missed it several times.

Finally found it when he shoved the ear examination device extra deep into my ear.

Maybe they just weren't looking deep enough.



It's a straight thing. I have kids you fucking retard.





you're funny, fag



>Doing anything with your dick is gay

Next you're going to tell me that you've literally never masturbated, right?


File: 06d4fac76915517⋯.gif (344.76 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 06d4fac76915517272e14a4e03….gif)


Do your kids know their father is a filthy fucking degenerate?



Not as much as the scenes where he learns to love and tolerate negroes.



A good ass raping will do that



<he doesn't know that sounding is how male transsexuals who haven't transitioned yet masturbate

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