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File: 6794df3951fea7a⋯.jpg (61.18 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, gaysymbolschurchsteeples_h….jpg)


The Diocese of Västerås, a division of the Church of Sweden, is now giving away an LGBTQ guide for "Christian queer kids." Bible-believing Christians may be stunned to hear that this extreme guide describes Jesus as "queer" and Joseph as transvestite.



>Jesus was queer

>Jesus betrayed by jews

>Jesus was killed by jews

>Jews killed the queer guy

I always knew jews were the ultimate homophobes ang gays the ultimate antisemites.



Should totally run with this.



>Bible-believing Christians may be stunned

No, they don't exist in this life anymore. Their total lack of empathy would even scare the Chinese shitless. The antichrist they are waiting for is actually the combination of their own empty souls.


LGBTQ guide for "Muslim queer kids."


File: 9bab8e135dd743e⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 383x576, 383:576, max tipping.gif)


Lmao what a joke country. A carnival country.


>The eternal protestant Swede strikes again

TBH, now I don't feel bad Muslims are taking over that country. Islam will humble the heck out of those misguided fools.



Yep run with it, anything that creates division for Jews…


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