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File: 08dce2b2e78fffb⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 370x242, 185:121, BenShapiro.YAF_-370x242.jpg)


One evening last September, a Michigan State University student awoke from his nap to see his roommate sitting at his computer. There was a video playing, and the student realized his roommate was watching a video of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.




>in another example, a university employee was reported for displaying a “Resist Trump” sticker on campus.

wow it seems like a system that works both ways. what a shock


Imagine being such a bitch that you file complaints against people not liking what you like


>kike boomers are too edgy for college kids




And it's worse than that, there is an entire system at Michigan State University that takes reports, investigates, and takes action on behalf of these people complaining that someone else likes something they don't like

Imagine an administration transferring students into different housing over someone watching a video of Ben Shapiro on Youtube, probably one where he's criticizing this exact type of nonsense.


Okay, now this is epic



I fear hat Western culture will degrade so much that it's like in Idiocracy. Not due to stupidity but SJW Total-Correctness. Anyone can become a doctor, wishful thinking gives you the PhD.

Then Saudi Arabia will conquer the fags & traps like nothing with their hilariously bad army that can't even fight off tribesman wearing flipflops in Yemen.



>Not Official, but must follow laws

>You can talk about Bill Hicks, Israel, Knights of Malta, et cetera

>Memes welcome, includes file upload




This isn't even just an attack on conservative ideas, every idea is under attack here; freedom of speech itself is under attack here. I would consider this okay if the school was private, but this is a public school. Our tax dollars are going directly into supporting into supporting a system that breaks the most fundamental rule in our country.



"free speech" is code word for fascism


I actually agree with the student filing the complaint. Any fucktard watching Shekel Shiner Shapiro needs to be put in an oven. Put in right next to the neckbeard who gives money to Jewden Peterson or any other e-celeb cancer.



Spotted the liberal.

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