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File: 751a675f37bc24c⋯.jpg (33.65 KB, 665x340, 133:68, af3c5b5b-1c61-404f-8248-ec….jpg)


After Parkland, Dick’s continued its mini-war with the Second Amendment, refusing to sell long guns to anyone under the age of 21. It’s already law that you need to be 21 to purchase a handgun, but rifles and shotguns are available to purchase for those 18 years of age or older. Some states, like Florida and Vermont, have passed unconstitutional laws increasing the age for all firearms purchases. All this does is deny law-abiding Americans their right to exercise their right to bear arms. What else is new?




I never shooped there before. seems like a crappy store anyway



Florida's age increase of 18 to 21 for ammo and long guns was indeed a response to Parkland, but does it really matter in this particular case? It also applies to all vendors of firearms in the state of Florida, not just Dick's. Anyone under 21 can still use a firearm if under supervision of someone 21 and older. It does help stem edgy teens from just buying one and shooting up a school(not that they can't steal one, but).

I'm totally pro-gun but I'd say that this isn't an unreasonable change. And those saying it's "unconstitutional" are delusional. Those under 21 can still obtain access to firearms to go hunting or a shooting range or whatever. They just can't own it yet. Considering handguns and CWL are age 21+, this is just making the law involving guns more uniform. Handguns were originally 21+ versus long guns due to their concealable nature. Given that teens can be unstable and aren't able to obtain proper healthcare(maybe some day?), this is a reasonable course of action that hardly conflicts with our rights to bear arms. This change really does almost nothing to your average joe. You can still get your 19 year old or whatever a gun but he just can't "buy it" yet. If people blow their shit over something as docile and reasonable as this, it just makes the gun community look bad. It's not like they're raising the total age to 25 or something. Or saying no hollow points. Or no pistol grips. Etc.

Dick's is indeed being a total cuck by removing AR's and such from their stores though.



>Im totally pro gun but

Oh, im sure you are, California native. Im sure you are.



If you have no constructive rebuttal, cuck boi, then don't bother posting. Not hard to be an uneducated keyboard warrior.



16 and older is the historical precident for being a member of the militia and owning a firearm

Now go back to prepping your wife's bull you calicuck


File: b321ed8aef2543a⋯.jpg (494.17 KB, 1516x1422, 758:711, angry.jpg)


>also calicuck but never wanted to throw an armed insurgency so badly before in my entire life

>mfw gas is 4$/gal



>It does help stem edgy teens from just buying one and shooting up a school

No it doesn't.

Also school shooting are incredibly rare. How about we talk about Jamal and Demarkaquandicus.


File: 04776fd1ada3210⋯.jpg (94.97 KB, 894x499, 894:499, 10xa9c.jpg)


>mfw that's still cheaper than gas in Alberta, Canada's main producer of oil

We call the northeast brown town btw



trudeau is turning out to be the best meming, clown world troll.


haha DICK


Nice to hear. Fuck commie "liberals" and the people that pander to them.



>I'm totally pro-gun but

Pathetic. Who do you think you're kidding?



The LAW IS TO PTOTECT YOURSELF. Not to go hunting. Are you fuckng retarded. All ages should be able to protect themselves. Fucking Jews murdered 14 MILLION Russians in cold blood and i. The most horrifc ways imaginable. Now they want to do it again. Fuck you.



It is. You are better off bidding on the scariest gun you can find a gun site and having it shipped to a Dick's FFL location for lulz.


You brain-dead fucking retards DO realize that the 2nd Amendment ONLY APPLIES TO THE GOVERNMENT, correct? No private company is required to do fucking anything! If they want to refuse to sell guns to any category of people they please (like denying guns to every fourth midget wearing a green hat) it is perfectly within their own rights to do so. Ever seen that sign on a business that says "We retain the right to refuse service to anyone"? That's their LEGAL RIGHT!

You chucklefucks can't defend a cake maker's right to not sell cakes to gays, and then turn right around and say that a gun seller MUST sell guns to everyone. You can't have it both ways!


I welcome this, honestly. I think all children should be given guns, even two-years-olds before they've developed proper motor control. If nothing else, it'll be fucking hilarious how many retard hillbilly hicks accidentally get shot by their own children in the name of "defense".


Fucks sake you can wait 3 more years, most people don't even mature until the mid 20s anyway.


File: 8737dfdccc08ef3⋯.gif (119.13 KB, 320x600, 8:15, go_fuck_yourself.gif)


lmao nobody here is arguing that you retard. We're just calling Dicks out for being a bunch of freedom hating niggers. We have the right to do that too


they have one of these in my town. if anyone has an ingenious idea as to how i can fuck with them ill do it. you have 24hrs.



I've only been there exactly once and the entire store was a ghost town. You'd have to explicitly annoy the employees Please don't they did nothing wrong they're just trying to make a living or somehow annoy the upper management. You can try just general vandalism if you want to be a fucking nigger I guess

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