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File: 24b226a1ff5a0f2⋯.jpg (53.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 0eb93a6d9402b1928d19b419f0….jpg)


Saturday Night Live opened up its latest show with a cold open skewering “touchy-feely” former Vice-President Joe Biden.



Snl is fucking garbage. Every single episode is shit.


File: 6be4ec18745c314⋯.jpg (16.57 KB, 630x354, 105:59, USAT20703647_640x480_1.jpg)

Biden is a perv but SNL is objectively unfunny.



>watch snl

I'd rather not.









As always they do a skit on it but don't nearly capture the creepiness. Halfhearted skit.





You are missing the point.

SNL was and is one of the NPC programming shows, putting little hints into malleable minds with what passes for humor to their simple minds. Things like "orange man bad" or "le new celebrity gossip XD" flow like water from shows like SNL, disproportionately affecting the minds of the weakest willed, including the people who'd have considered themselves "Never Trump-er"s, spouting shit like "I'm with her", talking points about "institutional racism" or the wage gap myth.

The fact that even SNL is putting propaganda against the boring neoliberal who has the highest polling for the 2020 dems shows that even this well-oiled machine has either begun eating its own or has chosen a new host. Watch for who they refuse to joke about. Looking back to the 08 election, you'll find that almost none of these shows or the majority of the news stations joked about or criticized Obama, if they did it was not nearly to the same degree as Clinton or Mccain.

This could be a sign of the mainstream support for further left policies and politicians. You'll find slowly but surely that white men aren't welcome to hold leadership roles in the new Democratic party anymore.



No, it just means Biden is going to run and likely be the whipping boy for some dipshit to "riff" off of and "btfo" similarly to what Trump did. I guarantee you the democrat primaries are going to be the put on candidate essentially roasting the others, except it'll be scripted.

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