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File: 5b168b887c23aa9⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 800x533, 800:533, putin.jpg)


Researchers at a Washington-based think tank have noticed that a funny thing happens whenever Russian President Vladimir Putin gets close to a harbor: The GPS of the ships moored there go haywire, placing them many miles away on the runways of nearby airports.



Heil Putin



It's amusing how buffoons will scoff at the anti-American propaganda in Russia but simultaneously eat up the anti-Russia propaganda in America. Yes, Putin sends gremlins to mess with GPS systems and voting booths just like Hitler used to send gremlins to burn your Swanson TV Dinners.



>all of trumps inner circle arrested and has business ties to russian oligarchs

>"i-its nothing goy, support israel!"



Literally non-news. This is so insignificant and pointless to discuss that it's something I'd expect to hear on CNN. This prevents GPS-guided attacks from being able to use the GPS system for guidance toward Putput. You know, the things that they don't want near the Russo president? I don't really consider this a serious issue considering the USA has some serious fucking jamming they can put out at the drop of a hat, and that is sometimes used when transporting Donny Boy. They aren't breaking into the fucking satellite, they're just broadcasting a signal that pretends to be the satellite to anything within a certain range.


It starts in America, it builds in America, it is the way of what the fuck you think of to earn views on YOUtude.. Tsek naaiers.

There will always be dogs barking behind a gate, just as long the dog is there.


there is more to this story, as magnetic north is also drifting towards Russia. Is it following him?

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