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File: 000eed8765d0e65⋯.jpg (171.24 KB, 2348x1277, 2348:1277, dreamstime_m_23986770.jpg)


In a period of a little over 24 hours this weekend, 24 people were shot in Chicago, including three children under 13 — and three of the adults shot died from their injuries, according to police.



What race were the victims and gunners?








Culture matters and race is tied to culture



Here. I'll help you.

The shooters were nigger. The majority, if not all; shot were niggers.

Those are not victims.

If any whites were shot: they've had a lifetime in Chimpcago to learn the right move is to leave. They've had a lifetime in Chimpcago to learn it isn't safe for humans.

They stayed.

They aren't victims either.



race is mixed now. boats have been around for a long long time. it's not always black and white. someone had a break down and went on a shooting spree and said fuck the world and fuck life and threw it all away. 8chan and it's race issues never ceases to amaze me. america was originally owned by indians.



>America was originally owned by indians

Nope. Chinks crossed the land bridge 12k+ years after Europeans got here by boat.

>it's not always black and white

Correct, it's mostly just black crime.



<8chan and it's race issues

^^ moron thinks race issues are 8ch's fault


>niggers killing niggers

They can still vote Democrat though.



Good into the trash they go. Count your blessings.



This mentality means we have to abandon all of our (formerly) great cities, retreating to shrinking islands of safety and prosperity until they wreck those too.

Virginia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, and Arizona are being flooded with hostile zerg. How long until those are just as bad as the deep blue slums?


How come no cops got shot? Fuck snitches.


Nothing of value was lost

Sounds like a wonderful weekend in Chicongo. A real pity it wasn't 24 gorillion


24 dead bodies closer to the goal!

I also suggest putting much of Chicago under quarantine. Just seal up those ghetto gorilla habitats and cut them off from food and medical care. The problem will be solved within two weeks.


File: 20813dcc7277ffc⋯.jpg (83.87 KB, 1596x1600, 399:400, 20813dcc7277ffc319c11e4b8f….jpg)


it would be a pretty fucked stage in history if the asians started saying canada and america is there land due to having black hair and eyes like the mexicans and indians.


no but i can see why you think that about me due to you being a moron yourself.


an attack that until then was not well commented on television, I'm sorry if I was wrong but at least I did not see anything, where can I find more information about this conflict?

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