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File: 700051c12e9e070⋯.jpg (7.43 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ro.jpg)


A Maryland man has been arrested and charged with theft of a rental truck and was allegedly going to use that vehicle to plow through Washington, D.C. pedestrians in what he says would have been an ISIS-inspired attack.




Imagine being so much of a nigger that you need to steal a rental truck for an attack instead of just renting it.


And not looking what DC traffic is like


So the Feds just arrested one of their own patsy setups. Notice how these "ISIS" guys always want to do the Uhaul speed bump run through some useless goy. Never do they take out a politician or a celebrity. Zogs will cry "those targets are too hard" Bullshit. All of these guys are cutouts working for the kikes and the feds even if they don't know it



Or they do and get expatriated back to Israel like the 4th Christchurch shooter, dancing Israelis, etc.


they can't say he would do that, by catching him in advance. there's no proof.


What a lazy false flag. We expect pedowood style rig with cinematic effects and actors.



Yeah good point. Islam is a religion of peace.

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