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File: 209b1af241cf569⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 300x200, 3:2, ed.jpg)


U.K. supermarket Waitrose has issued an apology after selling chocolate ducklings that many people said promoted racism.



Everything is racist. If it's not on first glance, you only have to look harder. Some mental gymnastics may help. I am certain, if someone would spend enough time in a supermarket, most if not all products there could be considered racist and should be removes as this precedent shows.

Get out there folks and clean up the racism!


>being naive enough still, to not realise this sort of thing is deliberately done to provide bases from which to launch "debate" or the "sad fact" that "white society is still racist".

I remember being this innocent.


wtf but the ugly duckling WAS black


File: 4f764cd5eaa9aaa⋯.jpg (74.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, whygodwhy.jpg)

just want to point out that if they called the white one ugly there would be no pushback. we aren't there yet people… we just aren't there…



But there's one brown one that's not labelled "ugly", it's obviously not a color thing.


File: bb3dc119da8f9aa⋯.png (318.97 KB, 511x835, 511:835, Untitled.png)

Not as cucked as Sweden but nearly there.


chocolate is a racist symbol

cocoa is harvested in countries that use slave labor. it is an expensive luxury item only whites can afford. swiss chocolatiers pride themselves of their chocolate, harvested by indigenous slaves. its color is as dark as the skin of the people suffering because of it.

end white supremacist chocolate



I think black people are symbol of racism because they are black.



yeah freemasonry and all the rest of it is fucking sad dude



Goddamn pussies…



What isn’t apparent in the photo, and what’s not mentioned in the article, is that “crispy” is made out of milk chocolate with crispy rice, and “ugly” is splattered with pink candy goo.

But yeah, “crispy” is also a term that refers to very dark skinned people, and any idiot would know that if there’s a white thing and a dark thing you never want to name the dark one “ugly.” That’s just fucking dumb.

I guess they thought it was slick marketing to give names to three pieces of food.

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