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File: db7382a05da5bb7⋯.png (449.5 KB, 763x380, 763:380, rock .png)


Toymaker Fisher-Price has recalled nearly five million of its Rock 'n Play Sleepers after reports linked the product to dozens of baby deaths.

The recall was announced by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on Friday.

On its website, the commission said at least 30 infants had died in the sleeper model since its 2009 release.



If you can't be bothered to parent your kids then don't have them. They rolled over whilst unsupervised… that's nothing to do with Fisher Price.



>plz goy, plz don't have "kids"

Companies which design and then sell defective or not fit for purpose products are legally responsible if that product kills someone.

The fact that dead White babies are seen by you as a good thing does not change that fact.

And yes, a baby rocker which kills children who lie in it a certain way (which is not dangerous in itself) is not fit for fucking purpose.

It's a baby rocker, not a fucking bear trap.


I wouldn't buy the thing even before I knew what happened.

It looks cheaper and more unsafe than a cheap plastic crib you get off of Wish or from Wal-Mart or your nearest Chinese Shop anyway…

Both the parents and the manufacturers need to be punished for negligence and for quality control.


>30 babies dead

>sleeper banned

>well over a hundred babies dead

>circumcision not banned




But banning circumcision would prevent the sale of plastibells and circumcision kits, and we all know Israelis are the majority stakeholders and CEOs of those companies. Not to mention the Israeli biomedical companies that buy the “flap of skin” obtained per “informed-consent processes” and turn it into a diabetes-abcess skin graft. Banning circumcision would deprive Israelis of their G-d-given right to profit from the mutilation of white boys’ foreskins, and nothing is more illegal than BDS.

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