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File: 728198a20cbe7ce⋯.png (127.51 KB, 289x316, 289:316, suspect.png)

File: 03a81b7b2ab1b1e⋯.png (534.8 KB, 782x419, 782:419, mall.png)


The man accused of throwing a 5-year-old boy off the third floor balcony at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota Friday told police he had come to the mall that day looking for someone kill.

Emmanuel Aranda, 24, of Minneapolis was charged Monday with first-degree attempted premeditated murder.



He is the devil.. keep him in jail forever



Lol around blacks never relax. Violent is pretty much second nature to niggers

>No surprises, by Radiohead


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I think Chris Rock can sum this up best out of all us racists:


>Threw a small child off a fucking 50-foot balcony

>Didn't even kill it

For a man looking for someone to kill, he was pretty goddamn ineffective at it.


Man was present while boy plumetted from balcony



>A De'Shawn was "looking for someone to kill"

Why didn't he kill himself then?



Maybe the chance of surviving a 50’ fall is actually pretty significant?

(it is)




And kids have a greater chance of surviving a fall than an adult because they have less mass.



Honk Honk.

meanwhile Russia and North Korea….


'Trump emphesis Whites that Voted you into power.

Do this, is not about presidency.

Do this President. White America

Its not about relaxed Whites President. Appease the Majority or America will die… I will leave if it becomes Majority Nigger



File: c5352cf5e2e05f0⋯.jpg (65.13 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 1523614671963.jpg)


I know the feds are reading these words.

Turn off your recording devices

Suck a pretty girl



No kike. That's what humans commonly refer to as a nigger. They are of a completely removed species of animal that hasn't gained, or accomplished anything in thousands of years.



>typical nigger parenting




It was a random white kid, idiot



AFAIK the nazis didn't really have a hate boner for black people


>Aranda said he had been coming to the mall for several years and had made efforts to talk to women in the mall, but had been rejected. He said that rejection caused him to lash out and be aggressive.







I will definitely pray for the babe and the mother

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