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File: e2e84b0b7780a73⋯.png (565.87 KB, 810x436, 405:218, abortion.png)


Indiana is asking a federal judge to rule against a Texas-based nonprofit that wants to open a South Bend abortion clinic.

The group is asking a judge to block Indiana’s licensing rules so that it can open a clinic to perform medication-induced abortions. Whole Woman’s Health Alliance first applied for a license in October 2017.



Disgusting and very very sad



That it’s delayed, completely agree



People need to realise that aborting is the easy way out for irresponsible parents.

There's a reason why adoption is a thing. And saying that it's just a clump of cells is a worse excuse.

The only abortions I approve of are if the child was going to be born handicapped to the point of eating through a tube anyway, or if the mother is 1. Raped 2. Younger than 13/15. At least then they'd be doing them a favour of not living worse than Stephen Hawking.

But that's my opinion, what do the rest of you think?



Adoption isn't really an option though when you consider that organizations are thoroughly kiked and will only push for normal couples to adopt little shitskins while any white babies are used for sacrificial purposes.



you are a complete moron



Abortion should be freely available on demand, at least up to 20-24 weeks, if not well beyond




The one good thing about the evil practice of "abortion" is that leftist cunts, the women and their numbale pets, are killing their offspring.

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