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File: 22a89e50e5c019b⋯.png (346.52 KB, 770x433, 770:433, porn.png)


After 15 July, all internet users will be forced to prove themselves to be over 18 or be entirely blocked from seeing adult content.

Under the new rules, any commercial provider of online pornography will have to carry out “robust age-verification checks on users” to ensure they are adults.

Those checks could include having internet users enter personal details into a privately owned database or buying a pass from newsagents. There will be a number of different ways for people to prove their age, the government said, all of which will be “rigorous” and are not simply typing in a date of birth or ticking a box.



They tried this in the late 1990s.



No they didn't.



Yes they did. I saw all the porn sites with credit card proof of id. Stop lying.


Every time they set a deadline for blocking porn sites I always look up which VPN to get but when the time comes its either so easy to circumvent, or not implemented at all so I dont end up getting one.



>n-no u!

Prove your claim.



He’s right. All it did was encourage kids to borrow credit cards.


good, the cattle must be protected from corruption.



<this justifies censorship




go watch your blacked porn burgerkike


Doubt it will ever happen. It was supposed to be implemented this month. The government honestly think they can block well over 3 billion sites, many of which they have no jurisdiction over if they get told to fuck off



>assuming I watch porn

whatever you say britcuck/britkike


Don't know if this has been said yet, but this isn't about keeping young goys from watching porn. This is just a way for the government to link your IP address to you by using your porn addiction.


oi mate u got a license for that porn



Hey moron, they can link your IP address to you without doing anything online. Your ISP has those details.



>thinking the banning of porn isn't the canary in the coal mine for broader free speech complaints


File: 66d399e90a37b37⋯.jpg (111.46 KB, 575x767, 575:767, uk cucks (((globalists))).jpg)

This has nothing to do with porn. It's 100% about including /pol/ (and other sources of reality) in the adult limit, so teens of the household won't stumble into truth ("hate").



ie, White genocide. Raising future Anglo-morons welcoming "diversity".



I told them Nanny-Prime would be the first country in the developed world to make wanking illegal in some way.

But did they listen? No! They said at least then the government will have the decency to protect dumb children like me from looking at such abhorrent disgusting filth that rots your brain like month old produce.

You're never going to see PornHub traffic in the UK drop faster than you'll do in any other country.

This is why Tor or a VPN is a necessity today…

And for everyone else:




Currently the best free VPNs you can get today…


File: 71f3d28a77f38ab⋯.jpg (11.17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, I figure i keep my mouth o….jpg)


bye bye twitch and instagram and photobucket and tumblr etc. all that has to happen once is a child see explicit content and the entire service gets the blacklist. I'd go ahead and sell my tech stocks now before the marching morons understand that they just lost the 17-11 age bracket on many many platforms. really twitter and facebook could get knocked out as well.

Post your face as this law goes into effect. Here is mine


File: 229c8ef27c2d5f9⋯.jpg (32.7 KB, 500x722, 250:361, 40 years into socialism an….jpg)


Oceania stronk, ignorance is strength INGSOC is BESTSOC


File: 88e05babb092b38⋯.jpg (42.63 KB, 564x549, 188:183, Shady Meme Merchant.jpg)

I like to imagine that there will be a black market for porn in England soon. Some guy with a van in a dark alleyway with vanilla, face-sitting, and if you are willing to pay extra 2d Japanese hentai.


I am so glad for the state. Where would we be without it? Can you imagine a free world? Or even one with a free, virtual part of it.

Terrifying stuff.



Wow I wonder (((who))) was behind that scheme?


There's something funny about bringing up Orwell on (actually) enforcing age restrictions on porn, like it's the greatest intrusion possible on personal freedoms…

…until you read 1984 and know that a good deal of it deals with sexual freedom and sexual rebellion; the personal, in 1984, is political.

Not that I agree or disagree, either with Eric Blair AKA George Orwell or with the UK gov's policies – I only care about what's actually written in the book.


>Every time they set a deadline for blocking porn sites I always look up which VPN to get

Not talking about the UK, but the Russians block the VPNs as well – in fact, the VPNs themselves are criminalized.



You could get a VPN and try to escape the, er, harsh reality (until the government demands access to the traffic in the VPNs, or outright bans the VPNs)…

…or you could fight it in the courts and in the political system. Democracy and civics, you know?



>muh censorship!!

kys paedophile


Why would anyone comply with this



how do those boots taste? do they taste good?


What if article 13 and the porn restrictions have been pushed by VPN providers?



kys australian



>until the government demands access to the traffic in the VPNs, or outright bans the VPNs

Try telling that to China.



You ever seen sites charge 0.00 but ask for a credit card? That's how. It was a shitty system any kid could get around, and half of these filters were just scamming for information, but it existed. Also this was the fucking 90's. Do you think people carry around screenshots for 30 fucking years in case someone wants proof in a random internet argument?



The eu will probably block vpns soon enough.

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