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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: 322df1828e1f1fc⋯.png (481.53 KB, 630x406, 45:29, chicken.png)


>Workers given extra training after secret cameras record ‘harrowing shots of painful abuse’

Workers on chicken farms supplying Nando’s, Asda and Lidl have been filmed leaving a bird convulsing after breaking its neck, stepping on the animals necks and throwing sick ones onto piles, footage from an animal rights group shows.

In a grisly video taken by secret cameras, dead birds appeared to be left among the living, leading to cannibalism, while workers stepped on and kicked flocks in sheds.



There are actual genocides going on right now. What do people choose to get offended by?

>Chicken on chicken violence…

What the fuck is wrong with Humanity…



It's not chicken on chicken violence asshole, humans are doing this to them.



Even if you don't care about the shitty living conditions, meat eating its own kind is a surefire way to get some sort of outbreak going amongst humans.


File: 1e6f2573ee170a8⋯.png (765.17 KB, 720x932, 180:233, Screenshot_2018-10-10-13-3….png)

Its honestly so sad, everything about factory farms is so unatural and wrong


Fuck chickens you fucking pussies.



don't worry about the entirety of European civilisation being deliberately targetted for extinction as part of a sick prophecy fulfillment for a death cult.

worry about a chicken not surviving long enough to reach slaughter.



>so sad

You sound like a woman



you sound like everything wrong in this realm



No way. I don’t want dick salmonella.



What's the prophecy?



I don't care about other human beings at all, not in the slightest. More dead people = less traffic and more resources for the rest of us.



Ow the edge



>There are actual genocides going on right now.

I care more about the welfare of animals than I do about shitskins murdering each other.


File: 46cbd81afce6d82⋯.jpg (45.43 KB, 326x306, 163:153, 1542897647338.jpg)


Or a white man who cares about the world around him





It’s stuff like this that makes me reconsider going vegetarian.

Not vegan because I still love me some eggs, milk and cheese from time to time.




We need to treat Jews this way



Please kill yourself

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