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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: ded53b3c26080ef⋯.png (659.67 KB, 769x483, 769:483, abortion.png)


Alabama’s virtual ban on abortion is the latest and most far-reaching state law seemingly designed to prod the Supreme Court to reconsider a constitutional right it announced 46 years ago in the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

But Chief Justice John Roberts may prefer a more incremental approach to reining in abortion rights than the frontal attack Alabama’s new law or the “fetal heartbeat” measures enacted by other states present.



File: 6b9dd2f0f79a9e0⋯.jpg (18.97 KB, 420x416, 105:104, 6b9dd2f0f79a9e0b6f6d707880….jpg)

The issue with abortion, if anything else, is an issue of justice.

Maybe pro-choice advocates are right and the fetus really shouldn't be considered alive yet until a certain time.

But that doesn't change the fact any one of them could've been aborted themselves. Its an issue of justice. Teach women responsibility before resorting to aborting babies



Well you don’t get a birth certificate or a social security number until you’re born alive in the USA. So technically you’re not a person the nine months you’re gestating and developing.

If you’re a person before you’re born then you should have all the rights a person has, not just some of them.


File: 592571dd0064d25⋯.jpg (425.93 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180916-192232….jpg)

Circumstances. It should be about circumstances.



>You don't become a person unless the state declares that it recognises your existence

Cuck harder bro.


How's about a simple checklist?

>Are/were you able to say 'no' to having sex? Y/N

>Are/were you able to close your legs? Y/N

>Are you physically capable of not having sex? Y/N

>Do you realise that you have access to medication that literally grants you complete chemical control over your fertility? Y/N

>Do you live in a country where several governmental and private groups provide you with free access to birth control products? Y/N

<Please note: If you answer 'yes' to any one of these then NO ABORTION FOR YOU! You had every chance to prevent this and frankly have nobody to blame but yourself. Fuck you.

<If you're one of the mute, paraplegic, literally retarded, broke, nymphomaniacs who answered 'no' to all these questions then congratulations. You get one abortion. If you have had an abortion previously then congratulations, you get a free (and mandatory) hysterectomy after the birth!.



The radiation one is a bit much but everything else you say is a check.


This stuff is stupid and outlawing abortion will just mean we have even more stupid people running around attacking people, stealing things, breaking other things, and generally being obnoxious criminals

>>but what about teh pooorrrr baaabbbbieeess ;_;?

What the fuck about them bitch? Miscarriages happen all the fucking time and all most forms of abortion are is a chemically induced miscarriage.



Giving the mute and paraplegic a mandatory hysterectomy is also a bit much.


Ok strumpet.


If the Left wasn't pushing for late term abortion and even boasting about being able to kill a crying baby if the mother ordered an abortion late enough, this would not have happened. The Left needs to learn there is a reaction for every action.



>How's about a simple checklist?

your list just makes you a hypocritical moron.

Either its taking a human person's life, or its not. your list doesn't address the only question that matters.


File: 28c5cf3c91ad7ac⋯.jpeg (143.1 KB, 1300x1390, 130:139, A6B79201-3CBC-4E53-AB47-D….jpeg)


Then how come you can be charged with homicide for killing a woman’s baby against her will. Why is it a crime for a mother to do meth while she is pregnant? In either case there should be no charges because the thing isn’t a person, but yet there is. Why? What is the difference? Why is it murder of a person in one case, but not in the other? It’s absurd.


File: f112985a07d6d42⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 448x281, 448:281, male-vs-female-facebook.jpg)


> It’s absurd.

Incorrect. It makes perfect sense. You see young anon, your problem is that you are trying to apply things to females that they just don't understand. Things like logical consistency, integrity, and honor. In their minds (and their cuck enablers) women are blameless holy creatures who can do no wrong. So it makes perfect sense to them that they should be able to murder their baby if it inconveniences them but also others should be charged with murder if their baby is killed against their will.

You can point this discrepancy out to them until you are blue in the face but at the end of the day all women and cucks really need is a good slap and being told to know their place. Unfortunately our forefathers will faltered somewhere along the line when they let cucks convince them to give women rights, and it's been downhill ever since.




>Not realising that the number of people who could answer 'no' to all those questions in a 1st world country = 0


The entire abortion debate is retarded. If it's legal, basic Darwinian mechanics will always correct for reproductive degeneracy anyway, it won't last forever. If it's illegal, literally who gives a shit? Condoms, pills, and safe surgery exist if you don't want kids. We even have laws that let parents abandon their kids to the government consequence-free.

I look forward to the day when I have forgotten the word entirely.



The counter to degeneracy is morality. What's right and true must be reestablished as our fundamentals. Murdering babies in the womb is unacceptable, regardless of their nationality.



In a thousand years the history books will say

>Humans in the 2000s were lazy retards who really liked killing babies



Exactly. I always wondered how this would appear to a third party. Like some alien race coming down. They must think it's fucking barbaric.




Hell the closest thing we have in comparison is actual children who are obviously against it.



>Unfortunately our forefathers will faltered somewhere along the line when they let cucks convince them to give women rights, and it's been downhill ever since.

Anon, it's been downhill WAY BEFORE that. Black "people" were given the right to vote before women you know….



>I always wondered how this would appear to a third party. Like some alien race coming down

They'd probably see it more or less the same way we see the species of animals who eat their own young every now and then.

>Dude, they do *WHAT*?!

>No, come on, that's retarded, no species that actually survived past a single generation would do something like that.


> . . . .

>Fucking hell man. That's messed up.



>you don’t get a birth certificate or a social security number until you’re born alive in the USA. So technically you’re not a person

Then why does border patrol treat beaners like theyre people



They would think a lot of things are more barbaric. Millions of babies that aren't aborted are immediately taken away to have pieces of their genital hacked off because of "culture" or "tradition" or "because it looks better that way".

There is only one guarantee of a baby that is aborted: it will never suffer. There is only one guarantee of a human that is born: it will suffer, every day of its life until it's horrific death throes.

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