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Censorship and some of it's sources and targets on this episode of The Story Behind the Story featuring Major Burdock and Phil from Manila.




Any mentioning of the connection with censorship, copyright and pedophilia?


Copyright and patent law have gotten WAY too powerful, and they'll just continue to get more and more powerful. They're the guild law and monopoly charters of the 21st century.


(((the goldwater)))



the law is not the problem here, it worked just fine for a good time.

it's the abuse done by lawyers, who just happen to come from that one specific group of people which throughout history have allways been doing all sorts of nefarious deeds…



I think both yours and >>236804 's position is correct. I think the law is also the problem now. The past did not have the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and what that ended up promulgating into over the last 20 years. IP law should never need to last 75 or 100+ years. Individuals shouldn't be on the hook for bullshit they didn't do, but other people did. DMCA did this bullshit.



Don't be afraid to call them out, the kike parasite bastards. They invented and perfected predatory lending and predatory litigation, which have had profoundly negative effects in society. People are terrified of helping each other, for fear of getting sued. Part of the reason medical costs have been raised to obscene prices is from doctor's fear of being sued. Usury is rampant all throughout the country. Even to the point that college has been turned into a racket for kike profits. They are a blight upon society.



All this is not even taking into consideration what they did once they became rich. Taking over media, so they could begin brainwashing the masses into thinking their way was the best way to live. And they were resoundingly successful. We now live in one of the most materialistic societies to ever exist.



We've been taught that we MUST borrow money from them in order to achieve happiness.



We've been taught that we MUST borrow money from them in order to achieve happiness

NO…we have been taught that having lots of stuff that requires borrowed money to get INSTANTLY achieves happiness.

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