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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: cefd76bf8bbffa3⋯.jpeg (192.8 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 2000.jpeg)


His party may be enraged by Donald Trump’s presidency, but Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden insisted Saturday that Democrats will not defeat the Republican president in 2020 if they pick an angry nominee.

Facing thousands of voters in his native Pennsylvania for the second time as a 2020 contender, the former vice president offered a call for bipartisan unity that seemed far more aimed at a general election audience than the fiery Democratic activists most active in the presidential primary process.

Some believe that the angrier a candidate is the better chance he or she has to beat Trump, Biden told thousands of Democrats who gathered in downtown Philadelphia.

more here:



Seriously though. How hard is it to get them angry? Really….







why is it always a image of them showing their hands like they have magic powers? fuckin nuts.



A group of incredibly well paid researchers told them that it makes them look more honest. Then they paid a bunch of media consultants paid the press a huge amount to only use those photos for the candidates they already liked.


Being a bipartisan loser didn't work in Australia.


>nation unity with joe "antifa supporter" biden

Helicopter rides for all of you.


Reminder that "bipartisan-ship" in America is just 100 percent leftism. It's all a charade. It's leftist "conservatives" agreeing with leftists about how we need to do away with the first and second amendments, socialize everything and open the borders. It's about making white men work to death to pay for everything that socialism gives to brown people and women while replacing them at a rapid pace. Retarded white leftists should just kill themselves. They're unbelivably stupid.

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