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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: a8fb8897ff9347c⋯.png (255.35 KB, 411x283, 411:283, athletes.png)


>The runner joins a chorus of American athletes who say Nike froze their sponsorship when they became pregnant.

British runner Jo Pavey has revealed Nike stopped her sponsorship money immediately when she told the sportswear company she was pregnant.

The European 10,000m champion told Sky News female athletes were being "punished" by their sponsor for starting a family.




Well they do have to account for the fact that the physical effects may impede future competition and thus profits.

I’m not defending them, but if you’re gonna fight it then you need to understand why it’s done in the first place.



>Female runner gains sponsorship based on athletic performance

>has a voluntary medical condition that completely reshapes her hips and will forever alter the way she walks and runs, lowering her potential for future athletic performance

>Sponsor pulls their money






Runner runs.

Is paid to run.

Stops running

Stops being paid.


Women should just be women and focus on having kids and being caretakers.

Men are the ones who are suppose to be the workers.


They interact with and fuck niggers. Fuck what happens to them. They run hand in hand with subhumans. Get gassed niggerlovers.



NIKE so dumb. could have started a preggant shoe line with this. fat women spend money tooo. could have prenant jordans for 200 bucks that husbands had to buy thier wives. but no, coprs don't seem to want to make profit anymore


Bitch you don’t work for Nike and this isn’t your job.

They should make corporate sponsorships illegal in the name of fair competition and let professional athletes pay for their shoes like everyone else has to.



And the eternal normie still keeps sleeping while the jewish demon builds it's temple of world destruction…Anyway this story reminds me of what E. Michael Jones said about some faggot ballet institution, that wouldn't support a dancer because she got pregnant. What happened after is that all the other girls got pregnant in a form of rebellion against the gay lifestyle tyranny of ballet.


This is to punish women who step out of line of the globohomo anti-life orthodoxy. "Focus on your career and be childless, goyim! Don't start a family!" The irony is that she is now free of the jew's insidious money and can actually start a family. This is a blessing in disguise for her.



you are absolutely retarded to try and twist the story that way



I think it’s more of a game of “we are willing to give away this many shoes this year and who has the most fans that will want to buy new kicks?”

They should give the free shit to schools and amateur athletes that can’t afford cutting edge gear to compete in.



Well no shit. If you can't work you don't make money. Why is this hard to understand?



Nike rightly halt sponsorship because they are interested in promoting active athletes, not paying promotional parental leave. Though the sportswear manufacturer are no friends of the traditional family unit, their suspension of sponsorship for soon-to-be mothers might have the added pay-off of the women doing their duty; and dedicating their whole attention to the child.


Fuck Nike stupid yank shit, I hope a jumbo jet flys into their building


Yankistan is not a White country anymore lol fuck yanks Irish/German/wop pricks

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