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The Wonderful Duke Of Beans.

Man: wtf are you doing in my house!

Journalist: it’s ok, I’m a journalist.



wtf codemonky, why didn't you shoot them?



If some cuck broke in to Dutertes house he would shoot them.

Also I like how the guy making the video cant pronounce manilla.

Like its some unpronouncable foreign name.


Great we needed even more threads about this.



I think its fair to have threads on 8chan about vide breaking in to the 8chan owners house.

Imagine if someone broke in to your precious beyonceys house? Or one of your favoreit rap singers? You would be talking about it 24/7.



Musicians get jacked all the time. It was in the news just a few months ago iirc. Can’t remember who, someone I recognized but don’t really listen to. Nobody’s was talking about it.



The funniest thing about sinatra says is the words he doesn't know.

I have watched a few of his vids and more than once he has either mispronounced words or just flat out not known what a word is.


Next time, shoot 'em. If they break and enter, you have the right to defend yourself.


You only need to shoot crooked bastards, but crooked bastards you have to shoot.


File: 37830d1a3e6c783⋯.jpg (52.36 KB, 600x312, 25:13, Beyonce-Knowles-Before-Aft….jpg)


I mean it would be all over your beyoncey fansites or whatever you people go to read news about beyoncey.

This isnt news that would interest the general public but it is specifically related to 8chan.



How do you fuck up Manila? I'm fucking triggered.



Ok but when there’s already four threads about it here why make more? Are you trying to emulate pop fan culture?

Also, it was Usher, not Beyoncé. I looked it up. He was a fucking moron for having like half a million worth of jewelry lying around. And I have no idea what goes on on an Usher fansite. I only know that one song of his that had Ludacris on it because it was on the air.



Malanla.. Mlanella.. Mah whatever fuck it


File: 372fee1c404d535⋯.png (387.98 KB, 600x689, 600:689, 431.png)



This right only applies in America in certain states. In the rest of the world you aren't allowed to defend your property with excessive violence. In the UK for example there was a farmer who lived rurally where the police could not arrive very quickly (40 minutes or so drive). Two burglars armed with knives and a crowbar broke into his own and charged up his stairs, he shot and wounded them both with a shotgun. He was charged with using 'excessive force' and using a firearm illegally. Went to jail for 7 years the burglars were not charged with anything.


Keep checking the news and keep spreading this story. Hopefully if larger media outlets such as local affiliates or the Washington Times talk about it, Vice will be in big trouble.

It was bad enough they distorted interviews to make people sound worse but this makes that look innocent.


There have even been legal and civil liability reforms passed on state level in order to further defend home defense liberties. I really like the one recently passed in Indiana which holds the plantiff's attorney financially responsible for a wrongful lawsuit against a home owner who lawfully defends against an intruder.


The UK needs a revolution and the US should provide weapons and ammo.



I think the US needs to stop fermenting civil wars in foreign countries and let people solve their own problems.



Fair enough. Four threads is a bit excessive.

I was just using beyoncey as an example.

I didnt know she broke in to someones home or was broken in to.

I know that Mariah carey made her staff piss on eachother and then had them sign contracts where they got paid loads of money to keep quiet.



>fermenting civil wars

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