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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: 139ffa45450fddb⋯.jpg (4.09 MB, 2799x1786, 2799:1786, leave-no-trace.jpg)

File: cd69da8375c7ba9⋯.jpg (3.68 MB, 2136x1404, 178:117, on-the-beach.jpg)


When the keepers of wildlife caution the public to leave no trace, they mean it


I am an unabashed supporter of law enforcement. I come by my support honestly; at one point in my life I considered pursuing a career in U.S. Forest Service law enforcement (but diverted due to insufficient courage). I spent several years working with cops when I was a prosecutor, and I have lost friends who died serving the public. My bias extends beyond the badge to those who are charged with maintaining Montana’s heritage and preserving all things wildlife. From the National Park Service, to the Forest Service and Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks employees, the devotion of these heritage-preserving servants is praiseworthy. Our biologists spend their careers researching the best methods to preserve what we have, and revive what we have lost or are losing. Our public information officers give us the tools we need to navigate our forests, parks, trails, lakes and rivers safely and respectfully. Our enforcement officers – including our campground hosts – ensure our rules are obeyed to keep the peace amongst humans, between humans and wildlife, and between humans and nature. The objective underscoring all of this enforcement activity is the preservation of nature in its most untainted form.



>Leave no trace

<The government is fucking terrified of you collecting rainwater. Nature belongs to the state.





File: f2e79f3ef7d915b⋯.jpg (65.24 KB, 411x610, 411:610, Hillary-clinton-wine.jpg)

>"OOPS we spilled millions of gallons of carcinogenic waste into a river haha oh well lol"

<"btw if your cows eat even an inch of the grass on our land you will be arrested and your property will be seized and sold to pay for the damages"


Leave no trace? You mean like how you leave traces in my bank account when you tax my income, tax my storebought items, and tax me again 100 million different ways?



Who the fuck is this advice for? creepy forest cereal killers?



that is not what rainwater laws are about. go to your local city hall and actually read one so you can learn something and stop saying idiotic shit on the internet.



never seen someones mouth as firmly wrapped around governments cock as this faggot here



Haha what are you 12 years old?


Leave No Jews


OP is a species traitor.

Hey OP why don't you go live in a zoo your non-human friends


u tried the brown pill m8eez


i thot this board would be all professional and shit it looks just like /pol



Nice, now what about the (((parasites))) tho?

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