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File: 258828dcbce9268⋯.jpeg (8.01 KB, 276x183, 92:61, Abortion.jpeg)



An Irish delegation will be examined at a full-day hearing before the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in Geneva today.

The committee will look at how Ireland measures up when it comes to the enforcement of women's rights.

A number of organisations made submissions to the UN committee in the run up to today’s meeting, including The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL).

In the council's submission, Deputy Director of the ICCL Deirdre Duffy highlighted the topic of women's reproductive rights, calling Ireland's legislation "out of kilter" with its UN and EU counterparts.

"We expect the Irish delegation to be questioned really strongly by the committee on women's reproductive rights […] I expect the committee will be asking the ambassador - just what does the government plan to do when the [CItizen's Assembly] is finished its job?

"What will happen with the Oireachtas Special Committee? When will a referendum be called, and when will they meet their human rights obligations here?"

Other recommendations include issues around rural women, women in poverty, women affected by homelessness and the historical abuse of women.


irish should abort all


interesting how concerned they are with making sure whites abort and the crushing oppression white women in ireland totally experience from withe men while ignoring the muslim abuses, honor killings, mutilations and rapes of white women.



>the irish




every race needs its cannon fodder. bog apes fit the role nicely. we can reassess their usefulness after they serve their purpose.



all abortion is genocide,

this is

white genocide

the irish are need to battle to sand niggers


>Committee on women's reproductive rights

>Committee of entitled stuck up selfish bitches who are as mature as the children they are killing

The problem with making abortion illegal is that women, en mass, are irresponsible and generally not smarter than children. Thus, when they get pregnant and think "Me no want. Why me have to pay price for me action?" they start trying to drink and smoke the baby to death, or stab swords up their vaginas to try to have home abortions.



In order for all of it to be genocide: you have to be killing *people*. Fetuses are not persons until the quickening happens which is the stance the Catholic Church held from Innocent II until Gregory XIV.


File: e99f0c55c5484d7⋯.png (295.71 KB, 514x536, 257:268, shitposting-that-shouldn't….png)


>or stab swords up their vaginas to try to have home abortions.




Feckin gobshites the lot of ya



>they start trying to drink and smoke the baby to death, or stab swords up their vaginas to try to have home abortions.

Good, hopefully something goes wrong and they pay the price as well.


Less cum-skins is good!



Why it's our problem your people are so dumb and genociding themselves? It's god punishing your degenerate people. God said he will replace degenerate people and that's the way of live.



Quit reframing

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