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File: 77e476921de487f⋯.jpeg (5.53 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Turnbul.jpeg)



There was a moment this week that summed up the Turnbull government's predicament. It occurred just before Treasurer Scott Morrison revealed that any savings from the welfare cuts in his "omnibus" bill would be directed to funding the NDIS.

​"We need to have a competitive tax system in order for our companies who employ millions of Australians to remain competitive," he declared, citing the Reserve Bank governor in support.

This was Morrison's way of spruiking the government's proposed business tax cuts. Which might have been fine had it not been placed immediately before he announced he'd be relying on welfare cuts to fund care for the disabled.

Translated into the crude language of politics, it becomes something like, "We'd like to tax companies a bit less, so if we're going to help disabled people, young unemployed people are going to have to pay for it."


which hole was that?

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