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File: b633b1edc0ae1cf⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 2738x1825, 2738:1825, dreamstime_l_69651271.jpg)



Trump also gave emphasis on how his administration is fulfilling its campaign promise to rebuild the military, proudly praising the American forces as the best and the greatest in the world. He admitted though the sorry state of depleted military equipment, something which he is determined to fix. The President said that he will continue to push for peace, but that peace would only come from a position of strength for the military.

The President also mentioned his commitment to pursue another campaign promise of taking care of the borders to ensure national security and safety of the people.

The long list of accomplishments of the young but dedicated and hard-working Trump administration includes withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, directing the limitation of regulations that undermine the U.S. manufacturing, calling for expedited approval of permits needed for American infrastructure, hiring freeze on non-essential federal employees, imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations, issuing a new regulation, two old regulation need to be eliminated, creating a task force for reducing violence and crime in America, ordering the Department of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate with each other to destroy drug cartels.

An impressive list indeed that the mainstream media are ignoring or glossing over because they are too preoccupied with pushing for the liberal and Democrat preferred narrative.


>An impressive list indeed

Literally the only good thing he's done so far is get us out of TPP






>arresting few trillion pedo's and illegal immigrants is not ok : <


The man works fast, especially considering that the Deep State is aligned against him.





Awesome, nice reporting!


I truly honestly did not think he'd keep a single promise unlike Bush and Obama and every damn person who runs for president. Whether you agree with him or not, that's worth something. Respect.


>trump does more for americans in a month then obama did in 8 years

>he's still somehow the literal spawn of hitler and satan who's going to personally murder and rape all the brown people



Don't pretend like thats not a worthy accomplishment, even gary johnson would have signed the fucking bill.



It does make you think, maybe some of Obamas policies might have worked out if he had put even a fraction of the effort in to them that Trump has?

For Obama, becoming president was the goal. That was the end point and all that was left was to celebrate and play golf.

With Trump, fixing the country is the goal and being president is just a means to an end.


File: 5ba939ddbebd28b⋯.png (186.88 KB, 1440x1154, 720:577, 20170217_143620.png)


If all he wanted was golf, he missed a hell of an opportunity


File: 495cfd129293116⋯.png (135.31 KB, 291x305, 291:305, 1455165849749.png)


>This man is our president

The victory wasn't that long ago but the high is still there



>trump does more for americans in a month then obama did in 8 years

Now that's a lofty claim. Which Americans? He's certainly doing a lot for Wall Street and mining companies. He got rid of a provision that helps prevent companies from polluting streams and lakes. Thank god!



Why do you find it difficult to believe that no one but your guy could possibly want to be president to make America better?



Shut up, hippie.




Don't forget he can legally throw out all of Obama's legislation.

8 years legacy. He can throw it out like it's nothing.

Pro tip: it's nothing if not poison.


File: 6ccb7a4952b2776⋯.jpg (184.31 KB, 960x960, 1:1, amerilard.jpg)


kys amerifat



Am I wrong? Is catering to mining and banking special interests "doing something" for the American people?



>he doesn't have guns to defend himself against cultural enrichment

At least you have mosques, right? :^)



Don't you have some mosque to pray to?


I did things that were going to happen anyway and I think we should spend money on things but I dont decide that and I auctioned off my cabinet and it still isnt full and Ive already lost a court battle.

What a fucking loser.



I rather be an armed & spoiled Amerifat than a raped, subjugated cuck at the hands of radical Islam anyday.



Repeal socialized medicine before it's too late.



That question assumes that's what he did and, if he did, that the benefits end there.


Nothing about Hillary lol!


Most productive 2 weeks for an American President ever.

fuck i can`t wait to see whats around the corner…


File: 39eee9ab8d7414b⋯.png (366.75 KB, 816x1056, 17:22, image.png)



You're probably a troll, but I'll bite anyway. People like you are missing the point entirely. The problem is not two plus two equals four, the problem is academia is almost entirely populated by Democrats and they're increasingly biased about it.

Worse, unlike the hippies who quite justifiably believed in "question authority", modern Democrats _ARE_ the authority and reject any appeal that is not directly backed by (big surprise) their own authority.

Therefore, and this is the crux of the fake news issue (propaganda), efforts to "fact check" are innately flawed. Of course the liberals in some soft science department are going to claim a report is true - it agrees already with their preconception. This is also why you find floating around 8chan so-called "scientific" reports about how Homosexuals are pure evil. Everyone, these days, can pay a researcher to produce any result. Democrats are using that to their advantage, and I've no doubt Republicans are soon to follow next generation. This lopsided bullshit is just that - bullshit - and I ain't buying it. Nobody with good sense will, either, and you morons on both sides have little of that.



>hur dur both sides are dumb just watch

yeah he is a low energy faggot but at least he tries to shift the Overton window, even if its the wrong way



I didn't say both sides are dumb. Both sides have very intelligent individuals among them, probably more intelligent than me. That doesn't change the fact that propagandists on both sides will get research to agree with them. The researchers might not even be paid off, as their own innate biases will weedle any data set to agree with them. Don't believe me? Then what's all that big to-do in the scientific community about things like the file-drawer effect?

Do you honestly think scientists are more than human? And do you really think this is not a serious problem?



Always the first post


File: 325a36934900fc1⋯.png (142.38 KB, 1151x1025, 1151:1025, 325a36934900fc131cc7717d5a….png)

File: 466c0db025bdc01⋯.png (109.01 KB, 1160x420, 58:21, capitalism-exploitation-co….png)

File: b3b60455858ac9b⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 564x344, 141:86, C4zsnjFVcAArRNE.jpg)


>regulations are good goy


>Obama repeatedly shows his contempt for White America

>Pushes White Guilt



How's Cuba working out?


>ugh Capitalism

>won't leave for Cuba


>auctioning off my cabinet

>picking experienced businessmen and millitary men is worse than picking SJWs from Ivy League


>Blacks and Muslims have significant accomplishments in the actual sciences

>Socialism totally works even though Cuba is a garbage pit

>Women have a wage gap between tbem and men

>Trayvon Martin was an innocent boy killed by an evul White man

>The races and sexes are totally equal in intelligence

All claimed by the media and Leftists in higher education, if not academia. And I thought you Lefties were champions of the "poor"?



>All claimed by the media and Leftists in higher education, if not academia. And I thought you Lefties were champions of the "poor"?

Pardon me for cutting in, but this statement is hypocritical. Your own information comes from the same ideas in statistics theirs would come from. Unless you have a specific argument or examples of evidence in this category being forgery, you don't have a rational leg to stand on.

Now, I'm not going to say you don't have a right to be a racist. You've got rights to be wrong as much as the next guy. Problem is, the "evidence" in your favor that I've seen from you "race realists" stem more from utter ignorance of epigenetics and dietary deficiencies among other things. It takes up to three generations for effects of poverty to taper off, and those are studies done on white inhabitants. Even then, certain African nations have an unusually high percentage of its immigrants in higher education, Nigeria being an example as 37% of them have bachelor's degrees.

It sucks to learn the hard way, though you might never learn, but your racism isn't based on fact. Just ignorance combined with half-truths and hasty generalizations on the poor. Yes, American blacks have a cultural problem caused by the ease of blaming former racism on their problems, but it is not genetic.



> Problem is, the "evidence" in your favor that I've seen from you "race realists" stem more from utter ignorance of epigenetics and dietary deficiencies among other things.


>It takes up to three generations for effects of poverty to taper off, and those are studies done on white inhabitants.




>We hear that poverty can sap brainpower, reduce frontal lobe function, induce the fantods, etc. But exactly what do we mean by ‘poverty’? If we’re talking about an absolute, rather than relative, standard of living, most of the world today must be in poverty, as well as almost everyone who lived much before the present. Most Chinese are poorer than the official US poverty level, right? The US had fairly rapid economic growth until the last generation or so, so if you go very far back in time, almost everyone was poor, by modern standards. Even those who were considered rich at the time suffered from zero prenatal care, largely useless medicine, tabletless high schools, and slow Internet connections. They had to ride horses that had lousy acceleration and pooped all over the place.

>In particular, if all this poverty-gives-you-emerods stuff is true, scholastic achievement should have collapsed in the Great Depression – and with the miracle of epigenetics, most of us should still be suffering those bad effects.

>But somehow none of this seems to have gone through the formality of actually happening.

Also, rural Chinese do better than Dindus.

>Even then, certain African nations have an unusually high percentage of its immigrants in higher education, Nigeria being an example as 37% of them have bachelor's degrees.


>30.7% of native-born whites have college degrees, and 38.1% of white immigrants have degrees.

>16.5% of native-born blacks have college degrees, and 25.8% of african immigrants have degrees.

Anyway, the immigrants are at best elite samples who don't speak for the typical in their lands of origin. You can take a look at the dysfunction of the hordes of Dindu African immigrants in White and East Asian countries:




White colle dropouts outperform Dindu PHDs on tests of basic job skills:


Universities have also been shown to pander to both Dindus and foreigners:


>Yes, American blacks have a cultural problem caused by the ease of blaming former racism on their problems, but it is not genetic.

Tell us about the Black civilizations that had significant accomplishments for civilization. And all the Blacks who are Nobel Prize bolders in the actual sciences or billionaires.


A little skepticism applied to the citations used for various claims reveals just how ill-researched these sources are, but since you've given me so many I can't spend much time in reviewing them. I would end up writing my own book that nobody would read. I will have to use one example to demonstrate the chronic problem with the website provided, and trust your own intelligence that you can discover more issues yourself.


The graph in this article is not part of the dataset provided by the "National Longitudinal Survey of Labor Market Experience of Youth" as it claims, and is fake. The rest of the article contains mostly factual information, but presents the excerpts incorrectly. The author cites his own blog, which is a circular citation not worth further remark. Or, worse, presents data whose sources argue against the authors point.

For example, the image sourced from the "Black Journal of Higher Education" is actually an article titled "why family income differences don't explain the racial gap in SAT scores". It goes on to list, among other things, that for many black families there exists a "new money" effect. Most grew up in inner-city slums of one sort or other, and are first generation middle class. As I already pointed out there is a 3-4 generation lag between stressors and IQ-genetics relationships, this argument makes the most sense.

Another matter is scale, and it proves my point. The general number that continuously pops up is a difference of 11 IQ points. One standard deviation is 15 points, meaning blacks by your own sources are not even one standard deviation different. Therefore, epigenetic effects of environment lasting over generations makes the most sense, as black IQ has actually been increasing at rapid rates. This also suggests socioeconomic status for blacks have been improving, and in another 20 years there won't be much difference at all. See here: http://www.gnxp.com/blog/2006/08/narrowing-of-white-black-iq-gap.php

"thealternativehypothesis.org", persists in listing publications that disagree with his conclusions throughout. It is as if the author doesn't actually read the papers he cites, and sometimes not even the titles, but gets images from them and smugly concludes he's right about everything. It's utterly ridiculous.




That isn't what is in dispute. The upward trend, the flynn-effect, supports the theory of socioeconomic effects and an "epigenetic generational lag" in IQ. As it's an upward trend, it'll normalize just like the Italians and Irish before them. You do realize similar claims to yours were levied against both Italian and Irish immigrants, right?



>pretending Blacks haven't been in the West for centuries

>pretending Blacks have ever been as functional as Whites or Yellows



I'm not pretending. The simple fact is racism used to be a problem, and as it becomes less of a problem and blacks adapt better living conditions the effects on their IQ decrease. It is a fact their IQ's have increased over the generations. If you dispute that, you disagree with reality.




No, I'm not saying they're victims. I'm stating the facts. As already mentioned, that "alternativehypothesis" website is about as reliable as CNN.


Man, Leftypol is chimpingout today isn't it?


File: bd5d7611147df60⋯.png (24.5 KB, 485x491, 485:491, yr5H803.png)

File: 6d37f6c28d16da5⋯.jpg (71.83 KB, 724x499, 724:499, h4ZzCAZ.jpg)

File: 3e52961d28624a2⋯.jpg (80.09 KB, 490x545, 98:109, 7zu0wHZ.jpg)

File: 41367f816cbc69b⋯.png (26.83 KB, 806x743, 806:743, vShRgGF.png)

File: 0b6cd3a2b28663d⋯.jpg (128.37 KB, 1086x693, 362:231, IgAi0Qu.jpg)


File: 40321560b272018⋯.png (830.84 KB, 778x719, 778:719, 1416297651956.png)


look at all those triggered amerilards damn!


File: c9ea038af78ef80⋯.png (655.82 KB, 986x1122, 29:33, image.png)



quick, name one actual accomplishment obama had in his first month as president.





Who knew Leftys were Weebniggers? How's the religion of peace, Nigger immigrants, and gibsmedats working out for you?



Being the first Mulatto president.



that is so not an accomplishment.

it would be like winning a nobel peace prize just for not forgetting how to breath.


real news bumparoo


File: c922fc4e3866e49⋯.png (195.73 KB, 1598x1156, 47:34, 4CvwQGo.png)

File: 1d9f46944d20331⋯.gif (35.66 KB, 600x449, 600:449, iXgxunH.gif)

File: 1d9f46944d20331⋯.gif (35.66 KB, 600x449, 600:449, iXgxunH.gif)

File: 0b6cd3a2b28663d⋯.jpg (128.37 KB, 1086x693, 362:231, IgAi0Qu.jpg)

File: 5c79f8182bcb2d3⋯.png (146 KB, 446x1406, 223:703, PISA-2015-by-Steve-Sailer ….png)




>Trump Tops Obama, Hands Over Full Torture Report To Court Previous Administration Refused To

>Credit where credit is due: Trump has done more to preserve the full CIA Torture Report than Obama ever did. On his way out the door, the DOJ fought on his behalf in federal court, arguing against an order to deposit the full report with the court clerk for preservation in the ongoing trial of Abd al-Rahim Al-Nashiri, who has alleged he was waterboarded while detained by the CIA.

Waiting for leftypol to chimpout some more.



soros should give them a raise, I've never seen anyone work so hard for no good reason.


Wow this really is /pol news board.

Can't wait for Chump to be impeached.



>The GOP turning White America against them

Found the cuck.



>maybe some of Obamas policies might have worked

define worked. If by worked, do you mean more than 8 trillion more in debt?


File: c20d7f80b0aa1d2⋯.png (88.74 KB, 610x756, 305:378, image.png)


File: 325a36934900fc1⋯.png (142.38 KB, 1151x1025, 1151:1025, 325a36934900fc131cc7717d5a….png)


>leftypol chimpingout

How's Cuba working out?




>Latin America



>can't address the graph



Lol he really is a dumbfuck


Did you know americans go to mexico or cuba for healthcare? Pretty interesting dont you think?



>Trayvon Martin could have been muh son


>Islam is a religion of peace

-Bush Jr.



Muslisms didnt start WW1 or WW2, those were the cum-skins


File: 43c5adb77742f10⋯.png (18.54 KB, 1199x584, 1199:584, Age-of-caliphs.png)

File: ab8a290c87e5723⋯.png (480.39 KB, 1273x1198, 1273:1198, 1273px-OttomanEmpireIn1683.png)

File: f06b596f0f4a309⋯.png (493.44 KB, 500x534, 250:267, 500px-Mughal_Historical_Ma….png)

File: f06b596f0f4a309⋯.png (493.44 KB, 500x534, 250:267, 500px-Mughal_Historical_Ma….png)

File: 8676eb413115ddb⋯.jpg (128.57 KB, 848x634, 424:317, 1-mughal-india-kirpal-sing….jpg)


Did you know that Castro died a rich man in a garbage pit of a country?


>Mudslimes Dindu Nuffin


File: 6014bff88e7017e⋯.png (121.13 KB, 800x746, 400:373, 12316069_429872877198713_5….png)

File: 7cc90a8fb5d1488⋯.png (229.92 KB, 615x411, 205:137, terror.stats.1.png)



>Japan Dindu Nufffin

Found the weeb. Or SJW. Or both.



Cum-skins confirmed triggered

Better stop now or else they will start WW3






Throwing shit while chimping


File: a8d1f37bfe9358a⋯.png (44.94 KB, 640x448, 10:7, oecd_median.png)

File: 5def863ccc629c4⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 640x446, 320:223, uspoverty.JPG)

File: 64e21d67e56efc2⋯.png (46.04 KB, 640x506, 320:253, poverty_global.png)

File: 2a861766d1e468f⋯.png (30.31 KB, 640x427, 640:427, scattor_poverty.png)



Keep waiting leftypol, only eight more years lol



>Desperately trying to push white meme.

Just admit it, there's no true insult to a white person or white people in general.



Reminder that there's a negative correlation between dark skin and attractiveness. And intelligence too.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Eh, the guy pointing out circular logic/citations seemed okay since he made valid points. The rest of them are all whining and name calling.



Look at all the (You)s I got, the cum skin meme is alibe and kicking




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