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File: d602b320c4df6ed⋯.jpg (28.5 KB, 777x437, 777:437, heroin-generic-777x437.jpg)



One Ohio town is reeling from what is being reported of record drug overdoses leaving nearly a dozen dead. The report from a local affiliate out of Ohio reveals that Trumbull County experienced 73 overdoses in January, February had 45. And through the first 15 days of March, 82 people overdosed. According to reports ten of those who overdosed died. Dominic Mararri, who was formerly addicted to heroin himself, has testified that the past two weeks of overdoses has directly touched him and even claims he knew two of the people who passed away.

“I know another three people that…by the grace of God, they didn’t pass away,” he said. The local affiliate revealed that, Of the 82 overdoses, 29 of them occurred in northeast Warren and part of Champion (zip code 44483). Eleven of the overdoses happened in southeast Warren and Howland (zip code 44484). Investigations continue of why 44483 has more overdoses than any other zip code in the region. The most logical explanation given is that area has several businesses and parking lots.



Dude weed lmao! we need to legalize more drugs! we better use tax-payer money to supply them with better syringes!



>The most logical explanation given is that area has several businesses and parking lots.

Nah. The most logical explanation is that somebody brought in some heroin to that area that had a quality level that even junkies were not used to. It's happened before.

>in b4 Mexicans.

Their black tar is not usually that potent.



I live in the general region of this happening. I'll tell ya what's happened. Nogs in Michigan cities like Detroit and Flint, etc, collapsed after white flight. The nogs then left these ruined cities and took their drug trade with them into Ohio, WV, KY, IL. As cities like Chicago and Columbus turn into war zones, white flight happens again, and the cities start to crumble without the white man. Once nogs can no longer take care of themselves, they leave to a new cities with the drugs in hand. They're a cancer that just keeps on spreading. Whites in these areas, who were already hooked on big pharma pain meds, switch to heroin because it's more powerful and cheaper. It's a repeating process now and it's leaving alot of the midwest in bad shape. It's gotten SO bad that cops and even school nurses keep a supply of Narcan on hand for all of the overdoses. This type of story has become everyday life in our region. See story from local newspaper below. 26 overdoses in one evening.




Shit, dude!

I feel for you.

I live way out in the country in Washington State. The most we have to deal with is stoners, Mexicans and whites rolling in from nog-infested areas like yours.



Funny you should mention that. Once the kids graduate, I'm thinking of moving back to the Dakotas. 90% white. "Refugees" from Detroit, Flint, Columbus, and Chicago are getting bad here. We had a guy that lives a block over from us get shot to death by a gang of nogs in his living room a few months ago. This place is turning into a ghetto fast.



Oh, and I almost forgot…

You are so right about the prescription drug addicts. We've got plenty of the opiate addicts here too. I think the entire Western world has been infested with pharmaceutical company's special brands of addiction. Sad. I don't think free health care has helped, or will help.



I remember growing up, smoking weed with your friends was fun. All of that is gone now. Nogs don't even bother selling crack or cocaine anymore. Of course, we have our occasional white trash meth labs, but it's all about pills and heroin now. Even if we legalized weed, it wouldn't help much. Everyone is hooked on opiates. Prisons are so over crowded now that it's just catch and release. In another 10 years, this will be like a war zone in Chicago here as rival nogs battle over turf.



I voted for Trump, and I think if he actually has the balls that /pol/ thinks he does he should come down hard on the prescription drug companies, who are the real 'pushers'. Of course, he would then become an even worse hated man than he is now! Powerful interests at stake.

And that ain't even the worst of it!

>in b4 Centralized Banking supporting all this shit.



>overdosing on weed

u wot



That is the fault of the whole "no pain ideology". It is easy, fast and cheap for a doctor to give a tramadol prescription than actually diagnose.

In many cases the things that cause the pain can be treated with physiotherapy or such. That is assumin someone got the coverage to get one…. and the diagnosis.

And lets not get started on the mentalhealth problems.


The clean syringes are meant to stop diseases from spreading. Less HIV and hepatitis there is around the better it is for everyone.



Drink enough water and that will kill you. Too much of anything can kill you. Stay in school.



Same here. Personally have family directly effected by this. One ODed and was dropped off at the hospital dead on arrival. They revived him somehow.


They all started on prescription drugs. Some have turned to Saboxone clinics for help with little effect. Now they're just legally addicted.



Legalization usually leads to less addicts, and more addicts getting help.



OD doesn't necessarily mean death. Weed cant kill you but it can fuck you up.



>clean syringes

Seriously, if you are saying that a person who is willing to shoot up and fuck themselves up doesn't deserve to get pozzed and die then you are the cancer.



Okay, I'll humor you. What happens, what are the long-term effects, and how much does it take to qualify as a weed overdose in your opinion?

Please don't say "lel, look at any stoner," this isn't your middle school debate class.


Darwinism at work.


>Actually taking drugs to begin with.

They deserve to die painfully. I am glad that they are overdosing in such high numbers so that the rest of society doesn't have to pay for these low-life degenerates.



Weird that they aren't pushing fentanyl headlines for overdoses in the U.S, like they are in Canada



To clarify. if 80 something people overdosed in a small town in Canada, they would assume fentanyl was cut into the latest sold batch.



not him but stop being retarded. an overose is taking too much of something and receiving an adverse effect. could mean death but doesnt have to. could mean you ate too much thc and now you are curled up in a ball and you're paralyzed for what seems like hours because for all you know it has been but your sense of time is distorted and you're paranoid that you're going to die somehow or that you will stay that way forever and you try to take that sip of water from the glass but you're moving so slowly, so carefully not to spill any and it finally reaches your lips and you slowly tip it back and you feel that water quench your throat. that water feels so good man.



>Hurrdurr I'm just pretending to be stupid

Sure anon. I'm sure it was all real in your head.



what did he mean by this?



sounds pretty specific


>white people genocide themselves with drugs

and nothing of value was lost



Just execute all of the drug dealerz so they will disappear. The drugs do not exist if there is no drug dealers.


File: d42c9932341308b⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, CRYING WOJAK.jpg)



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