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File: 44075d49258d158⋯.jpg (20.2 KB, 530x298, 265:149, Donald.jpg)



President Donald Trump's approval rating has hit a new low, according to the latest Gallup poll.

As of Sunday at 1 p.m. ET, Trump's approval rating has sunk to 37 percent, while those who disapprove of the president's job stands at 58 percent. His approval rating stood at 45 percent one week prior.

The Gallup poll, which measures public opinion and attitudes, and has margin of error of ±3 percentage points, also noted the economic confidence index was down 3 points to 7. Consumer spending was up $16, however, at $111.

Gallup polled about 1,500 adults nationwide.



>latest Gallup poll


>Still believing polls after the 2016 election.



Being hated does not make one a less effective leader.

Wouldn't it be cool if he came down on the Central Banks too?

Then he could get his approval ratings down to the point where he could get REALLY effective!

>as in, we don't give a fuck about polls! We care about action.

This is a man of Action.


Fake news. They polled butthurt libtards


>this poll is balanced, scientific and accurate

> polls only 1500 people



its 48%

Rasmussen is the most reliable poll according to… well apparently everyone, since it also one of the only few who predicted Trump election victory




> in California

> only in big cities

> only students in non-STEM-fields


Ryancare isint helping Trump.


File: 48938f905035ffb⋯.mp4 (7.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Donald Trump - Never Come ….mp4)

If you are pissing people off, you know you are doing something right.


is there seriously anybody with a brain who trusts (((polls))) after trump's victory and brexit?



>FOS It's 48 percent

Yes in deed Rasmussen has Trump at 48 percent approval in March. Trouble is, Rasmussen had him at 57 percent in January.

Gotta think Trump hears five times a day that Americans want their presidents to act presidential. Thing is, he can't. He has this pathetic need for approval/visceral response to criticism. Most politicians do; no normal person would endure two years of campaigning. But the pros learn not to react. In short, gentlemen, you have hitched your wagon to an epic fail.



you an american?



>You American?

Not foreign. Not Jewish. Not minority. Not gay. I got laid last night so I suppose you can hate on that.



watching your wife have sex with another man does not mean you got laid. enjoy the next 7 years. plus nine months, but you'll know that day as the day your wife's son was born.




And a new study done by "sources" shows that she can still win guys, seriously.


He's going to be the conservative oboma. Promises the sun and moon but doesnt do shit.



>> only students in non-STEM-fields

Why would they poll brain-dead pajeets?



All the polls basically agreed that she would win the popular. Which she did, remember.



He's pissing off the people who voted for him.

I don't think that's "doing something right", do you?



Didn't they shut down CTR? Are you working pro bono?


>He's pissing off the people who voted for him.

So you know for sure that the people in that Gallup poll voted for Trump do you?



Q Why is impossible for 8Chumps to be cucks?

A You have to have a woman first.



I wasnt talking about the Gallup poll in particular, although, statistically speaking, some respondents did vote for him although we can't know what their responses were.

I'm talking about Trump supporters who are losing healthcare and welfare because of the AHCA and the budget proposal he's put forth.

I can't imagine they're very happy with him.


>be alive for decades

>never get polled

Where do I sign up to be a designated pollee that answers polls designed to be liberal moral support?



>everyone with a diffrent opinion is paid

The man will never be able to do what he promised and he inherited a nation on the verge of economic collapse. He will more then likely start another recession this year



They can't call you if you don't give out your phone number. If you're not on any political mailing/phone lists they won't call you.



The coming recession won't be his fault, it'll be a natural downturn in the economy. Slight rises and falls are typical and to be expected.

He'll get blamed for it, but presidents always do.



>President Donald Trump's approval rating has hit a new low, says latest Gallup poll

7 years 10 months to go. keep crying.



>thinking he'll get reelected


File: cc8f3391f5cad42⋯.jpg (757.67 KB, 958x540, 479:270, cKt5hMv.jpg)


>still underestimating him

watching you faggots kvetch in denial never gets old



I'm not kvetching I'm just saying things don't look very well for him, especially if he keeps publically lying. That doesn't usually turn out well.



I never said it was his fault but he is going to look stupid because of it




He's going to look especially stupid trying to deflect blame because he takes all criticism too personally.

He'll probably tell everyone the jobs numbers are lying again.



>If you're not on any political mailing/phone lists they won't call you.

The pollsters develop a profile of the public they're trying to sample. They then make cold calls by call center or robocall,until the responses fill out their model. Some toss in Internet questionnaires.

Polling is less and less effective because cell phones are not public info as land lines are, and more and more people won't answer a number they don't know.

The polls are not intentionally biased but their assumptions and methodology often bend them one way or the other. Rasmussen is famous for leaning right.

Realclearpolitics.com and fivethirtyeight.com get their geek on about polling if you want, you know, facts.



>If you're not on any political mailing/phone lists they won't call you.

OK, they'll work off lists if they're after registered voters of one or both flavors but those lists are public record kept by county officials and often available on the internet. you toss your name in the hat by registering to vote.



>"I never said it was his fault but he is going to look stupid because of it"

you said before "He will more then likely start another recession this year"

that's precisely saying that it's gonna be his fault, you dipshit.

man up and admit what you're saying, fucking faggot.




>40 state landslide

you might not remember but I do



God you trump fanboy cocksuckers are such whiney little bitches. The best part about this country going to shit is seeing your impotent rage.



Polls said she would win the popular vote. She did.



But he hasn't actually lied yet, why would he start now?

>impatient leftycap



>cherry picking and moving the goalposts

it's so cute when they try.



You're kidding, right?



totally raging at all the winning

>back to leftycapol with you



you're not, right?



Polls don't tell you who will win the electoral college, that takes extrapolation on the data. And the data said that Clinton would win the popular vote, and she did.

And the thing about odds are, even the people who said he had a 2% chance of winning or whatever weren't "wrong", because a chance is still a chance.

The media was overwhelmingly saying that Clinton would win, it's true. But the data doesn't lie.



Are you honestly saying he's never lied?


He's down by 5% who gives a shit

>What's Hillary's approval rating?



Polls said she had an 80% to 95% chance of winning. She didn't. Polls are conducted by the same media that is dedicated to shitting on him nonstop.



>She didn't.

Says who? You? Based on what?

And what I was saying was, even if he only had a 5% of winning, he could still win. Clearly, he did.

There's only a 1% chance of rolling a given nunber on a d100, but it still happens, right?


Do you people honestly not know how percentage chance works?


You mean the same polls that said Killary had a 98% chance of winning the election?










File: a28ccdd5fb17200⋯.png (62.8 KB, 1190x832, 595:416, 20160416_wop987.png)

Polls don't mean shit. The polls speculated that brexit would never happen; but as it turns out, while a large number of the population don't bother to vote on most things because they are either too busy or just don't care, when something comes along that they actually care about (brexit & 2016 election for instance) everything changes.

Polls are the biggest load of horseshit and if you still believe they are relevent to anything then you've learned nothing since the last election.




93 % of polls say that polls are inaccurate to with in a 97 % margin of error



>>thinking he'll get reelected

Thinking he wont be reelected after he tosses the beans and muds out.



>thinking he's going to be able to do that



Brain-dead pajeets love the (D).



kek the only accurate poll these days



Thanks for the post anon. I had a good laugh.



>>thinking he's going to be able to do that

If you were not watching the fake news 24/7 you would know it has already begun.



and anon is helping with that in his own way

>even though its cuckchan




(mental gymnastics)



uh oh, someone's bot must be malfunctioning


hang him for treason



They said she was going to win by 5-12%

She didn't


File: d36fb63affea1bd⋯.jpg (110.74 KB, 734x908, 367:454, madam-president-newsweek.jpg)


It was to win the presidency. Not the popular vote. No one gives a fuck about the popular vote since it doesn't determine you becoming president.

They said she would win presidency by poll numbers. Didn't happen. They lied. Fake news.


Is this poll made by the same people who predicted hillary winning by a landslide?

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