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File: e5d6697a8049565⋯.jpg (19.86 KB, 480x600, 4:5, andrew-m-seddon-jr.jpg)



>Andrew M Seddon Jr, 37, is on the Maine Sex Offender Registry for life.

A registered sex offender was arrested at a high school music recital after it emerged he had no child relatives taking part in the performance or even attending the school.

Andrew M. Seddon Jr, 37, was placed on the Maine Sex Offender Registry for life after an unlawful sexual contact offence in 2005.



did he violate the registry?

if yes then he fucked up

if no, he shouldn't be arrested, but should be questioned extensively



>did he violate the registry?

I think you mean probation. Seeing that he was arrested probably means that this was the case.


I don't really get why he'd want to go to a high school recital. I mean, if I was on the sex offender registry, I wouldn't want to go to one because being around crowds makes me really nervous.



My understanding is that sex offenders are released on life long conditions that prohibit them from living near/being near playgrounds, schools, etc.


I do this all the time.



an unfortunate fact of spacial arrangement makes actually fulfilling the conditions sometimes all but impossible


One less 8chan user. Which one of you faggots is next to be v&



I was just going to say, with the layout of the average city/town there would be about 100 square yards where they could stand without breaking the terms of those orders. Can't see any way around that without setting up sex-offender specific areas or towns, can't really see that working though.


That would be you, the FBI have taken a great deal of interest in all the CP you're downloading. Just remember that when the 8chan party van rocks up at your house there's a very specific set of actions you should take.

>Strip completely naked.

>Paint 'Praise Kek' on your chest and forehead.

>Grab a dildo/prostate massager in each hand

>Start hyperventilating and let the excitement give you a boner.

>Leap out of your window, stark naked, brandishing the sex toys.

>As you land scream "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! KEKUS VULT!!!" as loudly as possible.

The FBI don't get many laughs these days so they'll thank you for that moment of levity.



fuck off illegal alien



Ayy lmao



Perhaps, but in this case the offender walked right into the school and then found his way to the auditorium/gym, and probably would have found his way to the kiddies bathroom if left unchecked long enough. No accident here, nothing to misunderstand - just a pedo playing with fire.

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