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File: e4da905d2093c94⋯.jpeg (54.09 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, Pair.jpeg)



The Scenario: Your friend isn't the cleanest or most hygienic person around. OK, fine, he's a slob. He hates doing laundry and sees nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes—namely, underwear—for too many days in a row. Not washing clothes as often saves water and thus the environment, he argues. And if the tighty-whities pass the sniff test—and there's no brown streaks—he thinks it's totally acceptable to wear them another day (or two, or three).


way to include only a fragment of the article


>Wearing Underwear

I always go commando tbh


So how many days can you?



They always do that on this board, and they make you give ad revenue to/be tracked by the site that published the article…


This isn't news.



This. I'm not clicking the link, so tell us, O great reporter.


B-but how else will the zesty dick cheese be made?



A burning question for vice's burgeoning crustifarian readership.


According to the "article", 1 day, according to no scientific tests whatsoever. Vague mention of yeast and staph is apparently a substitute for actual fucking reporting.


Typical Vice horseshit that nobody cares about. Why would you post this?


Slow news day?


File: 3dda7aa003426a0⋯.png (374.14 KB, 700x518, 50:37, Mel Gibson and Vince Vaugh….png)

Can someone ban the clear shill OP, at least take away his reporter tag. Fucking Christ.



Yeah nah.

On a side note, I usually wear a pair of underwear for 4-5 days. I make it a habit to take them off when I'm at home so they stay clean longer.


File: 9180c5d12007c7b⋯.jpg (93.44 KB, 701x631, 701:631, 4786941196.jpg)


Corporate Clickbait? On MY 8chan??


File: 347434a7683b2e1⋯.jpg (61.79 KB, 360x270, 4:3, george-lopez.jpg)



4 days! once forwards, once backwards, once inside out, and once inside out and backwards!



i just start changing them when they start to reek of jiz



But doesn't your urethra get stuck in the lining of your jeans? That shit hurts.


10/10 news. Bravo Jim.



fuck this unfunny faggot


I usually go about 2 to 5 weeks

Or untill they start to disintegrate

Mind you i do shower regularly and i wipe my ass properly

Also they're boxers not brefs



>being jewish


Change your underware every day. Pants are day optional.



About 3 to 4 days but to what anon said on the showering as well. But someone ban OP for being a corporate shill and placing NOT NEWS story up here.



Stop giving (((Vice))) ad revenue.



i still have my foreskin, you jew




You niggers do realize that circumcision is till done in the US (and IIRC, Canada)?





>i still have my foreskin, you jew

That's even worse you retard…


>changing your underwear



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