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File: ad4d0f0d19b4b92⋯.jpg (36.72 KB, 736x480, 23:15, Timothy.jpg)



>'The devil had control of me' claims 71-year-old predatory Florida paedophile.

A 71-year-old church volunteer offered a 14-year-old girl his BMW car and money from his pension in exchange for sex in Florida.

Church greeter Timothy Taffe offered the girl alcohol, asked her to be his "secret friend" and even took photos of the girl at the church before he sent her lewd photographs of himself.


So did she get the BMW or not? PRIORITIES PEOPLE we need to know these things!



Thirsty ass nigga daym.


But she seems like she was down



This guy is doing it all wrong. He could have easily bought a petite 18 heroin hooker for way less money and not gotten into trouble. Even if he manages to get the hiv from a hooker, dude is 71. He'll die of old age before the AIDS kills him.


>bmw and pension money

Good god that's like 3 worth of meth hooking to make that up in money smh


That would've set her up for college. Now she gets to get drunk and give it away at a party.


Cunt doesn't know how to bargain


Although it makes me wonder how he's going to sign over the title and how she's going to pay for registration without her parents approval.



I think he was looking for love not sex, dear anon.


Look hard. No matter how pathetic you are, at least you'll never be as bad as this.



By this you're referring to the guy in the article?



Looking for love by sending her dick pics? C'mon.

I do think that society would be better if dating preferences were reversed. Young men should be with older, not fertile women. Older women have higher sex drives and young men can keep up with them. It makes the woman feel beautiful to have a younger mate and she can teach the inexperienced male how to satisfy a woman. A young woman needs to breed with a stable provider and a wise mentor. Maybe she won't turn out to be such a disaster if an older man could teach her about life. Once they both fully mature into adults, they enter the role from before and trade off for younger partners and retire their old lovers. This seems like a system that would work if implemented with the right age ranges. Not saying pedo shit, but it should be socially acceptable for a 20 year old man to date 40 year old women and 20 year old women to date 40 year old men.


File: ce0d8393e1b11f5⋯.png (5.26 KB, 261x193, 261:193, tmp_2699-images1041436757.png)



>dried up old, previously female, now just a discarded, useless vessel - detected

All the young men should fuck older ladies ;*))

Older ladies are more experienced ;*x

No. Old women are disgusting, and past the age of 25 they should be cremated or sold into government operated whore houses if they have failed to marry and had children by then.

Men up to the age of 40 should have their pick of any female old enough to produce healthy offspring. It's biology.


stupid ass churchian tradcuck lifestyle backfires on adherent to backwards bronze age superstition.

also gotta love the "pedophile" bomb dropped because she's… 14. fuck this entire civilization.



Pre 1950s or so, he could have legally married her.

The car being the dowry.



>have child at 25

>financial burdens

>failed marriages for marrying young unless you imply they get pregnant while single

Fuck off medieval fag milf's are great

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