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The Benchmark Healthcare, in Festus, was forced to shut down last summer. Authorities found out that bills were unpaid, paychecks bounced, trash piled up and food deliveries stopped.

Misouri health officials in July tried to put Benchmark into emergency receivership. They only backed down when food deliveries resumed. Authorities who paid a follow up visit in August discovered, however, that four residents were not getting medicines they needed for such illnesses as congestive heart failure, epilepsy and schizophrenia because pharmacy bills were left unpaid.The state had to close the nursing home in September and relocated its residents.

Prosecutors on Wednesday shared that for three years starting in 2013, Sells stole a huge part of funds provided by Medicaid for Benchmark residents. He used the nursing home's debit card to pay $185,000 at adult entertainment clubs and $15,000 on pet care, $4,500 at casinos and $12,000 at his country club.

Scott Rosenblum, the lawyer of Sells, told Judge John Ross that his client struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction but that he had bern sober " for some time".


File: f4fc48ee6dfc6cf⋯.jpg (25.8 KB, 355x291, 355:291, 790830975.jpg)


>$15000 on pet care

You mean ball gags and rubber bones ;)

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