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File: 75ce2dc810004e3⋯.jpg (165.9 KB, 1368x1026, 4:3, 3.jpg)



>Japan's mixture of low fertility and low consumer spending has economists fearing serious damage over the next several decades

Japan's fertility problem hit a new low last year: 2016 was the first year since 1899 that fewer than one million babies were born in the country.

New data suggests the trend isn't poised to let up anytime soon.

Japan's National Institute of Population and Social Security Research predicts that the country's current population of 127 million will decline by nearly 40 million by 2065.



Once all the old people die and some space opens up, then there may be real opportunities and people might actually fuck again. Uproot feminism while you're at it Japan.



Japan is full

If you want the population to rise then Give them Sahkalin



This. The only "problem" with a declining population is too many useless old people.

We should figure out how to give them a comfortable existence without social security pyramid schemes that drain the vitality of the youth.



Well one solution is to bring the family unit together like it used to be

Gradparents always could get subsidies for helping out with the kids meaning the parents can work meaning more money meaning more security and more likely hood for another child


Last time I checked Japonise people work insane hours.


File: c68245f22411cec⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 720x656, 45:41, c68245f22411cec06831a96f32….jpg)

What did we do to you Gooks?







We didn't do anything to them - in fact, they out-paced us.

Their society is at peak decadence, and this is simply the end result. All aspects of life unique to humans have been economized and mass produced for them to enjoy without guilt. Their population is simply stabilizing itself, now.

What would be truly disastrous would be if niggers or lesser chinks were allowed to invade - then I would personally be concerned. For now, it's the more conservative and traditional types of nippon who reproduce, and it is the overly worked or hikki types who do not, so in the end, the Japanese Culture will survive, and that's what matters.


File: 8078711c0021826⋯.jpg (90.74 KB, 638x689, 638:689, Purity Balls.jpg)

When it comes to America - having casual and anonymous sex, people that thrive on looking the same as every famous pop star and movie star, it's just not that fulfilling anymore. It's like men and women have spiraled into a continuum of mediocre sex and no one is learning how awesome it can truly be thanks to the fear of STD's, babies, and hell that (does it surprise you?) schools, churches, and local governments are pressuring. It's all about connecting with someone, and people can't even do that with the one's they love or their own families.

Besides, people cum in a matter of seconds or minutes, and aren't bothering fucking twice in one sitting. People are liberating themselves along with an open practice and understanding of sex, yet they know jack diddly squat when actually comes down to it. Even girls and guys with high mileage are content with simply fucking someone once (no more than three times) and never speaking to this person again as if the other person were a prostitute.

Don't get me wrong, I think that can be awesome. But people just aren't acting like people these days. People are absorbed by their technology and hold their own material wealth and success in higher regard than other people, especially the people they're fucking. It's disgusting.


>it's the "Japan suffers from X like all other first world countries but we're gonna report it each week like it's the end of the world because it's Japan" episode


File: b74e3d8e797037d⋯.png (60.39 KB, 446x373, 446:373, 348c1b57da74f24fefdb324bda….png)

Fucking lower the taxes and decrease prices. Find all the useless gov jobs and get rid of them. People aren't having kids because they don't have the money to do so, people aren't buying shit because they don't have the money to do so. Lower. The. Fucking. Taxes.


File: 27ca55b87d61a2a⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1500x789, 500:263, 1408048677749.jpg)


And Japan's sex industry and homeless schoolgirl prostitution is something their government should try getting a hold of. But then again, it is a cash money business, aaaaaaaand if the government controlled those two things? Could you imagine?

Besides, guys have sex dolls, used panties, onaholes, hentai, and soon to be 3D and animated virtual gaming waifus with AI. Women really are becoming obsolete. And until girls can actually bother getting fucked by tentacle monsters and can drink a one gallon cumshot and look good doing it, I mean yeah, they're pretty much doomed. It's not like that island is getting any bigger you know?


Maybe if they weren't forced to spend 10 hours a day at work followed by 3 hours socializing with their other nerdy ass coworkers they'd have time to meet women and have families. The corporate culture in Japan is so retarded.


Personally I thank that we should have just doped another bomb, but it looks like with or without us, the yellows got what they deserved.



Or how about, dare i say it, decrease hours spent working and give the people their free time instead of working them to death. That shitty anime that you weebs enjoy is made by slaving a team for a week just to make one episode. This is also why animes are 12 episodes now adays, because they're running out of animators. (probably from all the suicides)


File: eacdd262f53f55f⋯.jpg (228.04 KB, 740x900, 37:45, Revy.jpg)


Wouldn't that be nice?


I volunteer to impregnate qt Nippon waifus.

I just need a jew to convince Japan that miscegenation is good for them.


File: d3a3d96467ee208⋯.jpg (19.84 KB, 465x446, 465:446, huh.jpg)





It can be as elaborate as they like. I don't mind sitting through a tea ceremony if I get to bang the geishas afterwards.

BTW I'm a roundeye gaijin


Not a problem, it is not viable to sustain one of the most overpopulated countries in the world without turning into a 3th world country






Kill yourself, spic.


>A country roughly the size of the US state of Montana with a population of 130 million people

dropping the population to 90 million in 50 fucking years sounds like a fucking goal to work towards, not a problem that needs solving

This is fake news created by globalists in an attempt to convince Japan to "diversify" its workforce


File: 8f1b8ae3eb1f4be⋯.jpeg (45.96 KB, 620x413, 620:413, image.jpeg)


I am here to help Japan.



That too. Their work culture is absolutely fucked.


Is population decline really a problem? It's heavily urbanized and everyone there lives in cramped spaces. As long as you don't import third-world savages: you'll be just fine and you can count on a baby boom to happen in a couple of decades.


isn't that a good thing?

less people helps the environment



>This is also why animes are 12 episodes now adays

I rarely watch anime anymore anyway, but man I miss anime that were longer than 12 episodes. The last anime that I watched that was actually long was FMA: Brotherhood.



Fuck logic, if there is one thing I've learned from niggers its to spread my seed far and wide. Impregnate as many women as I can. Even if my children are born to single mother homes or are abused I know a few will make it to becoming a productive person. I was able to work my way from poverty and stand on my own two feet despite being taught poison in california from birth and being raised in an abusive household.

Don't think about it, spread your seed.



its god's punishment to the japs for killing christ


Everyone in this thread who is shitting on Japan for low birth population but doesn't have a kid themselves, or a girlfriend, or is a virgin, needs to kill themselves. Why don't you practice what you preach faggots? Oh, that's right, because western women are fucking sluts.


seriously, who would even want to fuck a japanese woman? have you ever heard them screeching in porn? i'd rather go hikikomori



I've never understood the hate for sluts. I've always liked them. But I don't care about Japan's population declining, it doesn't seem cataclysmic. Many places could do with a bit of a population decline really.


Why won't these fags just fuck each other? It's bizarre.


File: 6ad321243d03f46⋯.png (175.47 KB, 389x255, 389:255, ClipboardImage.png)


>What would be truly disastrous would be if niggers or lesser chinks were allowed to invade





>I've never understood the hate for sluts. I've always liked them.

Why would you like someone who sucked 10 dicks already?









This, I hate my girlfriend more every day, but the sex keeps getting better. I went from lasting 2 hours to 5 minutes. It is so much more intimate and comfortable now. Sex is a lot better with someone I know



>I went from lasting 2 hours to 5 minutes

>sex is better now


File: 22e96a16dff6470⋯.png (224.39 KB, 362x454, 181:227, 22e96a16dff6470af4bea6dfab….png)

They work too hard.

They practically mandate women into the workforce.

The families break down, duh ya think?


File: 0a9e638105cee7d⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 854x480, 427:240, nice chest yuma asami.webm)


They do that so they can say they hated doing porn later on. Webm is what sex with Japanese girls is actually like.


File: 09529634d078b0a⋯.png (107.91 KB, 292x485, 292:485, Untitled.png)


>no archive

AT there are people calling him out on his shit. I'm really tired of these chucklefucks.



If your population isn't swollen to the point where basic necessities are scarce and can be price gouged the shit out of, you're having problems!!

is /pol/ right again?



still screechy and whiny



>is /pol/ right again?

pol is shitting on japan for low birth rates


File: 0ead46f1188774c⋯.png (44.6 KB, 400x263, 400:263, IQbellcurve.png)


One could argue that societies with higher average IQ have lower birth rates because smart people don't want to bring children into this fucked situation.



>get a used up cock carousel cumdumpster and make white babies, anon! you can tame them with your alpha /pol/ powers! just redpill her, anon, she'll be the best wife/breeder you could ever hope for!

yea, nah. i'll wait for sex robots and artificial wombs



Oh my god, you're ruining the west!

>says while he doesn't have children himself


File: 5c04cab5fc331c4⋯.jpg (204.31 KB, 816x816, 1:1, christianbale.jpg)


>tfw imagining how much better the world would be if it was populated only by Whites and Asians



I meant about the jew meme. Seems pretty stupid to be shitting on low birth rates if your country is already so heavily populated. Quality over quantity especially if your don't want your race to turn into babbling niggers. Unless you plan to expand or something.



i guarantee you their will be a white baby boom once robot waifus with artificial wombs becomes a real thing. high iq white men are holding out for the best circumstances possible compared to the liberal/feminist shitfest we have now and that better future is not too far off tbh


And are we supposed to care that a bunch of yellow-skinned chinks are dying out?




gtfo, kike faggot

/pol/ has done no such thing


I like asian women. What can I do to help?



>Once all the old people die

Their average expectancy is, like, 90 years old.


File: 7d7b54a6325ef3e⋯.jpg (382.13 KB, 1500x1557, 500:519, project a-ko girls.jpg)


So a 100 more years of anime then?


Even with 30 million total population Japsn would be overpopulated. Japanese aren't fucking dying out just because they're not niggers who have 10 kids. This is sensationalism to create an immigration push.

15 million would be a nice sustainable population for Japan.


Japan also has problems with overworking and related stuff (suicide, hikikomori). But so long as they don't ever play the globalist mass immigration game, they'll come out ok in the long run. Eventually their old generation will die, so they only need to hang in for another couple decades at most.


>low consumer spending

the kikes want their shekels again.

>low fertility

the feminists are bitching as always.

Japan, keep doing your thing.



>This is sensationalism to create an immigration push.

I don't know about from non-Japanese sources, but I think the Japanese are just afraid that they're going to die out and/or are scared of what less people will do to their economy.



Here's what will happen. Some Japanese are extremely hot, but some are really ugly.

If only 40% breed, then next generation will be hotter, and more will breed. Think about it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Nips population falling

If whites were in a better situation ourselfs I would be tempted to give a fuck.


>tfw imagining how much better the world would be if it was populated only by Whites and Asians

>populated only by Whites and Asians

>Whites and Asians

>and Asians

This meme is for you.



Well who else is going to draw the really great porn?



The average is something like 60 weekly hours vs. the U.S.A.'s 40. The 60 doesn't include any mandatory after work social hours, and there is no overtime pay. Major projects for an office job can demand up to 100 hours a week, and it's common for employees on that schedule to literally live at their job.



Though it's also common for Nips to nap during their work too since they have such long days.



>Not drawing your own porn

Do you even autism?



I'm American, so everytime I try to draw porn I end up making the boobs burgers.



you don't need a jew to convince the japs of anything, adding white genes to non-white racial stock is an improvement obvious to all.



But mentally unstable hapas tho. Then again it would help if their parents weren't shit.



Umm yeah, what is so hard to understand? When sex feels better, you cum faster. This is basic knowledge that most guys figure out by age 12.

When I used to have one night stands a lot of times I didn't even get to cum



It's not that people in developed countries can't afford kids. Especially if you live in a country where you get a child subsidy of $200/mth per child. No, what the problem is, is that modern youthes aren't willing to take the life style cut in entails. Most of you want the same comfortable life style that your parents spent their whole life working towards.


So how long until they do like israel and they organize goverment sponsored trips for foreigners to visit japan and meet with japanese women?



isn't that great, now we have a way or solution to decrease our population



>So how long until they do like israel

nice source



mate it's not some secret conspiracy theory they do it openly an for free just google it


File: cf4b807629b2670⋯.jpg (115.07 KB, 736x700, 184:175, IMG_0101.JPG)


Yeah indians and pakis are amazing.



5 minute sex is nothing to brag about, anon.

Pretty sure your girl is cucking you with a different guy who doesn't mind pounding her cunt for two hours



>useless old people.

hi future old fogy





File: 122f8346baeae0f⋯.jpg (212.62 KB, 1200x850, 24:17, yamaha-motobot.jpg)


lol who cares,80% of Japanese production is automated and i assume it will be 100% by 2030.We only need like 2 millon Jap to make anime!



That just reminds me how mainstream news used the term "Asian" to cover up the fact that rapes were done by brown people. It is technically correct, but the modern usage of the term makes people think of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.



>Most of you want the same comfortable life style that your parents spent their whole life working towards.

By completely fucking over our generation.


Lucky cunts I wish my countries population would fall a bit.

Everything is so over subscribed things are falling apart.



t. snowflake who still lives with mommy



the suicide and stress kill off a lot of the younger ones so the ones who make it to old age must be really tough as nails and wont die any time soon





Pretty much this.


Before I read about the celibacy syndrome, I figured the problem was this:

People decide they don't want kids

These people have enough self discipline and brainpower to use birth control every time.

It is unfortunate that Japan has a low birth rate, but at least it is quality over quantity.


They need to invade China. Plenty of lebensraum there.



Each generation of old people dying comes another and the same or worse piramidal structure remains.

You won't solve anything by thinking like a CIAnigger.


>export all menail jobs to china

>make getting any type of employment super hard

>wonder why nobody is pumping out children

well, if you earn nothing, how will you feed your offspring? Intelligent people do not want their offspring to grow up in poverty. Therefore they adapt to shitty economic situations.

Also this is japans bill for not letting the markets crash in the early 90s. They could have let their bubbles burst, allowing a few million "investors" to be flushed out into poverty and after about 2 years, their economy would have become healthy again with nice growth rates.

Now their zombie banks with bad debts will hold back their economy until eternity.


I believe one of the problems is that love died out and was replaced by greed and chasing consumerist crap. You can argue that love was the oldest meme but many people will also argue against it. Lonely Women spend their salaries on luxury bags and shoes while men spend it on video games and figurines. Imagine someone got them into channeling those ressources into children instead?


But muh economic loss, muh investments, muh business, muh yen

less people -> less consumption -> less revenues -> less profit for capitalists

they shot themselves in the knees when they started their outsourcing and "optimizing"


I don't want meaningless sex with stacies. I want a normal wife and children that love me and are happy with me. it is mostly my own fault of not having achieved it yet but I will try my best and try until I succeed or die trying


Exactly and interestingly, the same situation is coming to urban china. It started around 2000 and intensified after 2008. They are in the even worse position because of their retarded one child policies that produced millions of aborted daughters in the past 4 decades. They abolished it lately but it will be another 15 years until those girls are ready for the marriage market. Some Chinese started importing vietnamese wifes as a result of the distorted gender ratio.


China is mostly mountains and deserts and they have started exporting their people into africa because their homeland is full. Their cities are centered around the coastal lines and rivers. You are silly if you believe this would work out. This is what is great about America. You can go pretty much anywhere from the east coast to the midwest and the land will usually be habitable.



The system will eventually stabilize, with the excess old dying off and having a more sustainable amount of old people. Following the Western model is a guaranteed way to fuck yourselves over in the long run. And we've quadrupled down on it in the USA. We are really going to be super fucked when the boomers kids are all retired. Well, if they can ever afford to retire.



Option A.

Flood the country with niggers and turn it into a third world shithole where rape, gang violence and murder are everyday things.

Flood it with exploding arabs just to make sure.

Option B.

Leave it alone, wait for the population to reduce to a sustainable level, fix society, enjoy not living in fucking paper shoeboxes and having to sleep in your cupboard.


When for the past 70+ years, scientists have been terrified of overpopulation.



The solution to is to stop trying so hard to turn every first world nation into a purely consumer society. But this requires a big shift in priorities, and I doubt porky will go along with the idea willingly. Purely consumer societies are not sustainable in the long run. Societies need to focus on being as self-sufficient as possible, and mainly only importing resources that they are lacking, while only exporting resources that they have an abundance of.



>Millenial faggot who wants to look like he has life figured out

>knows fuck all



Trade agreements with other countries are fine, but not outsourcing all labor demands. If you ship off all the production jobs, then eventually no one will be able to afford to buy anything. That's the direction we've been moving for the past 60 or 70 years.


This is not a problem. You fucks have no room. This is what a sane world should want.




England is predicted to lose the entire population of anyone who doesn't have 10 generations of pure english/welsh/scottish/Irish blood, by the year 2020!!!!

Also, the population of stinking, crowded, dangerous inner city london will fall from 12 million to only 5 million!!!!!!!!!

The world will surely end!

To fix this, Merkel proposes importing 800 million skinshits within the next five years, and murdering all newborn white babies in a bucket of water.




I just want to point this out for anyone who doesn't understand:

/pol/ doesn't care about low birth rates; they are just a symptom of other problems, which are being noted ITT.

While we're at it, one may as well enjoy watching Japan suffer for having screwed themselves. It should be obvious to anyone (no matter what your opinion) that low birth rates will eventually be an uncomfortable change for Japan, with aging populations and Japan's respect for elders.



>Official pol spokesman, certified by CNN and FOX news.

Fuck off back to reddit. This isn't even pol you stupid cunt, it's /jews+/.



People like you are so incredibly dense, that you'll never realise how dense you are - you'll continue on, guffawing whenever anyone points out how much of a cretin you are, claiming they are 'jealous' or 'idiots' themselves, and you'll never improve.

You are one of the kinds of people I despise the most, the clueless pseudo intellectual with a sub-normal intellect and even less knowledge.


File: f738e46688c2506⋯.jpg (28.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1428490458887.jpg)

>X will happen 50 years later when I'm more then likely dead and/or irrelevant so noone will call my bullshit.

There should be legal action againts articles like this.



Thank god women have evolved to grab their own breasts when aroused. It is divine.



>Japan's sex problem could cause the population to fall by 40 million by 2065

That's a major problem then. It should literally drop by 50million by 2050. They are in a fucking population crisis OP.

This will ease the demand on limited resources. Hopefully they can avoid being put in the shithole over it by the globalists such as yourself, presumably. Maybe then they can recoup a saner lifestyle for their people.



Is this just an Elliot meme or are there actually stats to back it up?

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