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File: 0ae39c42f7929b7⋯.jpeg (111.29 KB, 898x628, 449:314, 75.jpeg)



Hamas has banned walking dogs in public in the Gaza Strip in order "to protect women and children" Hamas spokesman and leading religious figure Ayman al-Batniji told the Telegraph Thursday.

“In recent weeks, the phenomenon of young men walking with their dogs in the streets has widely spread. It is neither of our culture nor of our traditions. Children and women feel scared when they see dogs,” al-Batniji stated, adding that it is Hamas' "duty to maintain the safety of citizens."


So if you live in Europe get some dogs.


File: 974457490c1f07a⋯.jpg (77.06 KB, 634x471, 634:471, article-2317588-1992245900….jpg)

whites are afraid of dogs and this is just an excuse



lol BO confirmed for butthurt s.hitskin


Subhuman mudslime are scared of dogs.

Dogs are an excellent judge of character. If a dog doesn't like you, neither do I. You can hide your intentions behind a fake smile like your holy book instructs you to, but you can't hide from instinct.


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