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File: 8fc4da235f51853⋯.jpg (32.43 KB, 680x329, 680:329, cc8.jpg)


Days without porn: 1

Days without fapping: 1

Days without vidya: 1

Days without depressing music: 1

Days without more than one hour of internet: 1

All the journalfags seem to have left the board, I hope it's because they made it. Either way I'm going to try my own. Supposedly the increased accountability by sharing your successes and failures helps in beating addiction.

I'm approaching wizard status and I can't keep living the way I have been. I absolutely need to break out of my digital cocoon, my simulated world, and start living like a human being for once.

I've come to the conclusion that I am no longer able to trust my own mind to determine right and wrong or good and bad, if I was capable of making the right choices, I would not be in my present situation in life. So I'm trying to convert to Christianity after 10 years of nihilistic atheism. I managed to get through the first day of Nightmare Mode by spending most of the day meditating, I went on a nice long walk and I read something like 20 chapters of the bible (I've started the book of Daniel, still in the old testament).

This first post probably sounds like random disjointed rambling, I have a lot on my mind and I'm probably not doing a good job of conveying it. Anyway I'm hoping that I can share my experiences with my attempt to break away from my old self, maybe it will help someone, maybe it will help me at the very least.


Interesting decision, OP. Keep us informed of your progress.


Yeah keep us posted op, this is fuqing crazy





Sexual orientation:



Age: 88

Race: White Goy

Sex: 2

Sexual orientation: 1


File: 279a50f8b84ad6a⋯.png (62 KB, 591x275, 591:275, 5c1.png)

Days without porn: 2

Days without fapping: 2

Days without vidya: 2

Days without depressing music: 2

Days without more than one hour of internet: 2

Well, last night was rough. Around 8pm I got my first real urge. You know the feeling, your mind shuts off and your entire being screeches "OY VEY! IT'S FAP TIME GOYIM!" My technical defenses are pretty exhaustive fortunately, I have so many filters that the fastest way to browse the erotic jew is to load up a Linux live distro and even then I need to manually change the DNS server from my network's default.

After my last relapse I had formatted my live USB drive, wrapped it in several layers of scotch tape, put it out of sight, and deleted all of my Linux ISO files on my computer. It would probably take around 20 minutes to download Ubuntu, unwrap my USB drive and install it. I was on the verge of doing it. I thought to myself "Don't listen to Chaim! It won't even feel good! It will just make you feel worse! You have that thread on /nofap/ now and they're all going to think you're a pussy!".

Somehow I managed to stop myself, I walked away from all my electric jew devices and I ended up playing with my cat for the better part of an hour, at the end of it the urge had subsided. I felt pretty proud of myself afterwards.

Other than that incident near the end, the day went pretty well. I walked an extra block over the day before, I started some more rigorous exercise with pushups and chinups. I read some more of my Bible and am now on the book of Amos.



Thanks guys, I'm going to try to post an update every day.


Age: 27

Race: Hwite

Sex: Male

Sexual orientation: Straight Fapping to traps doesn't make you gay r-right?




>Fapping to traps doesn't make you gay r-right?

Closet homo then



Keep working out. I've been going strong since the 30th. No porn or masturbation since then. I had some days where the urges were unbearable. A good workout and a cold shower took care of that and the next day I felt GOOD.



fapping to traps makes you a degenerate with more nofap work to do. gay isn't real



Homosexuality is a mental illness, and >>4893 demonstrates first signs of it.

At this stage it is easily curable.

Saying that he is closeted homo is as wrong as

saying that an asperger is a closeted schizophrenic.

also this >>4910


Trump is the reason why I will never win ultra nightmare mode


Days without porn: 0

Days without fapping: 0

Days without vidya: 3

Days without depressing music: 3

Days without more than one hour of internet: 0

The forces of evil overwhelmed me last night and I was too weak to restrain my lust for the flesh. Without discipline or understanding, man is nothing but a simple beast, a pleasure seeking animal chasing after wind. I am no better than the Stacy who throws her pussy mindlessly at every Chad she sees. I am a whore for sin, I have given my body over to wickedness over and over again. As I have sown my sin, so shall I reap my iniquity.

On the plus side I only relapsed once and did not binge. I thought about completely resetting the subject day counter but since I didn't screw up everything, I'm just going to reset the individual counters.

Yesterday in general I felt pretty agitated, had trouble concentrating, something just felt "off". Even after relapsing I had trouble falling asleep and I had trouble getting out of bed this morning.




Well, I think it's just from fapping to so much degenerate shit and desensitizing myself to everything. I think that if I'm able to break my fap addiction I can become normal again.


Was too sore from the previous day to work out again. I just didn't really have a plan to deal with it and I caved.


Y-you fap to Trump?



Now since you've relapsed, you have to tell us what degenerate shit you jerked off to.



Fair enough.

It was a video of a hot girl, probably in her mid-20's getting plowed by an ugly fat guy, probably in his 70's or 80's. They had her smiling and making out with the guy most of the time while romantic jazz music played lightly in the background.

It was pretty degenerate, though I've had worse.



> All the journalfags seem to have left the board

yeah, i gave up nofap because i got skeptical tbh

OP, i wish you well and i hope Christianity has what you're looking for. in my opinion the value of religion is in making you go to church and make connections with the churchgoers. it's a high-trust environment because you and everyone else are putting in the time investment and other sacrifices to be a part of the community, and this is common knowledge to everyone present.

Meditation is good, bible study is good, because you're starting out from a complete lack of spirituality as i understand your OP. but i hope down the line you find a nice church. good luck in your quest



if you take a cold shower post workout that should help with the soreness I've noticed and it helps with nofap too so its two for one.


File: 3ec1d487b1c93ac⋯.jpg (182.49 KB, 600x3031, 600:3031, yourlifeonanime.jpg)

Days without porn: 1

Days without fapping: 1

Days without vidya: 4

Days without depressing music: 4

Days without more than one hour of internet: 1

I'm feeling a lot better today. Yesterday I managed to have a brief surge of energy and inspiration that I haven't felt in a long time.

I think the time spent away from the computer in general is helping me be a bit more clear headed. I feel more self aware, that I know where I am at in life and what I need to do to get where I want to be. I've wasted my youth on vidya, masturbation and shitposting on indonesian image boards, on feeling sorry for myself but making excuses not to change things. There's nothing I can do about that now. Self pity won't help me at all, all I can do is move forward.

I have started the new testament, I sort of miss the fire and brimstone already. Jesus is kind of a new age hippie and this will take some adjusting to.


I'm kind of skeptical about nofap too. The reason I'm doing nightmare mode is that through reading nofap "success stories", nofap generally wasn't the only change they made to their routine. I think it's purely about exercising your willpower and building self discipline rather than "muh testosterone". That willpower and discipline you develop can help you in other areas of life. That's all I'm really expecting to get out of it.

I have joined a church, though in my current state of social retardery they might be thinking I'm the next Dylan Roof or something. Also thanks for your support brother!


Good to know.



Kaiji is some god tier anime it really inspired me of being a better person every nofapper should watch it


I'm on day 8 here, and it feels like the tendrils of corruption are drilling into my drain, to the point where I'm having headache.

Withdrawal is rough and I keep getting overwhelmed by thoughts about porn I've seen in the past. I've eaten some pudding as a temporal replacement drug and it has gotten a bit better.

But still, I'm not sure if I can manage today.

The day started already really bad since I've had lewd dreams. I'm not giving up without a fight though



Please don't! I relapsed yesterday and I fucking regret it so much! I would have been on day 8 today if I wasn't such a weakling yesterday.


lel you fags I'm on day 10

I almost relapsed to hentai dickgirl cuck porn on /b/ but I resisted it. You fags would probably wank it immediately.


Days without porn: 0

Days without fapping: 0

Days without vidya: 5

Days without depressing music: 5

Days without more than one hour of internet: 2

"ASMR" man, never again. I'm counting it as porn. Fuck.


day 8, the last time i lost at day 8.

i think i can make it this time.


does reading "how do blowjobs feel" articles count as porn?


File: 0ee578fca4d27de⋯.jpg (80.3 KB, 720x481, 720:481, skirmishers.jpg)


If you have to ask yourself that question, then yes, whatever it is it's going to lead to porn eventually. Your brain is simply picking the smaller fights it can win until it can finally land the killing blow and convince you to watch the usual shit that you're used to.


>hurrr exposure training

Never underestimate your inner Jew.


>>4982 here

I ended up relapsing on day9 and I've lost all motivation to do my daily productive things or even life


Keep up the good fight anons. I'm not doing Ultra nightmare but if I was it would look like this:

Days without porn: 20

Days without masturbation: 20

Days without Vidya: 17-20

Days without depressing music: 1-4 (does hurt by Johnny Cash count)

Days with less than 1 hour on the internet: 0

Fight hard anons, for me I know the strongest triggers are day 1 and day 2.


>Days without porn: 1

>Days without fapping: 1

>Days without vidya: 6

>Days without depressing music: 6

>Days without more than one hour of internet: 3

Went to church yesterday and the pastor did a bit of a sermon about sexual degeneracy. Probably exactly what I needed to hear.

I also had my first vivid dream involving the vidya. In the dream I had dug up my old n64 and hooked it up to my parent's old tube television, the same way I played vidya when I was a kid. People kept coming by to visit me and I had to explain to them how I was playing the same game over and over again with the same character in order to receive some sort of autistic achievement. Needless to say I don't feel like playing video games today.

I've had more trouble than usual trying to get a nofap streak going. I think it's due to the lack of distractions but also that I've been able to restrain myself from binging when I relapse. In the past when I relapse, I usually said fuck it and fapped like 2 or 3 times to get it all out of my system. Here I'm carrying over some of that sexual frustration into the next day as I try to regain control.


Days without porn: 2

Days without fapping: 2

Days without vidya: 7

Days without depressing music: 7

Days without more than one hour of internet: 4

It's been a full week on ultra nightmare, relapsed to porn / fapping twice and relapsed on internet usage once (while looking at porn).

Just trying to keep myself busy so I don't have lewd thoughts. Idle hands really are the devil's plaything.


Days without porn: 0

Days without fapping: 0

Days without vidya: 8

Days without depressing music: 0

Days without more than one hour of internet: 0

Just kill me now. I spent all my free time yesterday fapping to cuck porn. What the fuck have the kikes done to my brain?


File: c8e5a6f55982002⋯.jpg (77.4 KB, 460x562, 230:281, Ride never ends.jpg)


Acknowledging your problem is the first step to resolving. Block the sites in your browser, delete all porn and excercise. I'm certain that if you persist, you will make it.




Maybe you're just a white nigger with low willpower and the only person you have to blame is yourself.



this is so true



Lontime nofap vet here.

Your biggest problem is definitely the shlomo porn.

Focus on controlling your inner ZOG and you may be able to go without relapsing for more than two days. Porn is a weapon of the Jew to keep the white man down.

Just imagine the benefits you'll reap within a few weeks of nofap. Chicks will notice and pick up on the boost in charisma and self esteem and that's a huge turn on to them.

Just stop watching the kike produced cuck pronz fam.

You have to do nofap day by day.

Godspeed on the path



See going cold turkey is the problem. If you're going to stop the (bad) things in your life that give you pleasure, you need to replace it with something good and productive that brings you pleasure. Instead of fapping for hours each day, play music or paint for hours each day, or when you feel like fapping.

Instead of playing vidya, read a book.

If you do use the internet, use it for something productive, like researching skills you want to learn. Video related.


(can't embed because it's been posted in another thread)


i'm going to stop playing vidya and being more than 3 hours on the internet (i think 1 hour is too much for me)

days without masturbation: 12

days without porn: 3


Days without porn: 2

Days without fapping: 2

Days without vidya: 5 or so

Days without depressing music: /

Days without more than one hour of internet: 0

I wish I had someone to talk to.



Want to talk on Skype?




I hope you relapse, nigger.


File: 0361cd267c19f15⋯.jpg (49.68 KB, 306x338, 153:169, what_nightmare.jpg)


>Age: 27

>Race: Hwite

>Sex: Male

>Sexual orientation: Straight Fapping to traps doesn't make you gay r-right?

For the love of God OP, that's me on all counts. Even the fucking spoiler. I'd tag along side you in this endeavor, but I haven't played vidya in years, listen to classical music, and I can't restrict my Internet access so straightforwardly, which essentially takes it down to basic nofap (if I look at porn I WILL succumb soon afterward). But nofap is essential for me now. I have a good temp job in Europe but I'm already halfway through it and I haven't learned the native language (English at work) nor have I traveled much to other parts of the continent to touch base with my ancestral heritage before the invaders blow it all up – simply because when I get home from work my mind switches off and I just eat, fap, and languish in depression until I get up the next day and do it all over again.

I'm clean today – day 1. This weekend I need to channel the urge into studying out of my language textbooks.

On the subject of fapping to traps and the escalation of degenerate fetishes in general, there was a quality thread on /pol/ in the late spring of last year which hypothesized that as a society our rampant consumption of pornography has let to an epidemic of autogynephilia, in which the man substitutes a woman's pleasure for his own. I had the archive link at one point but fucking lost it. If anyone can spot a man a link I'd love to go through it again.



I'd be very curious about that link, and it absolutely made sense to me.

I used to only watch lesbian porn, started getting into these trap threads on 4chan, getting into crossdressing, even though I had a gf at the time (obviously didn't tell her about all that crap).

Shit was fucked up, I was masturbating by myself dressed as a girl and the day we'd meet I didn't feel like having sex with her.

That's how far this autogynephilia went for me, and if this not cucking yourself, I don't know what it is.

Fuck porn and fuck the feminization of males.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: c25f4fd909027e2⋯.gif (540.23 KB, 500x475, 20:19, comfy.gif)

File: ad261d89ba28e4b⋯.gif (296.01 KB, 834x870, 139:145, comfyaf.gif)

Fellow nightmare walkers, I've been going strong-ish since late December but it's getting harder to stay away from tits. Tonight I got lucky and closed the links after I opened them, this is the first place I came to and immediately wrote this post. It's 9 pm but shit I'm going to do some pushups to get this out of my system.

I did about a month at the start of last year, I'm going to hit the 3 month record this year and just keep going. I don't remember the last time I went over a month without fapping. This is a fucking nightmare world we live in.

Posting >>>/comfy/ gifs to calm down


Days without porn: 1

Days without fapping: 1

Days without vidya: 10

Days without depressing music: 2

Days without more than one hour of internet: 1

Had to skip yesterday's update, couldn't trust myself with the chans.

I am back on the wagon now. I would like to thank everyone who gave advice after my relapse, even the rabbis. I was on the verge of taking a hammer to my computer.

My willpower just completely collapsed. All I could think about was thinking about not fapping which led me to think about fapping. Anyway, I feel like I'm back in control.


Days without porn: 2, though what exactly counts as porn I do not know

Days without fapping: 4, on day 5.

Days without vidya: 0

Days without depressing music: Many. I don't listen to much music but I don't feel down listening to it.

Days without more than one hour of internet: 0

Permavirgin NEET here since the start of 2012. Five straight years of anxiety, depression and NEETdom. Need to fix myself but I always worry that its too late for me. Who's going to want to hire the 24 year old loser for an entry level job when some kid 8 years younger can do it for cheaper?

Age: 24

Race: White

Sex: Male

Sexual orientation: Straight though I guess futa and the rare toe dip of shemale/traps makes me not quite straight.


File: d636a4356653a04⋯.png (408.39 KB, 1907x2074, 1907:2074, IMPORTANT.png)



Unfortunately I don't have the archive link or so, but what you're describing reminds me of pic related. Is it what you're looking for?

Keep up the fine work on your nofap goal, anons. I'm still struggling with mine but we'll get there in the end.


Days without porn: 0

Days without fapping: 0

Days without vidya: 0

Days without depressing music: n/a

Days without more than one hour of internet: 0

Maybe you could add alcohol or caffeine to this list? If so I've gone 2weeks+ without alcohol

bloody hell

All I want to do is just go outside and ride my bike in the cold, windy January weather but I'm too low energy


Days without porn: 2

Days without fapping: 2

Days without vidya: 11

Days without depressing music: 3

Days without more than one hour of internet: 2

I have tried the cold shower meme and it definitely works. Once that ice cold water hits your skin, fapping is going to be the last thing on your mind.


File: bc779c46d0d76c6⋯.jpg (121.65 KB, 854x770, 61:55, redanon_delivers.jpg)


Yes, and that cap was enough to allow me to find the archive. Thanks, and enjoy.



>I used to only watch lesbian porn, started getting into these trap threads on 4chan, getting into crossdressing

Your case conforms perfectly to the escalation of fetishes predicted by the autogynephilia theory. Lesbian porn is usually the gateway not always, it was anthro furry for me; it had a fantasy/"sensuality beyond my reach" element to it, but also led to futa/traps. I'd also imagine it would put a huge strain on a real relationship, but then again there's a lot of fucked up women out there now, so who knows.

For the record, I'm up to day 4. I did open a porn site yesterday but almost immediately closed out of it. Hopefully that's not compromising per se.


I've been doing that for a few months now. Like most acute anti-fap efforts, it works well for a while, but you can't rely on it forever. But combined with other efforts like keeping a busier schedule I bet you can reach the magic 7-day mark with it.


File: 4f09f99cf88d4e0⋯.jpg (14.08 KB, 193x205, 193:205, unikitty.jpg)

>tfw OP is kill

I hope he found a way to go eternal and is now a skilled wizard.

I come back bearing a better archive link than the one I posted above: http://archive.is/VSSg9

And to say that I'm back on Day 2, but since hitting the final quarter of my twenties I have complete revised my mindset. Doing good work so far. We'll see if I can see it through.


File: cfccdf265d951da⋯.jpg (169.91 KB, 680x879, 680:879, Jesus King.jpg)


I am going to pray for you OP. You might not be keeping your journal but we are still thinking about you.

God Bless you!


Going on 4 days now without fap, were gonna make it brah



I'm still here, I've managed to go three days now. I have managed to go steady from Day 1 (a solid month) on no vidya so that's something. I still browse /nofap/ from time to time but I haven't really been active.

I think the journalposting was counter-productive in my case. I was thinking too much about fapping which lead me to fapping. On the way I've managed to break my headphones, a USB key and one of my computers (well the hardware is still fine but I rage sudo rm -rf /'d it) in order to stop myself from using them for porn.

I've done a lot of soul searching to try to understand my tremendous urges to watch porn and why all of that motivational shit really didn't work on me. I think at the end of the day I just want to feel loved. Porn gives me something to either take my mind off of it or reinforce the belief that I don't deserve it. I dunno. All I know is that porn is never going to give me what I'm looking for and I need to stop.


I appreciate that bro. I have managed to read the Bible from cover to cover. God bless you too.



>but I rage sudo rm -rf /'d it


Never heard of anyone actually going through with that before. This all intentional, along with your headphones and flash drive?

I can't say I've ever felt that low, but nevertheless you have my condolences. In dedication to your dedication, I bumped myself off of fullchan for an hour and caught up on some work on which I was lagging behind. Once I got started it wasn't that bad – it never is, for any self improvement effort. I tell you this hoping it will help channel your rage into self-improvement. Once your efforts are routine you it's not much further to a loving gf and knowing true passion so they say.


Also Day 4 here. Revised mindset still giving me strength



> This all intentional, along with your headphones and flash drive?

Yep, and I learned that sudo rm -rf / isn't enough anymore. Since so many people were breaking their computers by getting trolled, at some point they added a requirement for an additional –no-preserve-root flag.

Also I'm on day 5 now. So breaking that stuff did help I think. I can no longer go through the ritual of using those devices to watch porn so I think my brain is, at least temporarily, confused.

We're all gonna make it brah.


File: 5c7e38a0de05ff2⋯.jpg (61.19 KB, 570x665, 6:7, trofe.jpg)


>–no-preserve-root flag

>They will still actually let you fuck up your computer if you really want to, but you have to really mean it

That's freedom for you.

It really does suck you had to resort to such extreme measures. How are you getting by now? Reading philosophy?

I'm through six full days now, as you apparently are. Try to keep up.

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