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This board will soon be deleted

This board will be deleted. The new board is at:


In order to delete this board, we had to reclaim it, which made it appear again to the public, but it will be deleted in a few days. Post at /aristoi/
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National Socialism and Fascism are leftist to the core and the reactionary movement must purge itself of this plague.
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where my /duck/olds at?

Guess shit got too real for Cuck Enlightenment to deal. Reconvene here for high-level discussions of who is a cuck (mike), who is a tweenage nitwit (bryce) and all that good shit. Awww yeeeaaaahhh boooiiiiiiii!!!
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Phil Robertson backs /aristoi/

Yes, Phil Robertson himself is now backing /aristoi/:


This is big news.
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Place Your Bets

How long before the Net Nutzis show up here and wreck this board?
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A replacement to /duck/ by the name of /neoreaction/ has already been established by Kantbot, but time will tell if it will be suitable.


Because Duck is a Pussy
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Reviving /nrx/

Well, it's obvious this is what one would call a dead board, but the potential for discussion is so high. How could we get more posters here? Is the board owner even around anymore?

What do you Anons think, if anybody comes around and sees this thread.
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What's your faction?

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What music should neoreactionaries listen to?

Strictly reactionary music, that is, Classic music, is a given. But what about new music and genres?

EBM/Darkwave/Neofolk/Neoclassical are pretty interesting genres. Any other ones? Specific bands?

Pic related, I nominate Kirlian Camera. Also, von Thronstahl.


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Democracy = Mediocrity

Politics is boring, why does the average person have a say in it?
Even saying "average person" has the default insinuation that the one writing "average person" sees himself as above average, yet this is how everyone sees themselves. Why? If individuals did not see themselves as special and unique they would be more susceptible to suicide. This is not benificial to persons survival so evolution has caused us all to have this mindset. So, along with a slew of other biases, we all overestimate our abilities and the mob rule will ultimately vote in mediocre minds and mediocre policies.

(Note: Rationalwiki is wrong about politics. I've spent enough time reading their socially and politically insane bullshit to know this.)
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hey /nrx/
which Pokémon would you fuck?
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How does NRx feel about white nationalism
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Can we have a thread about reactionary literature ?
I highly recommend reading Burke, de Bonald and de Maistre.
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Meet the Fat Ne'er-Do-Well

Perhaps one of the strongest arguments in favor of monarchy is the reign of Friedrich the Great of Prussia. Therefore one of the strongest arguments against monarchy is the fact that Friedrich the Great was succeeded by Friedrich Wilhelm the Fat Ne'er-Do-Well. Friedrich Wilhelm genuinely did want the best for Prussia. He patroned the arts, improved infrastructure, encouraged the use of Prussia's native German language over French, and overall did try to do things right. Unfortunately, he was an incompetent ruler. His reign left Prussia indebted, isolated, in a position where it could no longer assert power against Austria, and with a court full of degenerates.

TL;DR The most admired king of all in nRX circles was succeeded by a fat incompetent. How does you defend against this argument?
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What can a reactionary/neoreactionary do in the real world to further his cause? What can neoreaction as a whole do to further its cause?
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How did you get into reactionary thought?

Gotta have an icebreaker.

Personally I was given a couple of books by Alain de Benoist by a good friend (The Problem of Democracy, and On Being a Pagan), and thus got pulled into the New Right milieu. We went to a couple of seminars, and I started reading all sorts of reactionary websites and blogs. Finding Moldbug and Carlyle was sublime.
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When is Vishnu gonna come and demolish everything, /nrx/? Humanity is completely fucked and there is nothing we can do to stop modernity. I'm tired of this world and it's about time for Vishnu to just kill everybody start anew.
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Catholic/Interested NRxers

Is sedevacantism justified at this point?
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But so why don't you use urbit?

Black ships before Troy.

That is all.
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what do neo reactionaries think of the blackpill?
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Spenglerian Reactionary Singlehandedly Destroys /lit/

Witness his power. It's absolutely glorious:
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8chan is patchwork

Moldbuggian style NRx promotes right of exit over democratic rights. This system overall is called patchwork.

The basic idea of Patchwork is that, as the crappy governments we inherited from history are smashed, they should be replaced by a global spiderweb of tens, even hundreds, of thousands of sovereign and independent mini-countries, each governed by its own joint-stock corporation without regard to the residents opinions. If residents don't like their government, they can and should move. The design is all "exit," no "voice."

In 8chan, Hotwheels has to be responsible to the US government in not breaking the law, but he gets away with as much autonomy for boards as possible.

Consequently, 8chan is structured in such a way that it offers a decent facsimile of competing, but non-democratic boards/governments.

Or is the whole internet like that? Is the internet neoreactionary compared to the real world?

In the real world, exit is very difficult because the average man does not the income, and in any case there aren't that many states to choose from.
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>Imblyign gommunists wrnt frst reactionarians
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Greetings dead board of the Neo Reactionaries!

I come bearing a message from wawgame.eu Worlds at War.

We are a MMO browser game of politics, warfare and economics. Create your world, build its economy, build its military.
Join with other worlds to form federations.
Fight wars to win loot and glory.

Currently, the game is split into numerous political factions but I figured /nrx/ might find the Empire most interesting.
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I found this on Twitter.
I lol’d
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Please give your support to the Reactionary Party at the senate!

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Neoreactionary Feels

>Reading pic related
>Friend asks what I'm reading
>Have to somehow explain it to him without revealing my power level
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podcast breh

I did a podcast

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The music question got me thinking: How deep does the rabbit hole go? Should we revert our eating habits too? Working habits? Tools? Clothes?

What do you think?
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is a decent site but it needs more extensive links to stuff like:

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I was wondering if I could get opinions and critques on the first episode of my podcast. http://occ-radio.podomatic.com/entry/2014-10-11T16_26_43-07_00

It's an interview with a guy names Soapjackel. I will be doing more in the future so suggestions on topics would be great.
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Social Darwinism

sodomize the weak
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The problem of today's politics is that they define the Right as the Conservative and Left as the Progressive. The Conservative is a Hegelian synthesis of Right (the Reactionary) and Left (the Progressive) - taking some things from progressive movement and then enshrining them in "tradition". When the political discourse consists only of the Conservative (synthesis) and Progressive (antithesis), the Conservative (synthesis) will act as a Reactionary (thesis) without having the political power to ensure a proper synthesis that would halt the progressive movement. This Conservative cannot move right or left - he is static. The Progressive moves left. The choice is then to stay put or go leftwards - the result is then gradual leftist shift of the Overton window. The battle is lost from the start.

While this kind of hypothesis is depressing (since Progress = destruction of the civilization), I only brought it up because I want to take a closer look at the definition of what is Right and what is not. The Left is constantly blurry - nationalism/libertarianism/etc start out left but turn right. From the current political worldview, the current "Right" shares the problem, seeing as how the current "Right" is just Left that forgot it's Left.
The Right then, the pure and concrete Right, is what cannot be Left ever, that hasn't been Left ever.