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File: 59a1b1570d9a945⋯.jpg (239.48 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, sky-tower-163931_1280.jpg)


Feel free to share stories, comments and whatever you feel about Q, NZ Politics or other lies in town


Guardian Newspaper shows NZs involvement in FVEY under strain while we are becoming Made in China



Anyone know any good pizza places near Grafton


>>4 really?


Haarp Chart - Shows Activity of Haarp during Earthquake in Christchurch during 2011.



Is it true that white people are all kept in camps and undergo forced sodomization in NZ? Asking for a friend.



Well i think thats an exaggeration. However in 2009, there was a UN Human Rights Commission delegation that looked at several "centres" for people who were being held under the guise of refugee camps. During this time it was kept very quiet, and the questions were always posed by Critical thinkers are these camps aligned to FEMA institutions. While NZ Politics isnt clean, there do not seem to be full force Human Rights issues that you mention below, that are seen.



Not being able to defend yourself or your home, not being able to open carry, is like being heavily neutered which is close enough to being sodomized.









Who set up trust scams and led people to launder money through NZ?





So, John Key disappears quickly.

Why did NZ formulate TPP? Killed instantly by trump

Why is NZ full of Democratic Party Visitors?

Obama visits NZ to play Golf with John Key?

Hillary visits NZ to have a chat with some ladies?

Anons… do you smell it yet?


Q Post Nov 12


Rothchild Owned and controlled banks…

Reserve bank of NZ


Key destroyed opponents who discussed dirty politics



Yet.. still lauded despite a list of Mr Keys big questions



and we dont think the MB infiltrated NZ Politics also???



If the USA pulls out of the UN HUman Rights due to failures to stop many issues, one of which is Child Trafficking… is there a question on our Rt Hon H Clark, who tried to head up this rather insipid community???

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