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Hello 8chan, I'm a total noob here but I'm not a noob to the internet, still figuring this site out, though.

I am WrenchOfChaos, or you may call me Xenos. This board encourages interesting conversation about anything really, but particularly music (hard rock, punk rock, metal), politics, sex, philosophy, news is encouraged… but, whatever, really. Free speech is encouraged! You can say whatever bullshit you want, but blatant shitposts created to annoy are not. Say whatever bigoted or hateful crap you want if it's on context of a post with a point, just not continuously for the sake of it or you might prod me into banning you. I'm a lefty but I'm a civil libertarian. You bring far right shit in here, like promoting fascist or nazi stuff, it won't be tolerated. SJWs will be mocked. Overall though, I want to keep speech as free as possible. If you wanna call me a faggot nigger cunt for my shitty rules, that's considered ok, lol. What's most likely to get someone kicked is just annoying me too much, and I suppose you'll have to post to find out what that is.

Here is what's VERY not allowed on the board: Obviously CP, but regular porn is fine I guess. No gore. No doxxing. I can't really think of much else right now. Just talk about any bullshit. Enjoy rotting in the casket!


can't upload images here but whatever, you're a faggot



>Cannot upload images

the fuck?


@anon2: Thank you! As are you!

You can still link to your bullshit. It's called a textboard, because fuck your images. This is about talking anyways an image board would just devolve into whatever the rest of this website and 4chan is. Glad to see I've disappointed people already :) …I got this weird feeling that ya'all just wanna shitpost gross images and porn. lolol.



>Thank you!

this is 8chan, saying "thank you" makes you a normalfag and you obviously don't know what you're doing here. also you don't know how to tag so stop using this site tbh

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