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Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem

File: 6bfb011f9b579dd⋯.jpg (329.13 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0208141255e.jpg)


I wanted to create this thread for the less artistically inclined. I myself am somewhat in this boat. Generally I try to make things myself unless it is too elaborate. This thread will be for posting sites to find supplies or finished products to aid in ritual work. If you know of any besides the ones I posted, please add them.



https://www.azothart.com/ (Good site for buying vestments pertaining to multiple initiatory paths, from A.A., OTO, GD, Martinism, and MM Freemasonry.)


http://jasonaugustusnewcomb.com/store/index.html (Bought a circle from him and it was very well made.)



http://www.ixaxaar.com/ (Cavarly Cross Botanica)


This is the first batch I have for now. Most of my bookmarked sites are no longer working. Plus I am missing a few that I have forgotten the names of. I didn't add any Wiccan/Witchcraft sites, not because I have anything against those paths, but because they are a dime a dozen to find on the web.

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Finally took Salamander & Sons off the list, as they went bankrupt. According to alchemist Rubaphilos Salfuere (or at least someone posting as him) on a forum I came across, they went bankrupt from bad business practices from ripping off authors and customers. Added the website for Phoenix Aurelius with the other alchemy links. It has a wonderful detailed list with links to buy merchandise on amazon and elsewhere. Also has classes and will have custom glassware at some point. Rawn Clark's site has reached bandwidth limits and if he doesn't resolve that soon, I may inquire through email to make sure he hasn't retired.

File: 31a93396af4190d⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_0109.PNG)


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For that eclipse, a small partial in my area, I went outside and did observe a change in the light and that did indeed affect the feeling of the whole afternoon. I also lit a small fire to commemorate. Since I used gasoline and waiting too long to light it, the fumes made a nice little fireball that scared the shit out of me. I'll remember that.

File: a1853c9f2947c41⋯.jpg (271.07 KB, 1000x855, 200:171, Johfra Bosschart.jpg)


We lost yet another board owner, though it was a year or more since he last logged in. In addition, we lost his digital library which is a shame since it sounded very extensive. As the new BO, I do not plan on changing the direction of the board. The old rules still apply, however, if anyone has suggestions regarding rules, settings, or the board in general, this thread will be left unlocked for that purpose.


1. /occult/ is a board with a focus on praxis and discussion of it. It is heavily encouraged that new threads reference some sort of academic material, be it a book, website, video, or whathaveyou. Notable exceptions include requests for material.

On-topic general (read: lacking a source) discussion threads are still allowed (e.g. "What kinds of meditations do you do?"), but users are encouraged to post relevant material (e.g. a book or video where you learned a meditation) in threads like those.

2. Do not create a new thread if a thread on the topic already exists unless the "theme" deviates significantly from the "theme" of the existing thread.

3. No shitposting (unless it makes the mod laugh).

4. Keep discussion civil; express yourself using whatever language you find suitable (within reason), but do not attack/insult another poster.

5. Think before you post. /occult/ encourages high-quality discussion.

6. Global Rules always apply.

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The jews are the babylonian occult… and theyre gay.

File: 2ee11cacaeff7f8⋯.jpg (95.09 KB, 730x944, 365:472, John Dee.jpg)


This is for all those random questions regarding magic and mysticism that do not really need a separate thread. Since we are a slow board, random questions as threads clutter it up.

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Sorry, had been away for a bit. With the breathing, any pattern is fine as long as it is a relaxing meditative breath. Your example should suffice. Generally the target will subconsciously feel a pulling to contact the sender. If she mentions thinking about you or something like that, you can tell her that you have been trying to contact her in that way. Attempting to contact her while she is sleeping is actually a really good idea in order to cut through all the digital noise.


Is there any means of shapeshifting or similar manners to take on a female image other than surgery? Any info would be great



>The Complete Magician's Tables by Skinner

Great resource, thanks!



>Secrets of Planetary Magic by Warnock

That's a great introduction/primer to the subject! Thanks!


I'm new to the occult, and I've been considering getting some books to expand my knowledge. I am currently torn between traditional European grimoires (specifically The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet and The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy) and modern texts (The Faceless God, The Cult of the Black Cube: A Saturnian Grimoire, and The Benighted Path: Primeval Gnosis and the Monstrous Soul - all by Theion Publishing).

Which one(s) would you recommend and why?

File: e54c7811a79ade1⋯.jpg (869.5 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 03.jpg)

File: ec44cb8155c2a61⋯.jpg (5.21 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20171227_070725.jpg)


What's up, /occult/ and /fringe/.

You two boards have proven great influences on me over the past few years as I've broadened my spiritual horizons, and not only that, but you've driven untold traffic to my essays and supported me in my work. My occult studies have had a great impact on my novel, THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE, and to repay that influence I'd like to do a /fringe/ and /occult/ exclusive giveaway.

The first marketable thought to text device is released for public consumption in 2031. That same year, author Cassius Wagner will have a seizure. At least, that is what the novel says: the novel to which he awakens in fragments one morning after a late night of writing. This novel. Terrified to have a prophetic manuscript unfurling at his heels, his desperation to evade his fate prevents him from considering that his lover and editrix, Katherine Beauvoir, might be wrestling with a destiny of her own. Told in four psychedelic parts which peak with the fable of a sublingual Huntress as she fights to save her King, THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE blurs the speculative fiction and fantasy genres to explore the fabric of literature, and the boundaries of reality. /fringe/ and /occult/ will appreciate its intense use of occult and alchemical symbolism, particularly in the second half of the novel.

The book will be released on March 19th, 2018 in hardback, paperback and ebook forms, and I'm looking to give away some copies until then in hopes of acquiring 100 reviews. The rub is that I only have so many physical copies to give away, so the promotion will go as follows:

1. The first 2 posters from each board to email publicity@paintedblindpublishing.com with the subject 'Free Loosh from [Board Name]' and a physical address to where I can send the book will receive a HARDBACK copy of THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE, signed by the author.

2. The following 3 posters (again, from each board) to email will receive a signed PAPERBACK copy.

3. All subsequent entrants will receive ebook copies.

That is 10 total copies I am giving to you guys, not including those who receive Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>Super blood moon hits

>Leave clove and chocolate at my altar of nature, resting in the offering abalone

>Set water to collect the moonlight

>Intent is to draw something near, to bring something new in

>As the eclipse starts I head to my folk's place again to pick up some mislaid item from the recent move

>Mother comes to me with a book in hand, "Hey is this yours?"

<The Book of Ceremonial Magic, Arthur Edward Waite

>"No, not at all. I've never seen it in my life."

>Mother asks if I want it, I say of course

Coming to y'all for a few, this appears to be a republished copy of a tome constructed by A.E. Waite. The publishing year is 1994, meaning there's a chance it could have been mislaid in the house before my family even moved in. I, myself, am moving to a new apartment complex in the near future.

Is this a good find?



Never read that particular book myself, but some of Waite's other works. He can be a bit dry and wordy, and if it is anything like some of his other works, then it will have a slight Christian/Golden Dawn bias. Sounds like you were meant to come across it.



>Is this a good find?

'Good' and 'bad' are meaningless in the context of synchronicity. Just read that book, each word. I'd wager it contains information you need, or will have a reference to another book which you will find useful in your magickal journey. That's a really wonderful synchronicity, Anon, would you mind if I mention it in an essay sometime if I need to? Thanks for sharing.


File: a58411224e49e3f⋯.jpg (86.12 KB, 675x1000, 27:40, hereditary_1.jpg)


BEYOND KING PAIMON: BEHEADING IN "HEREDITARY" MEETS THE HEADLESS WAY is now available for free on paintedblindpublishing.com, but if you've been enjoying the essays, consider spending $4.99 to preorder the first in the Disgraced Martyr Trilogy, THE HIEROPHANT'S DAUGHTER! Also available in hardback and paperback. https://www.amazon.com/Hierophants-Daughter-Cyberpunk-Trilogy-Disgraced-ebook/dp/B07NVKSCJC/


File: 5da7c793591aae8⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 355x500, 71:100, supervert_ab.jpg)

File: 073d34c50dcef28⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1932x2775, 644:925, hierophants_daughter.jpg)

Double helping today, folks, but only one touches on Satan and the occult. Sorry, at the moment most of my research is alien-based in preparation for this PKD essay I've been working toward–though I am sort of half-preparing a gnostic essay about The Promised Neverland.


Also be sure to check out the Rafflecopter giveaway, if you tweet for me like the dirty little shill you are I'll send you a signed copy of THE HIEROPHANT'S DAUGHTER and a Painted Blind Publishing/Holy Martyr Church t-shirt.


File: 895894d2abffcb0⋯.jpg (354.3 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, tumblr_pi7mtniGqa1xeqjp8o1….jpg)


What do they mean? I've had lots of them, but they never amount to anything.

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Okay, lets say you're right. What are these meaningful coincidences? What do they mean? Like, two days ago, I had a very specific dream about certain people who I hadn't seen or heard from in months, and then when I woke up, I thought it was a weird dream. Then later in the day I got an email from said people. And lots of stuff like that has happened in my life. What does it all mean, what are these events?




Synchronicities don't have to mean anything.

They are simply synced events, as the name implies. They result from connections between ideas, people, places, times, levels of reality, etc. Ultimately, it has to do with frequency and energy.

All of reality is a synchronicity. All of reality is connected, with a rhythm. Not necessarily structured, but in a flow and tension that's between chaos and non-chaos.

When you experience a synchronicity that you recognize consciously, you are experiencing something "lining up" in context. Certain frequencies are "harmonizing" or being *amplified* to the point that you are aware (can "hear" them). They don't have to mean anything, or you can ascribe your own meaning just as you do with anything else in your life.

Literally just think of it like music. The rhythm and sound of your life and the lives of those around you create a certain harmony that you *identify with* when you experience a synchronicity. The music plays on when you aren't listening, but you "tune in" when you hear a specific note or a certain rhythm or harmony or melody.

Does this make sense to you or should I clarify?



It makes sense, but I'd like for you to elaborate because I feel like my will to live is dying and the synchronicities are all gone now.


You might read '11:11 the time prompt phenomenon' though it does not give you a real answer to your question.

For me the synchronicity is like a mile marker in you subconscious Awakening or connection to God. When I see less of them and recognize it I feel that I have drifted off of my designed path. That makes my life less enjoyable. When I see a lot of them it usually coincides with my study/breakthroughs in the correct path of my walk with God and the occult nature of things.

You should consider reflecting on your path when sync's were frequent and try moving that direction. See it they increase.

Good luck, the path is narrow

File: feeda7fbff9acf1⋯.jpg (299.06 KB, 1587x1425, 529:475, pigin.jpg)


Why are they so scared? Almost all Christians seem to think that literally every single magical/esoteric tradition, regardless of whether its RHP or LHP, black or white magick, is tantamount to Satanism and is therefore evil. Many if not most even think working with angels, who they are theoretically meant to revere, in an occult context is somehow evil. They usually rationalise it along the lines of "the occult is dangerous, don't mess with it". Sure, magick is dangerous if you aren't careful or do retarded shit, but by the same reasoning they would never drive a car or use the internet.

I know there are some Christian occultists, but why are the vast majority so afraid and morally repulsed by even white RHP magick to the extent that whenever they accidentally succeed in doing it they think its a "miracle" only the Christian god could have done whenever he selectively chooses. In a way I kind of admire any Christian occultists out there for sticking it out despite the sheer ignorance and vitriol most of their co-religionists display regarding any and all matters esoteric.

I'd imagine the situation is similar if probably more actively hostile within Islam (with the possible exception of Sufism), but my first hand experience is only with Christianity.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1st of 5 part series on Martinism.


File: 0a04b1bddc95aae⋯.pdf (4.06 MB, joseph-leon-blau-the-chris….pdf)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>maybe it has to do more with psychopaths finding a niche in order to influence people

This and people who are damaged and resentful towards normality



Bought the book. Aside from minor cosmetic editing issues from being published on a budget, it is packed full of information and copious notes referencing the CCC, the Fathers, and other Vatican documents. Actual magical practice is limited in comparison to other occult books, because the majority of the work is in approaching the sacraments and saints from a new perspective. So far I am impressed, and if I am still impressed by the time I finish, I might pick up some more by him.

File: 1412334412572.jpg (287.42 KB, 751x1065, 751:1065, alchemy_woodcut_omnia_unus….jpg)


Can anyone tell me about alchemy? I've done some research into it and out of all the magickal practices it seems the most logical, and I'm considering trying it. So, has anyone here tried it? Or does anyone know about it?
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If alchemy actually works, why are all these supposed master alchemists so old? Shouldn't they be in the prime of their life thanks to the powers of the philosopher's stone?


File: 43465473273e104⋯.jpg (76.22 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, hpnbsstone_4731a25b-045d-4….jpg)


I am probably off a lot on my alchemical history, but the Stone was not always identical with immortality. I think there was a difference in views between the eastern and western alchemists. In Chinese Alchemy, we see a heavier focus upon the stone, sometimes referred to as a pill, as being the means to immortality. In the West, a large portion of alchemical history saw the stone as being the ability to transmute metals, potentially referencing the body's energy centers. When Paracelsus came onto the scene, we began to see a much heavier emphasis on physical longevity. Even if we look at Flamel, he was famous for the supposed wealth that he obtained from Alchemy, but not for any longevity. I think the time starting with the Englightment through the the 19th century, is when we begin to see the Alchemy of the Middle Ages begin to take on a different flavor, and one that was more influenced with rediscovered ideas pouring in from the East. It was during this period that saw such "immortal" characters as the Count of St. Germain & Fulcanelli come onto the scene.

Another thing, is the language used when describing concepts such as "eternity" and "immortality" can be very similar. I would say that beyond a doubt Alchemy can make you physically healthier, which most likely leads to longer lifespan. Dubuis was still lecturing up until shortly before his death. But perhaps immortality and eternity are one and the same, and something beyond our physical body. If that is the case, then physical longevity is only needed for a long enough duration for the Alchemists to accomplish his goal.


is ther any resourses on alchemy that don't infuse it with the kabalah or hundu philosophy



Yeah, just practice it without adapting either. The medieval alchemists did so. It wasn't like they said oh let's add this because we can, but because they reached similar conclusions. Look at Chinese and Western medieval alchemy separate from one another and you will see these same conclusions being drawn. This isn't some new age relativistic conspiracy, but instead a hinting of an underlying truth residing in nature.


File: 561ef44d25085d4⋯.png (17.42 KB, 1050x1500, 7:10, curriculum.png)

So it appears that the Inner Garden's lab curriculum will be that of Paracelsus college, as they have the laboratory bulletins. The course layout looks similar. Fee is still high, and they still decide who is accepted further along. The body alchemy course appears just to be Nei Gung training.


File: 1412043080675.jpg (36.09 KB, 458x425, 458:425, representme.jpg)


Sup /occult/, reading any good books lately?
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Then what is the middle path?






Presumably in the middle of that dichotomy you were just presented. In the center of your universe. It makes me think of Taoism.

3 is the number of creation

and there are

3 supernals


File: 3db17a8e7638cfb⋯.jpg (73.14 KB, 500x626, 250:313, Korzybski.jpg)



Because freemasons love shilling one of their own.

File: fb98b87240bd9e0⋯.jpg (97.65 KB, 513x873, 57:97, 29572358_593934200943682_8….jpg)


Hi Occult,

I'm very interested in this stuff. But where to start?

can somebody recommend me some stuff?

Bonus for christian stuff

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His works are a good read, but if one is unfamiliar with the nuances of Renaissance occultism, they can also be a bit confusing.


I'm using this thread to post my question since I don't think it needs its own thread. I'm also a beginner to magic and I'd like to know: is alchemy the only branch of the occult that deals with immortality?



Not necessarily. I think it just has more references to concepts of immortality and eternity within its lingo, than say some of the other forms occultism. Chaos magick as an example, doesn't seem to really care much about the bigger picture and attempts to be more pragmatic, so that is one area where I don't see much emphasis on ideas regarding immortality. In contrast, you see it mentioned in western forms of occultism influenced by Alchemy, such as the Golden Dawn and Thelema. Yet, earlier forms of western occultism, such as that from the Renaissance and earlier makes little mention of it, or at least places lesser emphasis on it.



>I've never read X but you should go read X

you come from /fringe/ I assume



Sinister Forces trilogy by Levenda, Psychedelic Shamanism by DeKorne, The Master Game by DeRopp, The Occult: a history and Beyond The Occult by Colin Wilson, Liber Kaos by Carroll, Ecology Of Freedom by Bookchin, Abolishing Freedom by Ruda, The Ego And The Flesh by Rogozinski, Science and Sanity by Korzybski and Aztec Philosophy by Maffie

Start with the first Sinister Forces book (The Nine), Psychedelic Shamanism, The Master Game, and Liber Kaos. The Occult can be read at this point as well.

The rest, just check them out and read them as they stick out to you, your subconscious will know what's next.

File: 7cca3bf9bd2e067⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 512x512, 1:1, hermit.jpg)


Here is a pdf version for this exceptional tome. I once took part in a yahoo study group a number of years ago, where we read through a chapter a week and shared thoughts afterwords. Perhaps this thread could be used in a similar fashion to discuss the material within?


8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: a1b3ecc1f09248c⋯.jpg (56.52 KB, 320x620, 16:31, I-The-Magician.jpg)


The Tarot Keys do not follow the order of the more mainstream orientations, and our author has decided to start with the Magician, with the Fool placed further along in the order. From the point of view of the author, I can agree with this rearrangement even though some of the points brought up within Letter 1 could also pertain to the Fool as portrayed within the R/W and BOTA decks.

The author states that as a hermeticist, it is not his aim to supersede religion, or to place himself on a higher pedestal than that of the exoteric saint. The hermeticist is only a servant to the "communal soul of religion, science, and art." The initial task of the Christian Hermeticist is to learn "concentration without effort." To move the will away from the rigid confines of the intellect and more closely to the intuition. The author uses the example of the tightrope walker, who would most certainly fall if he had to calculate every little motion of his body. Correct concentration allows the mind to be free and light like the hands of our tarot card magician performing his routine. I would gather that this is close to what is called "being in the zone." Once concentration is sufficient a "zone of silence" is established where the consciousness may reside. This in turns allows activity to be turned into play. Work is no longer a burden. "My yoke is easy, and my burden light"- Matthew 11:30.

A few initial thoughts anyway.


File: eadac6cc8363c57⋯.pdf (236.28 KB, The Cloud Upon the Sanctua….pdf)

File: 3cd020a0e1c1494⋯.jpg (1016.69 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, eckartshausen-nuee-01.jpg)

>>1456 (Cont)

Picked up Mouravieff's Gnosis: Study and Commentaries on the Esoteric Tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy because it had been a while since I last read it, and was surprised that Mouravieff mentions "This second Birth is the object and goal of esoteric work" within the forward of vol 1. This "Second Birth" is part of the theme that runs in Letter 1 of Meditations, and comes from Jesus's conversation with Nicodemus in John 3:3. This is the "Great Initiation" of the Hermeticists mentioned in Letter 1.

In all spiritual disciplines, we always seem to find a certain barrier that acts as a definite mark for those that have move from one side to the other. There doesn't seem to be some sort of gradual movement, but sudden change even if that change is temporary. This type of initiation is also not dependent or regulated from this realm, but only from above. All forms of initiation, for example the Golden Dawn, are only for preparation and cannot force the true initiation upon one receiving the ceremony. One may carry the title of adept and not truly be an adept. This is most often the case in today's environment with Adepts, Mages, and the occasional Ipsissimus going around and proclaiming their talents. However, the sign of this second Birth can make itself known as a form of recognition among others that have received it as well. I cannot remember if the Rosicrucian Manifestos mentioned this similar idea, but I do know that Karl von Eckartshausen touches upon it within The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary. Letter 1 from Meditations hints at this sign through the mention of John 13:34.

Those individuals that have received this second Birth, make up the "Church of John." This invisible church, mentioned also by Eckartshausen, does not replace the Church of Peter, but supports it as "The heart keeps the life and soul of the church alive until the Second Coming of the Lord."



The best volume to learn from, in my opinion, is Ly de Angeles' Tarot: Theory & Practice. It's out of print now, but it is the best method I've studied in the last 39 years.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

what about videos?



MOT is not a book about divination or the use tarot in any specific pratical way. It is just a deep spiritual examination of the hermetic current that flows through Christianity and nourishes it. I think the purpose of this thread was supposed to be a group study on it, but fell apart due to the slow nature of this board.

File: 22a17c33e936b3c⋯.jpeg (926.6 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 34091A15-4A91-4CED-B8D2-B….jpeg)


These tarot cards aren’t like a typical deck, but the book included some directions for divination. However, they aren’t very extensive. Does anyone have any suggestions for divination using these cards?

The demons are drawn from the Infernal Dictionary. I’m assuming I should probably start with reading that. Are there any other sources I should check that may have info on these specific demons?




Don't know about this one. Seems outside of the traditional Goetic powers. I suppose if this from some authors own creation, then you would need to obtain his/her guide. With the Goetic spirits, simple meditation upon their sigils was enough for divination through dreams.



It's Haures, the letters F and L apparently got mistaken for H in the past



It seems like a reptilian entity is interacting with my house like trough creak noise, as so, I perceive forms of reptilian entity.

I am doing in parallel occult studies and have worked the Kabbalah, thus, I am not totally new to this thread, but meanwhile, at the beginning, I thought theses creak noise were demons until I got possessed and received as a result the confirmation that they were reptilian beings, does anyone have ever encounter reptilian beings?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



I have never had an encounter with reptilians. Could you go into more detail with your possession experience?



I was stuck into a strange timeline of experience.

I don't remember exactly everything that was happening, but I'll do my best.

It was like I edited documents at the time about weird stuff, meanwhile, I've received the name of the reptilian "fritrius", then I've received other several information about satanism too, it was like I talked to someone, I felt like there was a group of satanism with a women called Deborah, and it was like I talked to them, meanwhile viewing a bit on how they operated, I will not go too much into the details but the information that a remember clearly is:

That reptilians learn basic occult knowledge such as Qlippothic and black magick.

That they strive to achieve their agenda meanwhile understanding basic occult knowledge that we don't know what will happen thus they are prepared to many things.

That the group of satansim work in a kind of small building/castle and that they do various stuff and eat together.

and so on…

Meanwhile I've taken notes of some things:

> Who spurs the corps will ride? Who cries the cry that kills? When satan questioned who replied? Once blown the winds that kills who be kind?

> System implosion. Truth coming out.Still stuck with all that mess. Alien and system interaction.

Then there was a big mess including playing with gasoil and doing weird things such as going in a cemetery at night, and so on… in order to get out of trouble, …

And then one of the final stage was doing a joke on Nordic alien and unexpectedly cutting myself (purposely but unexpectedly too) and then the police arrived and I then went to a place to heal myself up. That's it. But I passed many details.



Another notes I've taken:

> There probably is layers to reality many call these layers realms, onto or more precisely coming from theses realms you have projections and prediction.

> Projection and prediction can always and sometimes does include as part of their projection a matter of "This predictionproject a projection and this prkection imply this prediction which make the projection being true"

At the level of Era you may have 4-8 years of shift as in Maya calendar to then, starting from "you can't choose your name, family, …, but you can choose your friend, it is revelent to say that it is mostly true.

> (At this time of this writing, I have a creak noise as a direct confirmation.)

As said with the "4-8 years shift" word-glued above, one of my preoccupation was, at least for such projections, that some system along with life would not overlaps as in a system of a bad state to see if we take for example, …. I could not exactly what is better and from another make letters laws and / or a beteer "democracy" such a system type. Remember the ends of "las vegas parano", it doesn't fit the context at all but it fits the next words.

There probably is laws some of technological type, some of astral type, some of reptilian type, …. and it goes on and on and on…



Let's say I had very weird stuff, I was talking alone to myself, violently breaking plates, doing weird destruction stuff, doing impossible mind-game as when I talked, and a few more things.


This is some next level David Ickies shit. I now dub this "Skizophrenia, The Thread". Just when I thought the exodus from fringe would take me away from the /x/ poster. It appears no amount of distance can see me escape the Robert Bruces and Carrols. God bless this mess. And by mess, I mean the OP.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know that Dr. Hyatt ruffles a lot of feathers from occultists, especially beginners. He really could not stand people seeking magic as an escape mechanism. As a psychotherapist, Hyatt says things to get under your skin in order to root out weaknesses you haven't resolved yet. I find those the most upset by him try to deflect this by pointing out his physical flaws, like his weight.

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Post last edited at



Please do if you can go through the trouble. And do post a link on this thread. I've been going through hyatt interviews on yt and really want to try these radical undoing programs. My budget won't allow me to purchase the entire collection right now unfortunately.



I will probably here after a bit, but I thought for sure I came across a site that had them along with the Energized Hypnosis videos. You really need to have both sets in order to partake of the system encapsulated by Hyatt & Regardie. The actual practice should involve the breaking of the energy blocks in the body with Radical Undoing followed afterwards by a session of Energized Hypnosis in order to inculcate the new behaviors and methods of thinking.



Here is the book version of Energized Hypnosis. Now most of EH is actually audio. Once you finish RD you perform the You meditation which is very similar to the body scan exercise of Mindfulness. After that meditation your body is in a very relaxed and receptive state because you have freed up large amounts of energy that normally keeps you tense and nervous. So you throw on EH to give yourself cues throughout the day to prevent you from falling back into your old habits and belief patterns.



Thank you for introducing me! I'm so glad I found this guy!


I honestly don't mind the man either. I believe his sentiments can be summed up as "don't become an occultist out of the need to obtain a false sense of power". This is all too prevalent in the new-age and pagan circles. The occult is so jampacked with charlatans, not even I can shake a stick at them. The sad thing is most of them aren't trying to fool anyone or themselves. Simply put: they became that way through training with fantasical materials and choppy correspondence. If anything, Dr.Hyatt should be focusing on the LHP skitzos and glitter wiccans more than those of us who actually take figures like Carl Jung and Israel Regardie into consideration.

A true Magician seeks to heal and elevate his being through the union of psychology and magic. Not through summoning some dark lord through a portal we made from a cardboard box. I think it's safe to assume that many of us here are more collegial in our studies. I don't think anyone here is clamouring for the next pagan week event to spur around tge corner. Nor is anyone here making videos showing off their altar or hilarously fantastical grimiore.

File: d4607c3bc6fa29b⋯.jpg (11.35 KB, 211x300, 211:300, bookoftokens.jpg)


Anyone else have of copy of this book? Such a gem it is, that I have always kept my copy close-by over the years. It is a book of tarot meditations, written in the first person in order give "a potent auto-suggestive influence for counteracting negative patterns in subconsciousness."

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Article on Dr. Case along with mention of the origin of The Book of Tokens.



Enough with the 404s dammit



Not enough people, m8.



Im glad others daily this board tho good to hear a heartbeat



I have been checking in on this board periodically over the last 2 years, and it really ebbs and flows. The most UIDs I saw for this board at one time was 10.

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