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File: a1853c9f2947c41⋯.jpg (271.07 KB, 1000x855, 200:171, Johfra Bosschart.jpg)


We lost yet another board owner, though it was a year or more since he last logged in. In addition, we lost his digital library which is a shame since it sounded very extensive. As the new BO, I do not plan on changing the direction of the board. The old rules still apply, however, if anyone has suggestions regarding rules, settings, or the board in general, this thread will be left unlocked for that purpose.


1. /occult/ is a board with a focus on praxis and discussion of it. It is heavily encouraged that new threads reference some sort of academic material, be it a book, website, video, or whathaveyou. Notable exceptions include requests for material.

On-topic general (read: lacking a source) discussion threads are still allowed (e.g. "What kinds of meditations do you do?"), but users are encouraged to post relevant material (e.g. a book or video where you learned a meditation) in threads like those.

2. Do not create a new thread if a thread on the topic already exists unless the "theme" deviates significantly from the "theme" of the existing thread.

3. No shitposting (unless it makes the mod laugh).

4. Keep discussion civil; express yourself using whatever language you find suitable (within reason), but do not attack/insult another poster.

5. Think before you post. /occult/ encourages high-quality discussion.

6. Global Rules always apply.

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So the default board settings kicked back on for some reason. It was most likely due to the server upgrade. Hopefully it doesn't happen again, but if IDs pop back up, it was for that reason and not because I change my mind on a whim.


I would like to change the style of the board a bit, but I only know enough CSS to crash it.

File: 31a93396af4190d⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_0109.PNG)


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Archives of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.



We lost our digital library, so most of the links I would assume, since they are reference sites, would not be included.

File: ac9444335248ef0⋯.jpg (61.51 KB, 419x521, 419:521, 1476317785132.jpg)


occultism/paranormal to spirituality/astrology and everything in between discord

come join us!



Here's a link to a paranormal/occult/library Discord that actually works. https://discord.gg/BXfFYQ7

It's brand new, so expect activity to be low for a while.

File: a44bd9fca145b2c⋯.png (39.39 KB, 298x301, 298:301, ChristChan3.png)


I understand that this is likely not the case, however I feel it is worth asking. Can a master of the occult use their magick to create obvious and immediate effects? Could an occultist summon fire and have it obey their will? Would this require a ritual if it is possible? Has this been possible in that past, and if so, why is it not done today?

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A very good point you brought up. Magical efficiency definitely increases as one moves along in the work. Even a few short years can reveal to a student how much more efficient they have become, not just in projecting their will but in understanding what they desire. Beginners generally, not always, have to go through the motions of elaborate rituals in order to sync the subconscious with their willed intent. For the adept, rituals may not even be necessary anymore. Many have the ability to instantaneously transmit their will through the subconscious and into reality, all without the need of ritual. So for the "master," the difference in efficiency with the beginner, could be the difference between high speed internet versus dial-up.


I've never heard of such things but I routinely will things to happen on a schedule based on the phases of the moon.

The thing is, for me at least, there's always chaos involved. There are always other influences that are capable of creating unforeseen consequences resulting from the outcomes you wish to manifest.

Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad, but from my experience they all must be things that can physically happen in the world, and they usually take some, but not a long time to happen.



Kinda the reason I meditate a lot on what I truly desire at the moment. There have been many times that I was about to sigilize an intent, only to stop after considering the chaos that could possibly manifest. I tend to have less butterfly effects if the intended desire is of a broader outcome than something extremely specific. I also notice less blowback when I do what Frater U.D. recommended, which is make a lot of sigils, set them aside for a month so that you forget what each one is for, and then after that cast them out. This way I am not fully aware of what is normal everday life turbulance and what is expected blow back.



It's a good practice, but we are also flawed by nature, and sometimes we must learn the fool's way.

It took me one significant incident for me to realize that I need to think about what I really want because when it manifested I realized it was a huge pain in the ass and that it simply wasn't for me. I think it's all part of the process of figuring out who you are and what your purpose really is.

In the aformentioned case, I invoked a person I thought I'd like to meet and it wasn't at all like a perversion of what I desired, it was everything I asked for absent all the idealized notions of what it would really be.



Moon magic sounds interesting. Mind describing it a bit? Did you develop the system yourself or learn it somewhere. I think there is a lot of potential in the observance of cycles.

File: 51959c5d418c4e9⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 12.jpg)


These terms have been floating around since shortly after the rise of the internet. And while I do know of meme magick and the use of Google image search for divination, I do not feel like they fully constitute a new genre of magickal thought. I have just started, literally, learning to program. In the process of doing that, I was wondering if there are any anons that have experimented with using programming as a way to work magick? I suppose I mean in the same way you break down an intent into a sigil, but instead of a sigil it becomes a string of code. Any and all thoughts are appreciated, especially if anyone has found good sources for this.


File: 1412334412572.jpg (287.42 KB, 751x1065, 751:1065, alchemy_woodcut_omnia_unus….jpg)


Can anyone tell me about alchemy? I've done some research into it and out of all the magickal practices it seems the most logical, and I'm considering trying it. So, has anyone here tried it? Or does anyone know about it?
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File: 61d05671fa95b1d⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 2988x4116, 249:343, 0914171530.jpg)


I got your book in today. Looking forward to reading it once I finish the book I am currently on.



Ah, Pilgrim, you are very kind! I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please e-mail me (check my website) and I would be happy to add you to my list of pre-readers for The Lightning Stenography Device when the ARCs are ready around late November/early December. It is coming out on March 19th, 2018 and right now I've got a list of 355 blogger and Amazon reviewers to harass, plus about seven readers of the first book who I can trust to leave a review. If you want to make that number eight, let me know.

Writing Delilah, My Woman was what initiated me, but it is not intentionally occult as are its predecessors. I am very happy with it as a debut novel but even more excited about the novels it begat, for which it works not as the first of a series but rather a sort of conceptual foundation. That is to say, you should be able to pick up any individual story in the sequence (whether a novel, a play, or a true 'series' of novels) and enjoy it on the level of a standalone story without necessarily needing to read the other books/plays/etc. to understand it: but, at the same time, reading other books or seeing other plays in the sequence will contribute both to a richness in terms of understanding the fictional universe, and a more complete understanding of the symbolic language and alchemical operations with which I operate. I hope that by the time my consciousness embarks on its perpetual voyage hand in hand with its shadow I will have left a true magnum opus reflected from start to finish of my oeuvre–one which enlightens its readers, uplifts them, and ultimately further expands the consciousness of mankind. The term 'magnum opus', after all, is a patently alchemical one.

The next three books after The LSD are coming together swimmingly (I've written one already this year, am about to finish the second and should have the third done by the time the year is out), so I'm hoping to get an agent for them since publishers are as thirsty for series as a whore is for money. Alchemcy, magick and the occult is 100% responsible for my huge increase in productivity, and part of that is because Delilah, which took me seven years to write, ended up functioning as a hyper-sigil in an extremely unexpected way and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Oh, and I learn about a new occult artist every day! Just the other day my cover artist (who is also interested in the occult and, appropriately, managed to deliver an exquisite and symbolically-appropriate cover fro The LSD from a pre-existing collage of his) informed me that the author Fernando Pessoa (who was popular on 4chan's /lit/ board, don't know if he's as known here) was actually a friend of Crowley's and helped him to fake his death at one point. Pessoa used the very occult technique of writing via 'heteronyms', or false names who essentially did their own writing. It is a complex form of creation which I experimented with in The Lightning Stenography Device, influenced by Pessoa's experiments, but I did not realize he was into the occult at the time I was doing this.



It is a shame what happened with the development of Protestantism. With the exception of certain sects such as the Quakers, most protestant denominations have been corrupted by the Evangelical movement. I often get into arguments with a Lutheran friend of mine in regards to mysticism. He absolutely abhors the idea of mysticism, despite both Bohme and Swedenborg being Lutheran. Dogma a lot of times stifles the inner voice. Catholicism and Orthodoxy does this to a degree as well. It is why so often the big Church seeks to trample upon any perceived semblance of the inner church. For instance, almost all of the largest denominations actively denounce Freemasonry and occult societies. This revealing of deeper truths is seen as stepping upon the spiritual monopoly that these big Churches control. It is strange why people need to listen to a man behind a pulpit in the search for God, when they could get a direct route by listening to their own heart.

Remedios Varo is one surrealist that slipped under my radar, as I love surrealism. I think with the timing of surrealism and the establishment of modern occultism, most artists in some ways are the like the "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon." You start tracing back certain authors, painters, and musicians along their connections and you find the great influence that occultism has. It is something that nourishes the psyche of those that come across it. It was never something to be feared, expect by those with weak hearts and minds.


File: 37608987922e4e1⋯.jpg (135.74 KB, 335x500, 67:100, Crazy Art.jpg)

Holy Carp! Just found out that crazy (in a good way) Art Kunkin is still alive at the young age of 89. I remember reading years ago about his bizarre method of obtaining the philosopher's stone. Something about radiation, and I also thought he mentioned urine as well lol. Well it must have worked to a degree since he is still alive and not dead yet. Found a seminar by him at one of the old Alchemy Conferences. I haven't watched it, saving it for later, but I do believe he will mention his radioactive method.



File: 6bfb011f9b579dd⋯.jpg (329.13 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0208141255e.jpg)


I wanted to create this thread for the less artistically inclined. I myself am somewhat in this boat. Generally I try to make things myself unless it is too elaborate. This thread will be for posting sites to find supplies or finished products to aid in ritual work. If you know of any besides the ones I posted, please add them.



https://www.azothart.com/ (Good site for buying vestments pertaining to multiple initiatory paths, from A.A., OTO, GD, Martinism, and MM Freemasonry.)


http://jasonaugustusnewcomb.com/store/index.html (Bought a circle from him and it was very well made.)



http://www.ixaxaar.com/ (Cavarly Cross Botanica)


This is the first batch I have for now. Most of my bookmarked sites are no longer working. Plus I am missing a few that I have forgotten the names of. I didn't add any Wiccan/Witchcraft sites, not because I have anything against those paths, but because they are a dime a dozen to find on the web.

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Awesome, thanks.

On a side note I may be opening an online shop for taxidermied/dried animal parts, such as paws and maybe some bones/skulls.



I love taxidermy and animal parts! I once had a coworker bring me several bags containing cow bones from their ranch so I could make things from them. Leave a link here when you get your shop up and going so we can check it out.


Even though I added Rawn's site to the resource thread, I figured I would add his store here.



File: 3a96dab08350e4d⋯.pdf (657.5 KB, Enochian Chess Primer.pdf)

Enochian Chess Set. I have a downloaded version, but I have always wanted the physical board and pieces.



File: 8f5ee8797d81a7c⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 216x300, 18:25, Tonic Gold.jpg)

For those unable to make tinctures, as well as for those that have no interest in making them but would like to try them for spiritual pursuit. Now I have noticed that a large number of sites have popped up offering Spagyric wares recently, which leaves me unable to gauge reputation. I am only going to post the ones that have been doing this for awhile and from an alchemical perspective.

http://www.tonicgold.de/6.html?&L=1 (Tasty stuff!)

http://www.alchemianova.com/ (Kinda on the fence about the effectiveness of their products, but I was taking other tinctures at the same time.)

https://www.redlionlabs.com/ (I took the Prius 7 and Prima courses from John H. Reid III around 5 years ago. While I haven't ordered anything from him since he started his store, as a former student, I trust that he will provide solid products.

http://al-kemi.com/ (Provides both classes and products.)

https://www.spagyricus.com/product-categories (I know Robert's site is already posted in the Alchemy thread, but in case people just wanted to see his wares.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know that Dr. Hyatt ruffles a lot of feathers from occultists, especially beginners. He really could not stand people seeking magic as an escape mechanism. As a psychotherapist, Hyatt says things to get under your skin in order to root out weaknesses you haven't resolved yet. I find those the most upset by him try to deflect this by pointing out his physical flaws, like his weight.

Post last edited at



Shit I forgot to add a ? at the end of the subject. Makes it look like I am speaking on behalf of the board.



Fixed it…for you.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't always agree with him but he did say a number important things. For instance, this talk on the idealized self would be important for those starting out in occultism, because many newbies focus on becoming 'Mages' instead of becoming 'real.'

File: d4607c3bc6fa29b⋯.jpg (11.35 KB, 211x300, 211:300, bookoftokens.jpg)


Anyone else have of copy of this book? Such a gem it is, that I have always kept my copy close-by over the years. It is a book of tarot meditations, written in the first person in order give "a potent auto-suggestive influence for counteracting negative patterns in subconsciousness."


For an example, here is from the 4th verse on the meditation on Aleph:

"I am the Fire of Mind

Which divideth itself

Into the Superior and Inferior natures,

And putteth on a robe of flesh

To come down.

I am the vital principle of all that is.

Nothing is that does not live,

And of that life I am the source.

As it is written:

"First the stone,

Then the plant,

Then the animal,

And then the man."

But before the stone, I am the FIRE,

Distributed equally in space,

Nowhere absent, filling all.

And before the Fire, hidden within it,

I am the pure KNOWING

Whence all forms flow forth."


Here's a link to the PDF:




Good find anon! It is my belief that Paul Foster Case was one of the most intelligent occultists of his time. His masterful knowledge of gematria was above and beyond everyone else. After reading his book The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, it was apparent that he knew his stuff on an intellectual level far beyond his contemporaries.



Article on Dr. Case along with mention of the origin of The Book of Tokens.


File: 1412043080675.jpg (36.09 KB, 458x425, 458:425, representme.jpg)


Sup /occult/, reading any good books lately?
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Last book I bought was Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum et Theosophicum put out by Weiser books. Haven't yet had the chance to dive far into it, been busy with other things now. According to the back side, Opus had a profound effect on Goethe, especially when writing Faust.


File: b3cbd1a0bea67df⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1821x2799, 607:933, SophiaMystical (1).jpg)

File: fb040cd22cd65c0⋯.pdf (1.68 MB, gurc.pdf)


The book is turning out to be very interesting. From the introduction by Lon Milo DuQuette, we find that the author Georg Von Welling was Director in the Baden-Durlacher Office of Building and Mines. This was an ideal place to work for someone with a keen interest in alchemy. Von Welling's work Opus would go on to not only influence Goethe, but also The Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross founded in 1750. This short period of time between the publication of Opus and foundation of the Golden and Rosy Cross follows DuQuette's assertion that Opus was the "primary instructional text" for the order, as well as the order's first degree lecture being based on the fourth section of Vol. 1 of Opus.

Being a Masonic organization, DuQuette goes on to speculate that the Golden and Rosy Cross's nine degree structure influenced the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, which in turn would cause the birth of the Golden Dawn. DuQuette further speculates that the Golden Dawn legend of the 'secret German Rosicrucian Order,' from which the mysterious Anna Sprengel emerges, may very well be this link back to Opus.

Now this is where my mind begins to race to understand the implications of this one book. Had Opus never been written, the current Magical/Occult scene would never exist. I would not even be typing this if this book did not come into creation. Even somewhat unrelated currents would not exist like Franz Bardon's work, Thelema, Aurum Solis, and Wicca. Chaos Magick would most likely appear completely different as the Fraternitas Saturni would never have formed, causing Frater U.D. to pick up some other hobby instead of meeting with Peter Carroll to form the IOT. The New Age revival starting in the 1960s, would have also taken on an almost solely Eastern flavor without this book. This book is unbelievable.



Not sure why the pdf icon is not displaying, at least on my end, for the file I attached on the Golden and Rosey Cross. It still works when you bring the cursor over it.


File: 3f690434adf802e⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 219x328, 219:328, f0493481cba58cea2a3fe9dc7c….jpg)

I've been reading a book by Gershom Scholem on the historical development of the ideas around Kabbalah, it is a very good volume (although somewhat dense given the number of sources and names referenced) which gives you an idea of where those ideas came from and how modern kabbalistic ideas are just a mixture of different traditions which have been combining through our history


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I have come across a lot of mentions of Scholem's work, but I haven't yet had a chance to read it. I am intrigued by the historical background that gave birth to the Kabbalah, so I will definitely have to pick it up eventually. As a side read, I have been working my way through the small 90+ page book Christian Kabbalah by Ernst Benz. It covers the development Christian Kabbalistic ideas by focusing on key players from the Renaissance and the rise of German pietism. One part that I found especially fascinating, was the chapter on Princess Antonia of Württemberg. She created a Kabbalistic Master Tablet, known as the Lehrtafel (teacher painting), which Ernst Benz gives a detailed analysis of in the last part of the book.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmIJ_EfGG-g (This German news video gives a nice closeup of her work.)

File: d50fbec66d8d3b4⋯.jpg (129.13 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Circuit-board-computer-sty….jpg)


Some months ago, I brought this topic up on 4Chan /x/ and was immediately ridiculed and basically ignored by everyone in the thread. I thought this odd and somewhat peculiar since the thread was a general thread for magick and occultism. Even the tripfags within the thread, the supposed "experts," basically ignored it.

The idea of the Goetia spirits representing circuits of the brain is not necessarily a new one. I have seen this topic brought up in forums over the years, with at least a little more receptive response. I had a decent hypothesis put down in that thread as the discussion moved on, but alas I lost most of my ideas when the thread died. I will try to build it back up and expound a little upon it if anyone is interested.

The idea doesn't sound as earth-shattering to me as it once did. The brain can do many marvelous things. Even parapsychology tries to understand the poltergeist like effects of emotional adolescents. From an outsider the poltergeist like effects seem to be the result of a 'spirit' instead of just the psychic disturbance of a troubled mind.




>Even the tripfags within the thread, the supposed "experts," basically ignored it.

Oh those hacks. They might have read many books and done a ritual or a few but when someone claims to be an expert on occult by using a nickname on an anonymous board to assert his authority on fucking 4chan to get praises from the plebs that dwell there, that's just prostituting the sacred arts.

Anyone can read many books and set candles on circle. To not brag about it is AT LEAST equally essential part of the process which these guys completely ignore.



This blog is insightful for detailing the philosophical arguments regarding the objectivity of the Goetia spirits.



I visit that board rarely anymore. Had some good times there but the tripfags were just one nail in the coffin that killed it off for me.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ITT Music that helps you set the atmosphere for your work.

14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Gattaca soundtrack has been one of my top favorites since I first saw the movie. This ending scene from the movie accompanying the score Departure, has always seemed to have a bit of alchemical significance to me. Ethan Hawke, who was born genetically "imperfect", evolved and transformed himself in order to be seen as one of "perfection." As Hawke's character has reached the pinnacle of mankind, he is allowed to depart Earth (Malkuth) for Titan. Titan is a moon of Saturn, and as Saturn pertains to Binah, Ethan travels across the abyss from duality to unity. Jude Law, who was born biologically "perfect" is not truly evolved. In order for him to "depart", he climbs into a furnace symbolic of the alchemist's athanor. After Jude Law climbs in, he places a gold medal upon around his neck, the last remaining memory of his Earthly ego. He gives it but a cursory glance before kicking on the switch to begin the alchemical process of calcination. In the end, both characters are departing Earth in order to return home.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In keeping with the same idea of "coming home" in Gattaca, this video containing scenes from 2001 accompanies Peter Schilling's Major Tom rather well. Dennis Hauck gives a lengthy translation of the alchemical symbolism within Kubrick's 2001, in his book Sorcerer's Stone: A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy. In Arthur C. Clarke's version of 2001, the original destination was supposed to be Saturn. However, Hauck mentions that Kubrick had to switch Jupiter for Saturn, only due to the fact that the special effects department at the time, was unable to recreate the rings of Saturn realistically.



I forgot to add that the gold medal that Jude Law wears, is also symbolic of alchemical Gold of the sphere Tiphareth. Tiphareth also pertains to the Christos and the theme of the sacrifice of the Ego. This placing of the medal, resting above his heart, is the final act for Jude's character. His sacrifice allows both to reach transcendence.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This music has been designed to help aid in circulation of chi throughout the body.

From the description:

"Chinese "Five Tones" Healing Music is based on the "Five Element" Theory in traditional Chinese medicine. This music is composed to regulate the circulation of "Chi" in the human body, improve the functions of internal organs, strengthen psychological condition, and stimulate emotional reaction in order to prevent and cure illness."



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 301b05c78987216⋯.png (237.56 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, cock.png)


Any comments or knowledge on masturbation/porn? I'v already reduced fapping a lot comparing to prior but is there some meaningful reasons to quit it or porn completely?

I am able to satisfy my carnal needs with my gf but the urge for jerking off to porn, most of the cases because of /b/, usually comes when she is not around. So far I have given up to the itch just so I can focus on something else and haven't done it more than once a day.

I'v heard and also believe that its equally regressive for spiritual progress or even risky to be too stoic as it is to completely surrender to lust. But there's something to it which I cannot quite grasp so


15 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Clearing psychological obstructions is fundamental to many things, "nofap" can definitely contribute to that.



Ok, I put more thought into this review during my 13 hour shift. For one thing this reviewer has read Frater U.D.'s book before, and despite the numerous other sigil techniques given in the book, still decides to rate it 2 stars. The reviewer goes on to say that the "release of sexual energy outside the kundalini of sexual congress causes havoc", and "also when having sex with a partner who does not know about these issues." This is basically implying that anytime someone were to have sex, that there would be tremendous havoc afterwards. Having sex outside of a specific form of Tantra does not cause chaos, or else we would have a lot less sex going on. My impression is that this reviewer has been warned by someone or some group that sex magick outside of whatever the reviewer practices is deemed as 'bad.' If this was seriously the case, we would have heard of this way before. Sex magick in the West has been detailed since the mid-1800s at the very least, without any description similar to this review. Sorry if my thoughts and words are all over the place. I am tired and want to go to bed.



I view occultism as a way of life that covers everything.

Mumbling latin phrases in the middle of the night at candle light and thick incense smoke is just more obvious than tidiness and feng shui of your apartment or when did you last speak with your mom or what food is good for you or whether you should or not watch porn but they are all equally relevant and you shouldn't do that first thing if all those other "lesser" things are not in check. So in a way the topic at hand is even more important than those mysterious phrases.

- OP



>is even more important

…or can be, depending on your stage of development but you get the point



Mental and physical health has to take predominance to the work, or else everything proceeds sluggishly or haphazardly. I will be the first to admit that many times I have let my health deteriorate, and not surprising my practice would fall apart soon after.

File: 1414160630993.jpg (106.73 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1413704794442.jpg)


In the Middle Pillar ritual, as described by Regardie, he mentions circulation from Malkuth up to Kether as an inhale and Kether down to Malkuth as an exhale.

I would've thought it'd be opposite - as in, inhale (inspiration) from Kether and exhale (expiration) from Malkuth, generally?

Can either be used, with different purposes? If so, anyone care to elaborate on how they use/interpret this?

Personally, I actually find inhaling from Malkuth to give better results, so far as feelings of well-being go (makes one feel taller), but according to Blavatsky (IIRC), one should always draw first from Kether.
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is there anyway to perform the MP without the hebrew god names?

will it have the same effect if you use other deities?

Also what if you have trouble visualizing the light?

mine is not bright enough.



I think all this technology is plagiarized from the Egyptian mystery schools, after offcourse changing the power words and names with hebrew ones.



>is there anyway to perform the MP without the hebrew god names?

>will it have the same effect if you use other deities?

Yes and yes. Just remember that the Tree of Life is really just a map. As a map you can overlay whatever pantheon you wish over it. Here is a link from the resource thread which gives gods/godesses from other pantheons to the corresponding sephiroth. Just click on the sephirot within the TOL in the upper left.


>Also what if you have trouble visualizing the light?

mine is not bright enough.

Just keep practicing without beating yourself up over it in the beginning. Don't fret about it too much or else doubt may begin to interfere with your intent. Your mind will move the energy even if you cannot see it well enough. You will develop the ability the more you practice.



A lot of the Western Mystery Tradition is indebted to the Egyptians. The Perennial Philosophy is a constant distillation of spiritual currents from many places. As for the power words, you can replace them with Egyptian ones if you like, as in the Thelemic version of the Middle Pillar.



In reference to >>753, it appears that there may be a connection with the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross and the Middle Pillar. This forum discussion mentions the possibility of an old German document from the early 1500s belonging to the Order, which gave an early version of the Middle Pillar ritual in Latin and Hebrew. The Golden and Rosy Cross is just full of surprises.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Eugene Burger passed away on August 8th at the age of 78. He was one of the best Bizarre Magic magicians, as well as a student of the occult. Eugene worked closely with Jeff McBride, who is also a practicing hermeticist.

There have been a number of occultists in the past that were magicians as well. Franz Bardon and Paul Foster Case are two well-known occultists from the recent past that were also practicing magicians. Magic as an art form was almost inseparable from occultism when we go back into the distant past. Even the late 19th and early 20th century magicians paid homage to their esoteric roots by having elaborate posters depicting them as mages and mystics. The earliest card decks were also used in similar divinatory fasion as their tarot sibling.

I have always held the opinion that magical practice can help build imagination and creativity, as well as allowing your work to be shared with others in way that is much more receptive. Bizarre Magic and Mentalism are the two schools that lean closest to occultism. Bizarre Magic uses elements of the occult as well as storytelling in the ability to move from sleight-of-hand to sleight-of-mind.





I think Alan Moore nails the head in describing what makes a magician. Eugene Burger was far above being a just a cheap entertainer or manipulator, he was a Bard in fullest sense that Moore describes. Eugene Burger sought transformation, and that is truly what magic is.



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>Eugene worked closely with Jeff McBride

I don't know of any other big magicians outside of Mcbride that are interested in occultism now. I like Mcbride, but I could watch Burger's performance endlessly. F for Eugene.



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