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An unofficial Android app for 8chan and 4chan


Winner of the 32sd Attention-Hungry Games
/animu/ - Anime and Otaku Culture

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Omnichan, an unofficial 8chan / 4chan app
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c64306 No.235[Reply]

I just finished adding 420chan to the app, and it should be in the next release once I finish some other features/fixes and test it out. In the meantime, I thought I'd ask you all if there's any other chans you'd like added!

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966a3f No.735

Spooky pics

55cdc0 No.86[Reply]

Version 1.18 rolling out soon! 20 Feb 2018

Thank you for the birthday wishes and the nice reviews! You all helped the app's rating improve, and seeing all that feedback was really nice <3

- Added a board list, so you can see what boards are available and add by clicking on one. To use, click 'Show Boards' when adding a board

- Added "Add All" to boards list, so you can add all boards, if you so desire

- Appbar / toolbar now hides when you scroll in a catalog / thread

- Fixed UI issue where KitKat devices using a dark theme had trouble seeing the post options menu

- Fixed UI issue where a 404 or unable to connect error message would show in the background of the catalog

- Hopefully fixed a bug that was causing some devices to crash when attempting to view images

- Fixed issue where Chromebooks would crash upon starting the app, the app will now run on Chromebooks

Thanks for using Omnichan!

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dba270 No.597

14 Feb 2018 - Version 1.17 rolling out!

- Multi reply/quote added! To use, just hit back when replying, and then pick another post to reply to

- App now remembers your name (per board) if you post using a name

- Hitting back before posting a reply now saves your reply for later

- Fixed bug that wouldn't let you view images when 1000+ were in a thread

- Added 'open in browser' to thread menu

- Keyboard now shows automatically when adding a board

Thanks for using Omnichan!

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File: dff8af73a8568cd⋯.png (3.62 MB, 2125x3770, 425:754, OmnichanScreenshot_framed.png)

cb0162 No.44[Reply]

This board serves as a place for posting feedback, bugs, feature requests and anything related to the Omnichan app

I like hearing from users, and I want you all to not hate me or the app, so I'll do my best to fix bugs and get new features out for you all


1. Give me feedback please, or just stop in and say hi

2. Tell your friends

3. Keep it SFW please

When posting a bug, please include:

- What model phone you have

- What version Android you run

- What version of Omnichan you have

- Any other info that might help, example: if the bug only happens on some boards, let me know which boards.


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142472 No.734[Reply]

May I ask If this is in development?

The other 4chan apps are far inferior in terms of speed stability UI and settings.

But the best thing about being on mobile for me is the reply notifications. Is it planned?

I also suggest being able to scroll with the UI scroll bar while going through a thread.

a3574a No.733[Reply]

Hi there, great app for browsing while in bed but have a problem.

Running this on an old Hudl2 tablet running Android 5.1, when I try to set the download folder to be on the SD card, it can't create any files. Works fine on internal storage though.

6e9123 No.620[Reply]

Playing webm videos is totally broken on Android 8.1. (Nokia 8). Please test this.

Most webms won't even play. If they do start, they hang when you pause. They don't auto play either.

81d25d No.711

Same phone as you, no issues

6e9123 No.712


Somehow I don't experience the issue anymore. However the app crashes sometimes now when viewing an image.

774fd5 No.730


Hmm, happens to me sometimes as well now.

Not always, but sometimes, usually on bigger threads with more images

774fd5 No.731

(same lv anon as before just not on mobile network)

feb252 No.718[Reply]

Hi, I've been out of town and working with real life stuff, so I haven't had time to fix the crashes some of you are having.

I will have a bug fix this week though, so thanks for your patience

8e3c3f No.729

No problem, take your time

File: 777d21831d02cac⋯.jpg (90.56 KB, 721x465, 721:465, 1520110325680.jpg)

c5d8f3 No.725[Reply]

I am coming from mimi and I like Omni well enough to make it my preferred chan app. I just have a few requests.

Can we get a toggle to mute webm audio by default? I would also prefer to tap an image in a board catalog and then scroll through the images in that thread as oppposed to the current behavior of tapping an image and then scrolling through all first post images. Otherwise this is a great app. Keep up the good work.

d4a312 No.724[Reply]

Not seeing any NSFW material…… I've already enabled NSFW on the app settings

21d9e2 No.722[Reply]

Did anyone knows how to change the emoji style on android 8.0?

File: 1838f7603331a37⋯.png (189.14 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180317-120843.png)

209f0f No.714[Reply]

Greetings Omnichan Dev, first-time user of any imageboard app here. I don't know if you're aware, but there's been some recent drama on 8/v/ that's causing a mass Exodus to 8/vg/. An Exodus isn't anything new at this point but now I've just become so fed-up with the splintering of users across different boards and chans and hoped to find a solution in your app, but unfortunately the solution I seek isn't here. What I desire is a feature I've only ever found on https://catalog.neet.tv/digest.html , and that is the ability to pull different boards I browse into one catalog, and make different groups for those boards. Back when I browsed 4chan, I would have a group just for the boards for video games, and then groups for all the other boards I browsed, like /ck/ and /mu/. This feature has been absent on every catalog I've ever seen, and the closest thing to it is the Nerve Center feature here, that as far as I know, does not allow me to curate which boards I want to browse. If you can implement this feature, I will happily purchase your app. I don't know if it would be possible to implement it with cross-site functionality but if you do I'd be ecstatic. Thank you in advance.

209f0f No.717

File: 805c63751551970⋯.png (18.53 KB, 1080x85, 216:17, Screenshot_20180317-132338….png)

File: 88b943adcd43137⋯.png (13.09 KB, 1080x74, 540:37, Screenshot_20180317-132120….png)

Also, I much prefer absolute timestamps, as they give insight as to when the posts were made should they be screencapped; if you could also create an option to use absolute timestamps it would be much appreciated.

209f0f No.721

5bcc75 No.720[Reply]

Anyway to make tripcodes on posts bold?

92bd0d No.681[Reply]

Galaxy s8 half the time I open an image it force closes my app? Any fix

572166 No.682


Can you send me an example of an image that does this? I've been trying to track this bug down and it would help to know.

I think updating my image library cause this, so I can revert it and it should fix too. Give me a day or two

e173c5 No.695

I have a moto z force and I'm experiencing the same problems.

d197ee No.708

File: 308ef0435c90b54⋯.jpg (123.55 KB, 1236x1302, 206:217, Screenshot_20180315-013946….jpg)

File: 819a4d89d5223ab⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 891x4271, 891:4271, Screenshot_20180315-014015….jpg)


This happened on my S8 now S9…hope the attached images help you track it down ;)

1c26e5 No.713


Same issue Nokia 8

3fcd4e No.719


Yeah sorry gimmie a few more days. Haven't had time to work on the app for a couple weeks. Shoot me an email with a specific thread/post though if you'd like. Would help a lot

dbf9f9 No.706[Reply]

Hey,is there any space related chan?

File: ca3ed9509af3bdc⋯.png (67.79 KB, 250x272, 125:136, 525402fa02b60c8aa91f158905….png)

c1e084 No.705[Reply]

Error you might be a bot in wiz and lain.

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