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Omnichan, an unofficial 8chan / 4chan app
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c64306  No.235[Reply]

I just finished adding 420chan to the app, and it should be in the next release once I finish some other features/fixes and test it out. In the meantime, I thought I'd ask you all if there's any other chans you'd like added!

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7e4b34  No.2006


File: fc7016060aa277b⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, depositphotos_112287524-st….jpg)

148b98  No.1230[Reply]

Working on a FAQ, if you have a question, or think there's something that I should add to the FAQ, reply to this post!

Do not ask for features or report bugs in this thread, start a new thread for that.

Can you add X feature?

Sure! Email me by clicking 'Send feedback' in the app menu (top left button)

Why haven't you added X feature?

I'm likely working on it :) I work on this app when I have the time too, and sometimes real world stuff has to come first, so please be patient if I get busy having to do other things first. I promise I will not abandon this app, and will always keep the updates coming.

Why haven't you replied to my thread/email yet?

Because I have forgotten or haven't gotten to it yet. If it's been more than a week, feel free to email me again or bump the thread. I sometimes overlook threads by mistake, sorry!

How do I add a board?

Hit the plus button on the bottom right on the home screen. You can then pick your imageboard/site of choice, and either enter the board, or click 'See All' to see a list of available boards.

How do I rearrange boards I put on the home screen?

Click and drag the four bar icon on the right of the name. You can also long press and drag anywhere on the name.

How do I remove a board that I added?

Swipe left on the board. Note, you need to be in list mode (default) to do this.

Why can't I see X board on the list of boards?

Make sure you go into settings and click 'Show NSFW boards'

How do I change the theme? / How do I change the text color?

Go into settings, and click "Theme & view customizPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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79897a  No.1941


How to post? What is option?

21dd97  No.1384[Reply]

Sorry for the radio silence and lack of updates. I'll start giving you quality updates again soon! And I'll get reply to all your emails and posts soon


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37d748  No.1879

hey this is a really cool project guys

i just accidentally'D my way over here, but keep up the good work.

dont have a phone myself but im sure plenty of people will get a lot of mileage outta this. ive heard countless people say theyve been looking for exactly this for a while now. most imageboards in general a shit, but theres always one or two good boards somewhere, but browsing through like four chans just to get to the stuff you want is often too much of a hassle.

good idea and good work, and though i dont have a way to use it myself ill spread the good word

PS hope ur not ded and its just a maymay

55cdc0  No.86[Reply]

Version 1.23 rolling out! 1 June 2018

- Sub folder for saving images added. You can now sort saved images by board, site, and thread. Check it out in settings!

- Fixed posting on Wizchan/Lainchan. You won't see server errors anymore or the "You look like a bot" error. So you can post without issue

- Added gesture controls to the gallery. Swiping up or down will close an image/video now. You can disable this in app settings if you don't like it.

- Fixed a possible memory leak

- UI tweaks and bug fixes

More features coming soon, thanks for using Omnichan!

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86549f  No.1215

21 May 2018 - Version 1.22 rolling out!

- Swipe to go back has been added!

- Fixed bug where spoilers wouldn't show in bookmark manager while using public browsing mode

- Bug fixed where creating a new thread would not automatically bookmark, when it should have

More features coming soon, thanks for using Omnichan!

File: dff8af73a8568cd⋯.png (3.62 MB, 2125x3770, 425:754, OmnichanScreenshot_framed.png)

cb0162  No.44[Reply]

This board serves as a place for posting feedback, bugs, feature requests and anything related to the Omnichan app

I like hearing from users, and I want you all to not hate me or the app, so I'll do my best to fix bugs and get new features out for you all


1. Give me feedback please, or just stop in and say hi

2. Tell your friends

3. Keep it SFW please

When posting a bug, please include:

- What model phone you have

- What version Android you run

- What version of Omnichan you have

- Any other info that might help, example: if the bug only happens on some boards, let me know which boards.


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31a61b  No.1897[Reply]

























3969f1  No.1919

Can't decode it. What's the message anon?

deb840  No.1972


7857df  No.1976


Can I get a key???

244895  No.2015


I see you

244895  No.2016


File: 3bdbc34fcf90291⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 3072x4096, 3:4, 20190115_232355.jpg)

fa4afe  No.1889[Reply]

Am i ugly as fuck? What can i do about it (if anything)

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467d4c  No.1911

File: 2db7556566889a5⋯.jpg (25.16 KB, 564x544, 141:136, images-4.jpg)


Is you good fam?

0ac03c  No.2000


You look perfectly fine OP.

I don't know where you got the idea that you're ugly as fuck. But you ought to get over that ASAP

6f9717  No.2012

At least you're not on /b posting pictures of your dick and begging for feet pictures… you look fine.

f688f4  No.2013


I've seen married men who look like you

Why are so many 6-7/10s incels anyway

512fc0  No.2014


Kill yourself

File: b906738f8e61100⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 564x773, 564:773, SPOILER_.jpg)

2cd6a9  No.2011[Reply]

Send images or anything here that is about the weirdest shit you ever found here in the internet.

Stuff differs from images, webm, websites and the list goes on and on. Just send anything here that you found on the internet. That's all.

File: fe0a2bd9766452b⋯.jpg (29.3 KB, 660x574, 330:287, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41….jpg)

58985c  No.1607[Reply]

>BE me 14 y/o

>Have two younger siblings

>parents make me take my little brothers everywhere and the fuckers are very annoying

>one is a fat fuck (10 y/o) and the other ones pretty chill (8 y/o)

>lets call the fat cunt fc and the chill one co

>one day co comes up to me and says that he wants to play table tennis

>agree and mom tells me to take fc with us

>go to fc's room and tell him to join us in reply he asks if can play on my ps4

>say no and fucker starts crying and then goes to mom like a little bitch and tells her i wont let him play(didnt say what i did not let him play)

>mom goes full psycho on me and says that fc needs physical exercise and i should let him play

>tell her its not table tennis

>then she says shes sorry and tells fc to either play table tennis or go to his room

>if the cunt wasnt a huge beta he would have probably had his first kiss like co

>witnessed co kiss a girl when he was 7 with my own eyes while fc was playing games on dads phone

>start playing with co and he is pretty at his height might have been pretty hard

>ping pong ball falls of table and he goes to pick it up

>hits his eye at the corner of the table pretty fucking hard and i run to him

>his eyes are watery but he does not cry proud of having a fucking man of a brother

>sound was pretty loud so mom comes in his eye was kind of swollen and red mom goes omg! Anon what happened and i explain the situation

>mom say i should have been more careful and should have protected my brother.so what am i supposed see the future and move at the speed of light?

>brother backs me up and says its not my fault fucking love my little bro

>fc comes to the garage crying and says that he hiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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6afa53  No.1914


This is just amazing

a70b4c  No.1918

Okay, I got one.

>be me

>be only child

37e868  No.1979

File: 9bad7ce3d8fbcfe⋯.png (476.21 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, 213116524803022019071348.png)


>Who would read this shit???


>fuck off

729df0  No.2009

File: 07a6e00076a3160⋯.jpg (398.26 KB, 1440x1209, 480:403, Screenshot_20181213-124836.jpg)

I have one

>be me

>17 y/o

>have cute lizard since I was 6

>she barely eats or does anything at all

>I forget to feed it for 5 days

>seems fine

>my brother 14 y/o whiny fortnite playing autistic cunt (lets call him ac) asks if he can have my lizard

>"um ok"

>moves her terrarium and heat lamp to his room while they lazy fuck cries about losing the victory royale


>puts lizard in cage

>1 week later

>I check on lizard



>I tell my brother

>He says "did you feed it"

>"no what the fuck she was yours now"

>ac says "yeah but its not like I knew to feed her"

>"and you didnt even ask me"

>ac begins to cry

>Dad walks in

>"Whats happening"

>I tell him that I gave ac my lizard because he wanted it and that he though I would still be in charge of feeding her

>Dad calls ac an autistic cunt


>My sides are on the floor

>Dad makes my brother prepare a coffin for the lizard

>just before closing the casket

>Lizard wakes up


>my dad goes to ac room and grabs his PC and keeps it

>I feed the lizard and bring her back to health

>Dad orders ac to go into his room for being retarded

>I havent heard fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

c20024  No.2010



breddy gud story

File: ba772b6d5b26d38⋯.jpg (317.61 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Wrench-8c22d4e4-8ee2-4792-….jpg)

4072fd  No.2001[Reply]

How to find stuff in this app (yes stuff like violence and porn )

7414da  No.2008

Go on /b/, just add it under the 4chan section. Then you wait for other people to make a porn/violence thread, then you download everything you like. Now you too can start a violence/porn thread. But before you do search for a existing one. Thats all

5b45ed  No.2007[Reply]

Can we please get a better you are banned message? Its annoying to have to go on the website to see and agree that you are/where banned. Can we please get this fixen/improved

File: 85b40412c426f70⋯.png (90.76 KB, 387x379, 387:379, unnamed.png)

c83b99  No.2003[Reply]

>be me

>havent been on 4chan for 2 years

>decide to go on /b/

>enter url

>11 y/o cousin behind me, watching

>doesnt know what 4chan is, normiefag

>page loading

>remember /b/ is full of porn


>page loads

>hit alt f4 at the speed of light, about half a second after the page loads

>cousin still saw

>laughing like a dyke


why are you faggots like this

d2c730  No.2004


792f52  No.2005

File: 8f4aac91ef6c3bb⋯.png (32.14 KB, 685x723, 685:723, 8f4.png)


cb1252  No.1991[Reply]

If you are confused to how to check out actual boards from actual 4chan try using these.

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

/b/ - Random

/r9k/ - ROBOT9001

/adv/ - Advice

/s4s/ - Shit 4chan Says!

/x/ - Paranormal

/int/ - International!

/his/ - History and stuff

/f/ - Flash

/vr/ - retro games

/k/ - weapons

/bant/ - International / Random

That's probably the ones I'm most commonly there so try it out.

48e3e7  No.1994


Idu do I search this?

f36236  No.1995


No. You have to just add that board. That's all.

114daa  No.2002

File: d1d0bbe4c2e5fde⋯.jpeg (8.12 KB, 228x221, 228:221, images.jpeg)

>be you, new anon

>dont know the boards


File: e8a36ad3741923e⋯.jpg (114.78 KB, 1600x1142, 800:571, f8b258b.jpg)

8d504c  No.1693[Reply]

I was signed into my pass with a vpn but i wanna use it without one, but when i tried to log in again without the vpn on it just said the connection failed even though i am connected online. Help? Pic unrelated.

8d504c  No.1694

Cant even log in without vpn disabled now. I tried restarting my phone tom

8d504c  No.1696


8d504c  No.1699

Where is the goddamn dev of this help me you faggot.

b12993  No.1810


43f62f  No.1999

Same issue with me

File: 632d04d73354d0d⋯.jpg (7.84 KB, 240x180, 4:3, 8_q85.jpg)

File: a709884744cbb93⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 693x407, 63:37, black-on-white-thumbnails-….jpg)

feb382  No.1987[Reply]


14f87f  No.1998

Bix nood

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