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Omnichan, an unofficial 8chan / 4chan app
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c64306  No.235[Reply]

I just finished adding 420chan to the app, and it should be in the next release once I finish some other features/fixes and test it out. In the meantime, I thought I'd ask you all if there's any other chans you'd like added!

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5583cd  No.1732

I recommend you should add chan websites of different languages, such as 2chan or karachan

21dd97  No.1384[Reply]

Sorry for the radio silence and lack of updates. I'll start giving you quality updates again soon! And I'll get reply to all your emails and posts soon


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dc4329  No.1716


Fuck up dan

File: fc7016060aa277b⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, depositphotos_112287524-st….jpg)

148b98  No.1230[Reply]

Working on a FAQ, if you have a question, or think there's something that I should add to the FAQ, reply to this post!

Do not ask for features or report bugs in this thread, start a new thread for that.

Can you add X feature?

Sure! Email me by clicking 'Send feedback' in the app menu (top left button)

Why haven't you added X feature?

I'm likely working on it :) I work on this app when I have the time too, and sometimes real world stuff has to come first, so please be patient if I get busy having to do other things first. I promise I will not abandon this app, and will always keep the updates coming.

Why haven't you replied to my thread/email yet?

Because I have forgotten or haven't gotten to it yet. If it's been more than a week, feel free to email me again or bump the thread. I sometimes overlook threads by mistake, sorry!

How do I add a board?

Hit the plus button on the bottom right on the home screen. You can then pick your imageboard/site of choice, and either enter the board, or click 'See All' to see a list of available boards.

How do I rearrange boards I put on the home screen?

Click and drag the four bar icon on the right of the name. You can also long press and drag anywhere on the name.

How do I remove a board that I added?

Swipe left on the board. Note, you need to be in list mode (default) to do this.

Why can't I see X board on the list of boards?

Make sure you go into settings and click 'Show NSFW boards'

How do I change the theme? / How do I change the text color?

Go into settings, and click "Theme & view customizPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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807a30  No.1697


Why is the app always crashing my phone?

Why can't I save posts with replies to a certain time? Or why do posts get 404 are they for real getting deleted blocked or what ever so often?

But most importantly pls make the crashes stop! (Galaxy s7 edge)

Also make this app more private for example by making it normal that you can't see what is going in the app when u tab out (gallery vault does it, so u can see what I mean)

55cdc0  No.86[Reply]

Version 1.23 rolling out! 1 June 2018

- Sub folder for saving images added. You can now sort saved images by board, site, and thread. Check it out in settings!

- Fixed posting on Wizchan/Lainchan. You won't see server errors anymore or the "You look like a bot" error. So you can post without issue

- Added gesture controls to the gallery. Swiping up or down will close an image/video now. You can disable this in app settings if you don't like it.

- Fixed a possible memory leak

- UI tweaks and bug fixes

More features coming soon, thanks for using Omnichan!

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86549f  No.1215

21 May 2018 - Version 1.22 rolling out!

- Swipe to go back has been added!

- Fixed bug where spoilers wouldn't show in bookmark manager while using public browsing mode

- Bug fixed where creating a new thread would not automatically bookmark, when it should have

More features coming soon, thanks for using Omnichan!

File: dff8af73a8568cd⋯.png (3.62 MB, 2125x3770, 425:754, OmnichanScreenshot_framed.png)

cb0162  No.44[Reply]

This board serves as a place for posting feedback, bugs, feature requests and anything related to the Omnichan app

I like hearing from users, and I want you all to not hate me or the app, so I'll do my best to fix bugs and get new features out for you all


1. Give me feedback please, or just stop in and say hi

2. Tell your friends

3. Keep it SFW please

When posting a bug, please include:

- What model phone you have

- What version Android you run

- What version of Omnichan you have

- Any other info that might help, example: if the bug only happens on some boards, let me know which boards.


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f3186e  No.1731[Reply]

So you're reading an active discussion. You're naturally scrolled all the way down. To refresh, you have to drag it back up a little to hit the refresh circle at the top, or scroll to the top and drag down to refresh.

Why not drag up from the bottom to refresh?

This would keep you at the bottom, and be much easier in an active conversation.


File: d9941ba82e6f575⋯.jpg (173.23 KB, 1280x1827, 1280:1827, RMCFco4.jpg)

693431  No.1711[Reply]

k k k umiko thread?

693431  No.1712

File: 2013ac081bf585a⋯.jpg (18.75 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 1pms0oiv4dmz.jpg)

693431  No.1713

File: 7aba81fdfcd3fe0⋯.jpg (86.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1vy6qzm42akz.jpg)


92bf11  No.1730

Fuck off

3adb00  No.1709[Reply]

Im from Germany and the language lf of the app is German, but i want the language to be english, where can i change it?

af2837  No.1729


45046f  No.1724[Reply]

This lady drinks all day and smokes weed and cocaine

c08e51  No.1725

File: 0adf51cb5c0d604⋯.jpg (14.48 KB, 236x238, 118:119, IMG_20181126_213459.jpg)


528075  No.1728


Nypa kid now leave.

9cf97d  No.1695[Reply]

Can we get rid off retarded captchas that interrupt everytime we post

d98a7b  No.1700


Fuck you

d98a7b  No.1701

I am new here

3656a1  No.1727



130e6b  No.1674[Reply]

December 3rd. Loretta lynch testifies.

Carpet bomb.

December 4th. James Comey testifies.

Carpet bomb.

December 5th. John Huber testifies.


After the 5th. Have your popcorn ready. There will be pain and tears. But everything will be brought to the light. We will all hear and see the truth.


0af3c2  No.1679

I seriously doubt it


fdfb36  No.1706

Have your popcorn ready to watch them ignore it on mocking bird media?…Have your tissue ready

4a7b99  No.1721

LBJ had President JFK assasinated this is a fact! A great President taken out by an angry domestic coward.

4a7b99  No.1722


JFK assasination facts! Have not reached alot of mainstream America yet…….Why?

4a7b99  No.1723


It is out & you were right……Totally ignored

File: 8406237d6e2f307⋯.jpg (52.05 KB, 607x720, 607:720, 526c2f986ff6c1802ff0c92a68….jpg)

b04eda  No.1667[Reply]


28e6f8  No.1720

So much truth in this statement!

9ac613  No.1719[Reply]

Would it be possible to add a setting that if turned on not downloads a picture a second time even if you click on download again.

File: 5035dfeb1643242⋯.jpg (8.35 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1506655683035.jpg)

38b68d  No.1510[Reply]

Tu madre guasta los huevos de changos

743783  No.1718

>>1510 get out of here fucking beaner

9f945b  No.1717[Reply]

I cant save anything be it images, gifs, or webms. I am running 1.23.2 on a galaxy tab4 with android 5.1.1. I paid for the pro version but it was the basic version i was using that made me decide to upgrade and ever since i did its been fighting me.

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