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An unofficial Android app for 8chan and 4chan


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Omnichan, an unofficial 8chan / 4chan app
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c64306 No.235[Reply]

I just finished adding 420chan to the app, and it should be in the next release once I finish some other features/fixes and test it out. In the meantime, I thought I'd ask you all if there's any other chans you'd like added!

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d73b2e No.1263

Spacechan and mewch

File: fc7016060aa277b⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, depositphotos_112287524-st….jpg)

148b98 No.1230[Reply]

Working on a FAQ, if you have a question, or think there's something that I should add to the FAQ, reply to this post!

Do not ask for features or report bugs in this thread, start a new thread for that.

Can you add X feature?

Sure! Email me by clicking 'Send feedback' in the app menu (top left button)

Why haven't you added X feature?

I'm likely working on it :) I work on this app when I have the time too, and sometimes real world stuff has to come first, so please be patient if I get busy having to do other things first. I promise I will not abandon this app, and will always keep the updates coming.

Why haven't you replied to my thread/email yet?

Because I have forgotten or haven't gotten to it yet. If it's been more than a week, feel free to email me again or bump the thread. I sometimes overlook threads by mistake, sorry!

How do I add a board?

Hit the plus button on the bottom right on the home screen. You can then pick your imageboard/site of choice, and either enter the board, or click 'See All' to see a list of available boards.

How do I rearrange boards I put on the home screen?

Click and drag the four bar icon on the right of the name. You can also long press and drag anywhere on the name.

How do I remove a board that I added?

Swipe left on the board. Note, you need to be in list mode (default) to do this.

Why can't I see X board on the list of boards?

Make sure you go into settings and click 'Show NSFW boards'

How do I change the theme? / How do I change the text color?

Go into settings, and click "Theme & view customizPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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8c5210 No.1258

Dev is king. Many thanks.

55cdc0 No.86[Reply]

Version 1.23 rolling out! 1 June 2018

- Sub folder for saving images added. You can now sort saved images by board, site, and thread. Check it out in settings!

- Fixed posting on Wizchan/Lainchan. You won't see server errors anymore or the "You look like a bot" error. So you can post without issue

- Added gesture controls to the gallery. Swiping up or down will close an image/video now. You can disable this in app settings if you don't like it.

- Fixed a possible memory leak

- UI tweaks and bug fixes

More features coming soon, thanks for using Omnichan!

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86549f No.1215

21 May 2018 - Version 1.22 rolling out!

- Swipe to go back has been added!

- Fixed bug where spoilers wouldn't show in bookmark manager while using public browsing mode

- Bug fixed where creating a new thread would not automatically bookmark, when it should have

More features coming soon, thanks for using Omnichan!

File: dff8af73a8568cd⋯.png (3.62 MB, 2125x3770, 425:754, OmnichanScreenshot_framed.png)

cb0162 No.44[Reply]

This board serves as a place for posting feedback, bugs, feature requests and anything related to the Omnichan app

I like hearing from users, and I want you all to not hate me or the app, so I'll do my best to fix bugs and get new features out for you all


1. Give me feedback please, or just stop in and say hi

2. Tell your friends

3. Keep it SFW please

When posting a bug, please include:

- What model phone you have

- What version Android you run

- What version of Omnichan you have

- Any other info that might help, example: if the bug only happens on some boards, let me know which boards.


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8dabfa No.1269[Reply]

1. Can the reply feature not cover the whole screen, instead just a part of it?

2. Long press for copying

I'll think of more, but currently I only have these two suggestions

8dabfa No.1270

3. Slide thread feature;when we close a thread it may remain active by the side of the screen so we can scroll freely without completely closing the aforementioned thread

8dabfa No.1271

4. Fix the 420chan reply bug

File: 5030ef3572a98dc⋯.jpg (86.22 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1529008573248.jpg)

2ade8e No.1264[Reply]

Is there an easier way to clear out bookmarks then going into every individual thread and un-starring it? Clover has a feature where you can just swipe them away. I have a bunch of 404d threads but can't be bothered to go through and delete every one individuallly

ba3744 No.1268


Tap the 'Bookmarked Threads' title (next to the x) and you can swipe them away.

I'm using the Nav Drawer layout in android, which doesn't let you swipe, but I will try to add it

File: 2b6090bd12138ef⋯.png (63.32 KB, 1027x1060, 1027:1060, oc_celebration_apu_pepe.png)

861440 No.1009[Reply]

Omnichan hit 50,000 downloads last week

Omnichan hit the 50k milestone last week, so I just wanted to thank you all. I started work on this about a year ago because another app had a bug that never got fixed, so I decided to try to make my own app. I was pretty scared to release it because I didn't know if people would like it, so it really does mean a lot that so many of you use it and (hopefully) like it. I honestly didn't think it would hit this mark for a long time, so I'm very humbled by your support. Thank you for all being so nice and friendly, and having good ideas, and being understanding when there are bugs. Also, this is a side project, so please know that while I do my best, I sometimes have to put real life things first, so if I go missing, don't reply to you, or don't update the app for a while, rest assured that I'm just busy, and that I didn't abandon this app. There's still a lot I plan to do with it.

It makes me very happy that so many of you like the app, so I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and while I know it isn't perfect, I hope future updates make it closer to being do


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861440 No.1091


Oh wow! Thanks dude! Also, I just realized I need to add Mod/Admin flair to this app :)

596450 No.1102

Just found your app the day before this post went up. Free version sold me after flailing hopelessly with Exodus and Ororboros. Enjoy the 99 cents; you earned it.

c87d51 No.1104


Congrats on the 50k. Keep up the good work and you'll be at 100k in no time

9effa1 No.1141

File: bc08b4f59c63271⋯.jpg (43.15 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 151098190018.jpg)


9db018 No.1267

File: 4fe3e942a70f721⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 500x280, 25:14, MEAndromedaOnlyHuman.webm)

Cool and good

File: 87bb32766cc8054⋯.png (57.55 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-06-07-09-0….png)

15adb5 No.1236[Reply]

I got blocked from posting on 4chan, I grt this error.

I've onlt made a habdful of posts and none of them seemed to warrant a ban, so I'm wondering if this was a bug with the app or if I'm just really unlucky.

495a63 No.1248


4chan has a very sensitive pussy and is tired of having to police mobile carriers and certain IPs, so they just ban entire IP blocks.

It's fucking ridiculous because the only way to fix the issue is a VPN/Proxy or buy a fucking 4chan pass.

2fbd1c No.1250


They hate my VPN :(

dd39fe No.1266

This has happened to me. A VPN doesn't do anything.

File: 88979fadd76dde3⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 317x454, 317:454, _20180606_120016.JPG)

e34e71 No.1254[Reply]

Played gmod one time….. Then my friends sent me this……

80e745 No.1256

File: c08f0183919ae69⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 423x234, 47:26, 1528854105151.gif)

7996d9 No.1265


That's actually a gmod pm you can get.

602269 No.1262[Reply]

Please add spacechan and mewch and any more chans

File: 0c5d2b478f03cb5⋯.png (752.59 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171225-001521.png)

395ad2 No.1251[Reply]

I personally have been finding the 4chan capchas to be a pain in the ass on mobile. Are there any tricks to make them more forgot besides the pass?

395ad2 No.1252


*Make them more forgiving

04eefb No.1259


Not that I know of, sadly. Legacy CAPTCHA is dead too, so that's no longer an option. Try to not switch IPs too much, and don't use a VPN or Proxy (I've found TOR nodes and certain proxies result in tougher / more CAPTCHAs).

I personally just ended up getting the pass, since the captchas were a pain for my shitquality posting

File: 1b68bd4cc2fe357⋯.png (415.05 KB, 646x438, 323:219, Benchmark.png)

dc6d00 No.1257[Reply]

Why is it that I can't select text from a post? Having to use the quote option just to copy certain text from a big post is a big pain. Also faggot ops who greentext a link prevents a hyperlink from being created.

File: 7ff153faccf3cf4⋯.jpg (117.8 KB, 1439x257, 1439:257, Screenshot_20180615-222334….jpg)

50acd9 No.1255[Reply]

Noticed a little glitch with names on /bant/.

When someone has a really long name it seems to overlap the post number and time. Doesn't really bother me, just figured I'd let you know.

File: 87bb32766cc8054⋯.png (57.55 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-06-07-09-0….png)

ae6f5e No.1237[Reply]

I got blocked from posting on 4chan, I grt this error.

I've only made a handful of posts and none of them seemed to warrant a ban, so I'm wondering if this was a bug with the app or if I'm just really unlucky.

428e3a No.1241


Go to 4chan.org/banned and let me know what it says

428e3a No.1242


Oh wait nevermind. How are you posting? Cell? VPN? University WiFi? Looks like someone else was doing sketchy stuff on the network and 4chan blocked the IP range as a precaution.

Try posting on the mobile site using the same connection to double check. IIRC, buying a 4chan pass lets you post from a banned IP range.

de3ae4 No.1243

It's doing the same thing for me. It seems it comes and goes. Really weird

ca412b No.1244


Does it do it in the web browser too?

732bea No.1238[Reply]

It would be great if you can add more details near or within the thumbnail images by adding "about" button.

In some threads and boards, I need to know the size, resolution and the format of the posted image.

f2029c No.1240

>>1238 see >>1230

It's in settings / theme. Is that what you're looking for?

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