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Sometimes you just don't make it...


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File: 89d4f892fbc3dd5⋯.jpg (298.8 KB, 608x900, 152:225, 46898486_p0.jpg)


Starter thread here! Post what you got.

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File: 264c569e730c775⋯.jpg (122.28 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 009:Imotome_01_08.jpg)

File: f83937cd799484b⋯.jpg (164.72 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 042:Imotome_06_02.jpg)

File: 5bac57d793c0d06⋯.jpg (162.23 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 038:Imotome_05_04.jpg)

File: c955b65425ed24d⋯.jpg (101.58 KB, 537x1080, 179:360, image.jpg)


Pics you want edited and pics that have been edited go here, I guess.

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Welcome back! I was worry you'd gone off the face of the Earth. Would you be able to edit this pic? >>275


>>338 Here ya go


File: 0c93ba17e888d95⋯.png (721.18 KB, 900x900, 1:1, image.png)

Hi welcome back, if you ever get the chance could you edit this picture?


File: 5e3313f86b1d594⋯.jpg (257.92 KB, 761x1080, 761:1080, 20190331_233455.jpg)



Whoops, my bad. here you go



It looks really good. Thank you :D

File: 724c3f3be9564a8⋯.jpg (323.53 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, 1347320084678.jpg)


2D, 3D, and all manner of accidental fluid release allowed.

(Stolen from /abdl/ because there's no way we have enough anons for an RP or caption thread.)

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File: 70636375f6e39a5⋯.jpg (199.21 KB, 1024x1289, 1024:1289, accident_at_the_zoo_by_bes….jpg)

How embarrassing anon you were so focused on the animals that you didn't even notice you were going, I thought you said you were ready for big girl pants? Big girls don't stink up the place like you


File: 970c34fb29ef193⋯.png (699.76 KB, 1500x1300, 15:13, December Batch (10).png)


uh oh! your bowels have been magically linked with your little sisters' and she LOVES pooping her panties. better get diapers, because she bought boxes of fiber bars in bulk


File: c4072fef6eb3520⋯.jpg (504.82 KB, 1200x934, 600:467, cc420124d48f57fb1ee2e94f52….jpg)


Find yourself a swimsuit :^)



What do you mean by an RP or caption thread? Like the uploader tries to link what the poster below has to do based on the image?

I could get behind that. If enouth people are interested should we start a new thread or just retrofit this one?


File: 4a8aedc3fc1c617⋯.jpg (358.02 KB, 667x1260, 667:1260, 052a38dd6971ef6918af4259df….jpg)


Get a leotard or something similar along with a pair of tights. Drink a lot of liquids in the hours leading up to this, and eat foods containing plenty of fibre the days before. Shit as little as possible.

Take a small laxative and/or an enema, and then recreate this image. Use bondage and restraints if you need to.

If you want to cum this week, then you must do it in this position, but you have to stay like this for 10 minutes after shitting yourself, and need to do it through the clothes. A vibrator might help with this.

File: b6b8f12a42e2b57⋯.gif (836.86 KB, 400x640, 5:8, raichupuppy I gotta GOOOOO….gif)


have any of you seen any good ralsei or asriel omorashi art?

File: 43517c7c9a68309⋯.png (488.64 KB, 558x789, 186:263, 1412218184901.png)


Cool, new board! Coming from /abdl/!

So, brass tacks, shall we?

I am primarily a dl, however, omorashi and public humiliation are constant staples before the diapering starts for me. So, let's talk about some tips and tricks to get our kicks.

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File: bbff9df960c019d⋯.jpg (262.51 KB, 724x1280, 181:320, tumblr_o04ghtWZYp1v0owpro1….jpg)

So this is a subject I've always wanted to have an in-depth discussion on, because it's really important for any kind of omorashi or public humiliation fantasies. The importance is underscored even greater if you're male, at least that's my personal opinion. Setting a scene well is the difference between looking like someone having a really bad day, and "that weird creep with the weird fetish let's call the cops."

So, let's take a page from alcoholics anonymous.

Accepting the things we cannot change.

I'm a 28 year old, 6'0" male, broad shoulders, wide hips, facial hair, scars and tattoos. Pretty much the opposite of what you would want to see in a wetting vid.

Courage to change the things I can.

For establishing a public wetting scene, I like to downplay everything that makes me look threatening. This includes shaving facial hair, wearing long sleeves to cover tattoos/scars, and wearing a black shirt to thin me out. I normally wear khakis or jeans to better show the wetting. I also like to keep my hair short and I'll use some lotion to give my face a youthful sheen.

So, as a guy, we have way more opportunities to utilize the bathroom, as well as better tools equipped to hold it. This presents us with two options.

Option 1: Finding or creating a situation where using the bathroom is impossible.

Option 2: Passing off a medical condition.

Neither option is ideal, but both can be played under the right circumstances. To draw inspiration for these I like to look at pictures of scenes drawn for the omorashi/abdl community. Here are a few steps to take to make this easier. I'll present them as if I were planning a scene to make it easier to understand.

Reconnaissance: Find out where you want the scene to take place, and study the fuck out of it. Know their busy hours, traffic flow, bathroom locations, entrances/exits, type of clientele, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: f116b5127bab0ec⋯.jpg (221.88 KB, 1296x759, 432:253, post-31830-0-60284000-1408….jpg)

Area of Operations: So…Where are you going to piss yourself?

So, we've established a rough time, now we need to establish an AO, and prep the scene, then exfil.

Base on the Recon stage, I can say with certainty that the Pharmacy, Electronics, Garden, and Toys section will be mostly vacant, HOWEVER, wal-mart does their inventory and stocks shelves at this hour, as well buffing their floors. Grocery will have a lot of people, and it's likely they'll only have one checkout lane open (Tobacco lane) so there is likely to be a line to check out. Immediately I can sense that option number two (passing as medical problem) is readily apparent, so I can begin to devise a plan.

First, I need to make a choice if I want to play hide-and-seek: Peepants Edition, or if I want to have a public accident. I'll run through both scenarios.

First, I'll get myself nice and hydrated, maybe have a drink to calm my nerves (don't get drunk, one or two max) Then, I'll park my car and proceed to the Pharmacy entrance. From the there I can grab a cart, and begin shopping. I will immediately head to the left, and check out the line for the cashiers/self-serve. Then I'll walk down the aisle between the Grocery section and the clothing section.

I like to take my time at this point, bonus points if you bring a drink to keep hydrating.

I'll make a right at the back of the store, and pick up a toy for my cat (he likes to destroy them >:3 ) and proceed to peruse the Electronics and business section. Then head over to DIY which is located near the bathroom.

At this point it'll be important to assess yourself. How desperate are you? If you are about to burst, you can use the bathroom to relieve some pressure, this'll also make it harder to hold, as long as you can stop yourself.

If I'm playing Hide and Seek, I might wet myself at this point and try to make it to the exit without being caught. Beware though, sometimes they hold meetings back there, so you might turn a corner yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 598c2a8b694e688⋯.jpg (72.43 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 432972655.jpg)

This'll be my last post today, as I have a lot of work to do and I'm already burning the midnight oil… This also might be a bit of a rambler.

I've personally always had pretty weak control over my bowels. This has often sometimes resulted in wetting myself as I lose control over my bowels, however, it's harder for me to singularly lose control over my bladder. I have also been a bedwetter since my early 20's. (I believe it's due to conditioning, since I always sleep in a diaper.

As said previously, I have limited control when wearing a diaper, so when I plan a public scene, I tend to prefer wearing a diaper/pullup with slits to hasten the hold and prevent the rather painful bloated feeling I get when I'm about to burst. This also has the added benefit of eliminating the male pattern wetting that occurs.

So I'm going to tell a few quick stories, I come from a fairly small town, and have had the opportunity to escape to several different cities. Knowing that no one knows you for 100 miles can really help on the bravery front, which I believe gave me the courage to do some of these.

Of course, accidents happen!

One of my most memorable accidents occurred at a popular grocery store. Totally, unplanned. This one includes *GRAPHIC* messing.

I had roommates at the time.

So I went grocery shopping, and I felt a gurgle in my stomach. I was pretty much done checking out and began to bring the groceries to my car.

As I was putting groceries away, the all-too familiar feeling struck me, as I slowly felt a hot lumpy turd slide out of my ass, staining my tighty whiteys (I never could wear boxers, but these incidents were too infrequent to justify always wearing diapers)

Knowing I couldn't return home like this, and having my diaper supplies in my car (roommates) I really only had one option.

Picking up my diaper bag, I head back into thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 379cfd04396f70a⋯.jpg (14.19 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Source on pic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqQ27mX2yJg

So in this post I kind of want to talk about solo filming public humiliation.

I've had the urge to film myself publicly wetting for a long time now. I've tried on a few occasions however there are two huge obstacles that I've encountered that I was hoping to work through.

Obstacle number 1: I get so caught up in the moment I have a really hard time focusing on the shot.

Obstacle number 2: It's difficult to set the scene as an accident when you're recording yourself.

I enjoy me some omorashi, but I've noticed that at minimum you really need two people to pull it off. I've been trying to find videos of people who film solo, and while I think I picked a few things up I think the best thing to do is practice (obviously)

So, first problem I've faced in the recording of myself was angles. I'm either shooting the video upside down (pretending that I'm on my phone) or my arms are extended to the point I look like a fool. (I don't usually wet when testing these kind of angles out)

Another problem is lighting. Filming between dusk and dawn is impossible without a ton of lights.

The third problem is it's difficult to see how the recording is going while doing it. I usually end up doing a recording and then scrapping it because I didn't get any usable footage.

So, some suggestions (in no particular order) that I've found regarding this.

Shoot in the daytime, or at a well lit location at night. (duh)

Use a shopping cart to prop the phone up, and use it as a mobile stand to line up your angles. I would really like to experiment with this in the future.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: a130d0d5e9bbe99⋯.mp4 (4.6 MB, 480x320, 3:2, uAxrXqG.mp4)

File: 1bbbc39c16358f2⋯.mp4 (6.28 MB, 480x320, 3:2, tj1nghI.mp4)

File: 3c64de19e14e221⋯.jpg (269.43 KB, 1216x1824, 2:3, desp23073.jpg)


When the urge to purge begins to surge.

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File: 46e7fab0abea378⋯.jpg (718.73 KB, 1000x1447, 1000:1447, affphoto (8).jpg)

>40 get


File: 2262c95f7001a53⋯.jpg (499.95 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1459814408722.jpg)

File: 184d4d9ef4da501⋯.png (836.96 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, 1456980871027.png)

File: 51efac2ff898ff2⋯.jpg (442.75 KB, 1200x1679, 1200:1679, 1457056923114.jpg)

File: 7499bbd6589e9dc⋯.jpg (422.36 KB, 1200x1679, 1200:1679, 1459092810973.jpg)






File: 7a856e9a4ab1f67⋯.png (948.63 KB, 1181x1280, 1181:1280, tumblr_p7ow9hYlnu1wy0jooo1….png)

File: d695c513372f20e⋯.jpg (289.47 KB, 465x600, 31:40, 2008090502.jpg)


Hey BO, can you enable 5 image posts? I want to take a large dump on this board but I don't want to do it one image at a time

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File: 66b0db8fdaa0b9f⋯.jpg (92.58 KB, 600x832, 75:104, outside.jpg)

File: c96babcc631113c⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 500x990, 50:99, swim.jpg)

File: bce6c71756bd429⋯.jpg (182.58 KB, 408x600, 17:25, 2011042301.jpg)

File: 5c23290f145a3d7⋯.jpg (160.11 KB, 425x600, 17:24, 2012040401.jpg)

File: 385fc4e6d46519c⋯.jpg (167.76 KB, 368x600, 46:75, 2009080701.jpg)


File: 379f81b13e084c5⋯.jpg (125.53 KB, 444x600, 37:50, 2013062101.jpg)

File: 57917eaab69cdd2⋯.jpg (266.51 KB, 436x600, 109:150, 2013061001.jpg)

File: 733e9db56964cf9⋯.jpg (73.95 KB, 500x741, 500:741, h50DPYp.jpg)

File: 4a244f9e2b7c57f⋯.jpg (115.34 KB, 409x600, 409:600, 2013091801.jpg)

File: af488098396e8d4⋯.jpg (250.94 KB, 468x600, 39:50, 1408863745371.jpg)


File: 07b53e99b09a393⋯.jpg (302.82 KB, 513x600, 171:200, 2008090501.jpg)

File: e076869c1921c48⋯.jpg (124.72 KB, 424x600, 53:75, 1409070081388.jpg)

File: da9ad8786851f36⋯.jpg (150.18 KB, 700x800, 7:8, 2014072401.jpg)

File: cd072376a708338⋯.jpg (174.56 KB, 753x600, 251:200, 2013120801.jpg)

File: 4822a8cbd8d7061⋯.jpg (132.59 KB, 480x736, 15:23, y3ezOwu.jpg)


File: 9de63f80f34e6b7⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 500x589, 500:589, 1xZCdI4.jpg)

File: 58552c8f6c50003⋯.jpg (159.59 KB, 1009x600, 1009:600, 2013081601.jpg)

File: ed148ac48f0d517⋯.jpg (129.81 KB, 503x600, 503:600, 2009052501.jpg)

File: 56d463bc64bd65d⋯.jpg (117.33 KB, 332x600, 83:150, 2013031301.jpg)

File: 090c105e8a9d88a⋯.jpg (351.2 KB, 840x900, 14:15, 2014011302.jpg)


File: f0dffa0ecec3956⋯.jpg (125.42 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 001.jpg)

File: 04b7f6d2c7dd8af⋯.jpg (266.31 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 002.jpg)

File: 9a59589d166adfb⋯.jpg (358.11 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 003.jpg)

File: e2caffb0a5e252b⋯.jpg (283.8 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 004.jpg)

File: 4dc85d5be21dc73⋯.jpg (196.31 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 005.jpg)


Post your favorite omorashi/accident doujins here.

I just got finished translating this. Enjoy.



File: 715e5e3a275cee0⋯.jpg (241.11 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 006.jpg)

File: ab333a3cb485d35⋯.jpg (280 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 007.jpg)

File: 704e886b6596934⋯.jpg (255.75 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 008.jpg)

File: 4ece33849f04b67⋯.jpg (291.69 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 009.jpg)

File: 68c425962b388b2⋯.jpg (272.3 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 010.jpg)


File: 895530afad6c205⋯.jpg (267.86 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 011.jpg)

File: 1c0525334290a15⋯.jpg (273.64 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 012.jpg)

File: 3bae1fa00e1646d⋯.jpg (330.16 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 013.jpg)

File: 03a69412e7d21c7⋯.jpg (348.76 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 014.jpg)

File: 95460bf0616951f⋯.jpg (293.54 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 015.jpg)


File: 28fe85ee78ab2df⋯.jpg (279.07 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 016.jpg)

File: 8e5c6f9479947f9⋯.jpg (308.47 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 017.jpg)

File: 264a230a815d511⋯.jpg (280.07 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 018.jpg)

File: b0a2eda55a78890⋯.jpg (324.56 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 019.jpg)

File: 566364aab36e92b⋯.jpg (277.24 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 020.jpg)


File: d5daac1d2566c42⋯.jpg (319.28 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 021.jpg)

File: 3d1ac4f9aefe6fc⋯.jpg (264.96 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 022.jpg)

File: 4d40f9bf2b0f7a4⋯.jpg (286.72 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 023.jpg)

File: 4bb7d8d51a0337b⋯.jpg (121.52 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 024.jpg)

File: b9f42a69eabe0a2⋯.jpg (164.1 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 025.jpg)




File: 14a18256629528f⋯.jpg (82.81 KB, 954x1280, 477:640, photo_2016-05-21_09-49-35.jpg)


ITT: Furry

Cub is welcome pls

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File: ea4dfea81b0c67e⋯.jpg (98.64 KB, 539x1080, 539:1080, image.jpg)

Here's another edit. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.


File: df390aa9f6605d8⋯.jpg (136.49 KB, 1280x820, 64:41, 1458779388.aibu_1458765405….jpg)

File: 1146f52a9307504⋯.jpg (265.99 KB, 800x852, 200:213, 1315019439766.jpg)

File: 6531552c2b12093⋯.png (1.86 MB, 3000x4200, 5:7, 1476439262732.png)


That turned out amazing, great work



Does anyone have a higher res / higher quality version of this? This one is really blocky.


File: 0d9006ead296798⋯.jpg (133.49 KB, 635x1080, 127:216, image.jpg)

Another edit


File: 1b1488c1812c92b⋯.png (1.19 MB, 900x1650, 6:11, 1522763837.griffdog_bbe04e….png)

File: 1175b4f75daaa77⋯.png (1.22 MB, 900x1650, 6:11, 1523032513.griffdog_a0563e….png)

File: b4fceb91cdfbd6d⋯.png (1.06 MB, 900x1650, 6:11, 1523115514.griffdog_72ba7e….png)


Very cute, as always.

File: 4f58f5938deb30f⋯.jpg (140.55 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, 1501648826281.jpg)


New board up and running, I see. Kinda glad it was separated from /abdl/, glad to see it having a standalone aspect. Anyway, onto our topic.

Captions, for any images. I know some people think captions are the cancer of the earth, but I think any self respecting Christian hentai board should have a caption thread. So make requests.

Also included are short story requests. Have an idea for something, but you can't write it yourself? Throw it out into orbit. An author without any ideas? I'm sure fellow Anons will help.

I have no Captions, so I will start this with a fav image of mine.

20 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 02ec12aa4fa5079⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 4000x2000, 2:1, CannonFodder.jpg)

File: b73f12f50e0bf1c⋯.jpg (897.97 KB, 4000x2000, 2:1, CannonFodder2.jpg)


PS. If you think Aura's grin is smug, check out Clementine. Maximum smug



dream girls tbh

>tfw ywn party hard with a diapergirl who gets so fucked up she wears pampers to parties just so she can blow them the fuck out as a prelude to sex afterwards


File: 135fc6d539dc909⋯.jpg (515.92 KB, 1000x1214, 500:607, no_bathroom_breaks_messy_b….jpg)

File: a288fad2d14e4a6⋯.jpg (10.26 MB, 8400x10200, 14:17, no_bathroom_breaks_by_shyd….jpg)

being taught to enjoy using diapers caption/story


File: 98412c68490e1ab⋯.png (938 KB, 1912x941, 1912:941, Aura Adorable.png)

File: 231b639baba0a7d⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1914x937, 1914:937, Aura Adorable2.png)

File: 0d5bdc645ce72af⋯.png (966.38 KB, 1912x947, 1912:947, Aura Adorable3.png)

File: 47919371cf6127f⋯.png (936.86 KB, 1917x944, 1917:944, Aura Adorable4.png)

File: 03890ec4335f255⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1914x947, 1914:947, Aura ashamed but liking it.png)



I'm the guy that took these screenshots and I have more for captions. Kinda like yamijoeysdog captions actually…


File: ba7d9954ab1c848⋯.png (939.74 KB, 1918x947, 1918:947, Aura asking for change.png)

File: 253114cce1044c6⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1911x948, 637:316, Aura discovering she likes….png)

File: c7fa24fe77bd487⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1917x945, 71:35, Aura Going.png)

File: c1bb3185aca0b94⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1918x944, 959:472, Aura loud.png)

File: 8a8fc831fa79563⋯.png (960.9 KB, 1919x943, 1919:943, Aura Sorry.png)


and more

File: 9e8be478d9dc118⋯.jpg (24.07 KB, 564x423, 4:3, e1ac388d3367d870db4daeb408….jpg)


What are your favourite wetting/messing videos?




I always love something involving a girl wetting/messing in jeans or other pants similar. Especially if she craps it noisily so that even if you can't see the mess, you know she just took a dump in her pants


Something like that. Cheshire also has a really good one, but then again, Cheshire tends to have great videos period

File: 43e0ac5fa2bd6e4⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1748x2480, 437:620, 1fd34a719224b4a55ae61e1f38….jpg)


Story thread! Post your favorite stories, authors, and story ideas here.

7 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This story is actually really, really good. Interactive to a degree, with different branches. Not finished yet, but still highly recommended. You also play as a boy, with a younger brother and a mom, so if that interests you, play it!


This text is too big, so I cut it in many parts:

One of the most exciting things that can happen to a person is to wake up wet from head to toe, or with soaking diapers - the result of yet another embarrassing' nighttime accident. Do you do that - or would you like to?

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just 'wanting to', as it takes a lot of practice and commitment. There are some seemingly 'magical' methods like subliminal hypnosis tapes, but the jury is still out on how well they work.

The following is really just a guide to start you off, and depending on how far you want to go, you can build on it with your own ideas.

First you must prepare your bed. Get a strong plastic mattress cover because you are going to need it. If you can get an old pee stained mattress that would be better, as it would be a good visual reminder of your aim. But by the end of your training even your good mattress will have stains on it!

You are now a bedwetter! Don't forget that! Your nights will now involve soaking sheets, panties, pajamas, and diapers. What you will need at this point is commitment to the goal of being a real bedwetter. Even when you may not want to wet the bed you must. When friends stay over or you visit them, a wet bed or diapers will result every morning! You will have to explain to several people why you still wet your bed and that reason is that you have always wet your bed! Probably the most important factor in becoming a bedwetter is to think of yourself as one, and having other people know about your bedwetting is very important to helping you along the trail.


Phase One:

On the very first wet night, you should sleep in an unprotected bed - no

plastic sheet and no diapers! Your mattress will suffer, but that is what

bedwetting is all about. On the following nights use a plastic sheet,

although remember that you should occasionally sleep in an unprotected bed.

As it dries outside many people will see all the bedwetter stains on it.

For four hours before going to bed you are to drink heavily, and no going

to the toilet. When you go to bed just try to go to sleep despite the

pressure of a full bladder. You will probably wake up in a few hours, and

when you do, first of all you must empty your bladder there and then. Just

let yourself wet deliberately and completely empty your bladder and begin

to enjoy your first wet bed! If you awake a few times wet even more. You

need to get used to the idea of wetting in a bed. It can take some time to

get over toilet training where we were all expected to be good and get up

to go in the toilet, but the bed is a better place!

While you are wetting, enjoy all the sensations of the warm flow soaking

all around you. If you are a girl, concentrate on the delightful feeling of

pee soaking down between your legs and under your bum, or if you are a guy,

you can have the added joy of aiming the stream up over your stomach and

letting it flow off the sides and down into the sheet. After you have

finished, make sure you masturbate in your wet sheets and pajamas. This way

you will associate even more pleasure with bedwetting, and you should avoid

masturbating anywhere else other than in your wet sheets or later, your wet


In the morning you should spPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Phase Two:

You should be comfortably wetting your bed deliberately every night, and

should have no difficulty in doing so. Now we are going to introduce

fullnight bedwetting and diapers. You are going to sleep wet all night!

Same rules - no drinking for at least 4 hours or even more. The point is

that you must have a full to bursting bladder when you go to bed. Go to bed

at least an hour earlier so you can spend your time doing this and enjoying

it, but first of all you must get your diapers and plastic pants on.

Before you get into bed, make a big deal about having to wear diapers. Tell

yourself the reason you need them, and enjoy all the sensations of putting

them on. If you can involve your partner, so much the better. Savour the

feel and texture of the diapers, the smell of the plastic pants and baby

powder, the pressure and bulky feeling between your legs, and the feel of

the pants sliding up your legs. Stand and look at yourself in the mirror,

and remember that you're dressed like that because you are a naughty


Jump into bed, and as soon as the light is out, relax and wet your diapers

completely. Revel in the warmth as it spreads out around your middle. Now

you are going to have to sleep in them all night - no excuses! Once again

spend some time enjoying yourself - slip your hand down inside the warm

diaper and make yourself come. Girls might enjoy rolling onto their fronts

and rocking back and forwards on the bulky pad. When you wake up during the

night you must continue to wet immediately even if there isn't much there.

If you have visitors or are sleeping over, you're going to have to explain

about yourPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Phase Three:

By this stage it should be feeling almost natural to be wet. You need to

get to the point where you truly feel comfortable with being wet all night,

can wet very easily lying down in bed, and are able to do it first thing

upon waking up. The purpose of all this is to unlearn the idea that having

a wet bed or diapers is uncomfortable. By now you should really be looking

forward to being wet and enjoying it. Repeated deliberate bedwetting,

especially in a half waking state, will also get your brain used to

associating the idea that 'it's alright to wet the bed' with the pressure

you feel in your bladder.

What happens from now on depends totally on getting your mind used to the

idea that wetting the bed is OK, and on how committed to this goal you are.

If you can keep trying, eventually you will succeed.

File: 0d69c86224f8bbd⋯.png (263.22 KB, 896x848, 56:53, aaff950afc6e5575bf38b91353….png)


Post all your messing/wetting games and game mods here!


File: 282ce149e6d52d4⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, post-2727-0-37896800-13767….jpg)

File: 7368e226e3233da⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, post-2727-0-78901600-13767….jpg)

This is a game mod for Skyrim that makes female characters incontinent:



>tfw all those games that involve messing tend to be ABDL focused and never focus on the good stuff

Goddamn, maybe we should make our own incontinence-related game with… Something, shit if I know

File: f04e61c561175d6⋯.jpg (262.43 KB, 483x600, 161:200, Peeing in a Ceramic Bowl.jpg)


I posted this over on ABDL but I figured I'd go ahead and post it here as well. This is an omorashi-specific board, after all.

I know someone already made a thread trying to post this content, but mine's better. AND it comes with a .rar, so suck on that, plebs.

– – – – – – –

This one is for all of my fellow Omorashi enthusiasts. You've probably seen a fair number of these pictures floating around 3D artwork and omo/public wetting threads, but never before have you seen them all presented together in a single thread.

That's right faggots, thanks to my Adderall-fueled hyperfocus and total lack of [real] productivity, I have managed to go through and save, rename, sort and store EVERY image from omorashi-ladies (you can probably guess the URL – it's not a brain teaser). This is some of the highest quality 3D artwork I've ever seen for any fetish, and this guy has been pumping them out (in modest quantities) since 2008. I'm about to dump ten years' worth of his material right into your diapered laps, and you're gonna eat this shit up.

But just wait, I'm not done yet. Remember what I said about saving, renaming, sorting and storing them all? Yeah, you heard me right. I saved them. I sorted them. I stored them. But most importantly, I renamed them. One by one, making that shit up as I went. Descriptive af, fam.

"But why do I care?" you're probably wondering. Go fuck yourself, that's why. Then brace yourself because this shit is about to blow your mind out the back of your skull. Every single image is uniquely named for your convenience. Yeah… now you're getting it. Don't want to have them divided by year? You don't have to. You want them all in the same folder so you only need one fapping slideshow open? Shut up and fucking do it, bro! You can throw all them bitches in the same folder, and not have to look at the eye sore that is 254 strings of numbers (instead of REAL filenames) like a fockin plob.

Oh, and did I mention there are 254 images? You ain't ready.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
42 posts and 204 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 347d892d1a25ade⋯.jpg (342.4 KB, 891x800, 891:800, Accidental Wetting at the ….jpg)

File: df52f77d5bfb319⋯.jpg (194.5 KB, 944x800, 59:50, Cute Wet Panties on the Be….jpg)

File: 04c99414e3e0086⋯.jpg (124.5 KB, 566x800, 283:400, Damp Panties and Sly Escap….jpg)

File: ecb86d579afd287⋯.jpg (389.78 KB, 1033x800, 1033:800, Damp Panties and Wet Orgas….jpg)

File: 776101cb2db8273⋯.jpg (318.79 KB, 1179x800, 1179:800, Jogger's Extreme Wet Arous….jpg)

2015 (Part 1)


File: e179e6361dfb629⋯.jpg (237.84 KB, 645x800, 129:160, Middle Aged Lady's Pee.jpg)

File: 72df73bfcbdfc2c⋯.jpg (110.02 KB, 554x800, 277:400, Peeing in the Swimming Poo….jpg)

File: 56ce2035502f81c⋯.jpg (348.72 KB, 986x800, 493:400, Peeing into a Dog Bowl.jpg)

File: 3dec33977b2a829⋯.jpg (310.05 KB, 765x800, 153:160, Peeing onto Purple Lace Pa….jpg)

File: 05ddf25730c982e⋯.jpg (241.2 KB, 655x800, 131:160, Pooping Her Panties in Fro….jpg)


2015 (Part 2)


File: dea605a09d1fe85⋯.jpg (479.42 KB, 828x800, 207:200, Soaking Lace Panties on Pu….jpg)

File: 894fd1f1b5cc254⋯.jpg (273.3 KB, 1078x800, 539:400, Too Much Goddamn White WTF.jpg)

File: f524777d82044cc⋯.jpg (365.72 KB, 637x800, 637:800, Wet Pants and Anal Toys.jpg)

File: 7568e1517032294⋯.jpg (239.59 KB, 1051x800, 1051:800, Wet Panty Web Show.jpg)

File: 8e6eb4242e85ef3⋯.jpg (274.06 KB, 541x800, 541:800, Wetting Her Panties over a….jpg)


2015 (Part 3)


File: 976f578b1192d73⋯.jpg (209.37 KB, 703x800, 703:800, Wetting Panties and Lactat….jpg)

File: df15fdcbd9df103⋯.jpg (291.76 KB, 895x800, 179:160, Wetting Panties by a Rushi….jpg)

File: b598ed832faa2ce⋯.jpg (239.89 KB, 901x800, 901:800, Wetting Panties in the Ele….jpg)

File: 6f1aa0220c12d58⋯.jpg (217.84 KB, 668x800, 167:200, Wetting Panties into Someo….jpg)

File: 1227936986fd4df⋯.jpg (393.42 KB, 533x800, 533:800, Wetting Panties on a Traff….jpg)


2015 (Part 4)


File: d8c5ea0196a2d35⋯.jpg (259.7 KB, 1227x800, 1227:800, Wetting Panties Under Skir….jpg)

File: f624df850ed2be7⋯.jpg (440.55 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Wetting Panties While Blin….jpg)

File: cc71dcbb4abd2f6⋯.jpg (295.62 KB, 653x800, 653:800, Wetting Panties with Red-F….jpg)

File: 136366c3e924ec2⋯.jpg (261.52 KB, 703x800, 703:800, Wetting While Watching and….jpg)


2015 (Part 5)

How many images can get posted to a thread before it autolocks?

File: 62a0170de666873⋯.png (477.64 KB, 1000x1266, 500:633, 1502679874104.png)


I know we are slow, but I figure getting this board up and running will require making threads for specific interests. I'm not a mod, so if they would prefer to have only a few threads, just delete this one.

Anyway, this threads point. This thread is dedicated to having accidents in diapers. This is not a continuation of /abdl/ onto this board. Instead it's more just a subset of omorashi, specifically involving diapers. I'll dump a few images of girls looking desperate in diapers, and using them.

No baby play please, if we really want I'm sure a roleplay thread could be made.

3 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: a43678f9a977aed⋯.jpg (888.88 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 1502470689013.jpg)


File: 1bb48f5f9fb204a⋯.png (324.86 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 763bec189ba578e4f5f88f3bc7….png)

Welp that's a wrap. I post them by themselves, don't know what everybody prefers. Just a few images to get the thread rollin


File: 58c6498668f3938⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2303x1500, 2303:1500, Cauli.jpg)


File: fc7456b968404ac⋯.png (540.57 KB, 1280x1062, 640:531, _0G.png)

File: bc44fa0dcec3abf⋯.png (489.44 KB, 1280x1062, 640:531, _0G2.png)

File: 3edd673bc62d332⋯.png (552.2 KB, 1280x1062, 640:531, _0G3.png)


File: eff74dabce55411⋯.png (603.79 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, tumblr_ozmnbmqfSe1w3llnso1….png)

File: 75c5b11d0c2040b⋯.jpg (179.18 KB, 577x942, 577:942, unknown_smell_by_mydlsecre….jpg)

File: c0d4675e427a638⋯.png (23.35 KB, 486x720, 27:40, 1384231790666.png)

File: 41f2ee6ad87fde0⋯.png (650.42 KB, 1280x1434, 640:717, tumblr_nyx4liQDOt1uqi3wno1….png)

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