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This is a board for Otaku related culture, non Otaku related culture is fine too though. The board is a less memey alternative to /animu/, /jp/ or /a/.

Please don't post meme frogs or anything of that sort here.


1-No Meme fr*g, bald friends of meme fr*gs or the like.

2-All the Global rules

3-NSFW is allowed but must be spoiled

4- No posting gore or anything of a disgusting nature

I'll try not to ban people unless it is really necessary. Even if somebody posts a meme fr*g I will just delete it unless it become a huge issue.

Fren boards-



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Seeing as nobody posts here I will just dump images that I need to get to my PC to edit. Don’t mind me.

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your aoty and/or rank what you watched this year

<Roughly from favorite to least-favorite:

>Magus Bride

Kind of a frustrating ending to the anime, I wish they just left it unfinished so they could do another season once the manga got ahead but I still really liked it.

>Planet With

I don't fully understand why I enjoyed this so much but I did.

>Gintama "Final" Arc

Not as good as comedy Gintama but still good.

>Goblin Slayer

>Chio's School Road

>Violet Evergarden

>SSSS Gridman

>Overlord 3

>Zombieland Saga

>Darling in the Franxx

>Black Clover

>Toji no Miko

>Boku no Hero Academia 3

>Grancrest Senki

>Stein's Gate 0

>Jashin-chan Dropkick

>Itou Junji Collection

>Basilisk sequel

This one was just frustrating, I try not to hate on sequels too much but this was just a terrible anime and even worse sequel. The original was one of my favorites.

Also not really fair to rank them but One Piece was better than the previous year and I'm excited to have Fairy Tail back.

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Bump this thread every time you visit for the FIRST TIME today!

Remember to take it easy in the approaching summer heat.

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日本語 Japanese Thread


Is anyone else here on /otakuvip/ trying to learn or study Japanese? I’ve been trying on and off for a few months by myself but I’m not super confident, though I’ve noticed that I can sometimes understand simple sentences in the anime I’m watching even without subs, which is a cool feeling in itself. I don’t think I’ll get too far without classes though so that is my next step

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What is your AotS...

…and why is it Zombie Land Saga?

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Animu Figurine Showdown!

Get Ready To Rumble!

ITT: post pics of your animu figures, BJD, etc.

Be it your own pictures or the official ones, share your honest thoughts on each other's and make recommendations. The goal is for us to eventually compile a list of awesome figures that we can recommend to each other and those new to the hobby.

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2D > 3DPD

Anyone else noticed they're unironically starting to desire cartoons over actual women. Whether it be divine intervention or because I haven't had a girlfriend in 5 years; this is now my reality. It's pretty good tbh.

Anyone else similar? Is this even what this board is for?

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