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File: 5391d3466fea478⋯.png (408.37 KB, 794x882, 397:441, Darjeeling 106.png)


This is a board for Otaku related culture, non Otaku related culture is fine too though. The board is a less memey alternative to /animu/, /jp/ or /a/.

Please don't post meme frogs or anything of that sort here.


1-No Meme fr*g, bald friends of meme fr*gs or the like.

2-All the Global rules

3-NSFW is allowed but must be spoiled

4- No posting gore or anything of a disgusting nature

I'll try not to ban people unless it is really necessary. Even if somebody posts a meme fr*g I will just delete it unless it become a huge issue.

Fren boards-



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Maybe consider getting some more solid rules, like whether this is SFW, better explain how this is different from >>>/a/ and whatnot. It'd make this place a lot better IMO if we have a little structure from the get-go.


It's this a home for weebs and gamers alike?



I suppose I should…



Definitely clarify the rules unless you want all sorts of cancer to pour in here (political, ecelebs, etc)


/ar/ BO here, would you be interested in adding my board to this sticky? If so, I'll do the same for your board as I like the concept.



If that is okay with you, certainly.


Done, I tried putting it in the board announcement bar too but it's not working properly…




Done as well.


/randamu/ here. Does /otakuvip/ want to be frens?



Certainly, I'll add your board too.


File: 7f04af724f1973a⋯.png (560.41 KB, 542x720, 271:360, doubtful used goods.png)

Maybe don't use reddit spacing on the very first thing anyone visiting will see. Somehow it doesn't bode well.


File: 3c2b0b80f938c8f⋯.png (9.57 KB, 259x224, 37:32, 1526499731144.png)


>he fell for the redditspacing meme




??? I don't use Reddit. I just thought the rules should be made easier to read.

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