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File: 4412dce5dca10c4⋯.jpg (122.57 KB, 1400x2000, 7:10, 4412dce5dca10c43cb0c58f131….jpg)


Anyone else noticed they're unironically starting to desire cartoons over actual women. Whether it be divine intervention or because I haven't had a girlfriend in 5 years; this is now my reality. It's pretty good tbh.

Anyone else similar? Is this even what this board is for?


I've felt like that for years now.


File: 32d0f8a4cdac651⋯.jpg (192.59 KB, 549x1000, 549:1000, 1536453110698.jpg)


getting to that point Nyaa. hardly get aroused by 3dpd but still rewatching steins;gate and compilations of kurisu on youtube just doesnt feel the same as a gf. I wish i could just get a hug from her.

how do you guys cope?

not even shitposting here im being serious. hope theres anyone here still i dont want to deal with /b/'s rudeness and this seems like a good board for this.



idk 'Nyaa' was changed to nyaa



wordfilter i guess.



>how do you guys cope?

I don't feel the need or desire for a girl friend in the first place. I don't like how modern western women are and I don't find them that attractive most of the time. The amount of effort I would have to put in and the changes to my lifestyle I would need to take are nowhere near worth it.


File: aa9d869fd3ddd95⋯.jpg (543.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Moe] Lucky☆Star - 16 [BD]….jpg)



i agree for the most part, really the only thing i miss was feeling wanted or having a shoulder to lean on but for all the stress and possibilty of backstabbing isnt worth it.

I've been managing for 4 years now and overall lifes not so bad. i'm sure eventually i'll feel more like how you do.


i d k was getting changed lol.


File: 4e7b1542f606442⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 400x300, 4:3, tenor.gif)


i mean t b h was Please forgive my rudeness im dumb and tired lol


File: 4b56d384ed7365f⋯.jpg (29.92 KB, 465x260, 93:52, shrug.jpg)


I have a dog and still live at home as I'm still in College, even play D&D with my coworkers once a week. So I'm pretty lucky in that regard. But for long-term I basically just plan on having a few good friends, pets and a >>>/robowaifu/ to keep me company. These and self-improvement will be my focus. Maybe check out some MGTOW videos about moving forward if you wanna focus on things beyond woman+family and live an awesome life with the 2D.


I’ve been having similar experiences over the past few months. I used to fap to a good mix of 3d and 2d but 2d is so much more attractive than 3d. Now 3d has begun to actually disgust me


File: a7f3203d968dc5c⋯.png (577.55 KB, 800x600, 4:3, aedgv.png)


I think a lot of the problem is how they behave and how you essentially sacrifice your entire life for the privilege of using their womb. With animu and mangos you can get anything you want; the perfect waifu for you. But with 3DPD you have to deal with shit like hypergamy, monkey-branching and bankroll her to make sure she knows "that you love her and care". Hell, the fact you have to spend so much money on the dates, gifts, rings, and wedding just for the privilege of getting divorce raped isn't exactly appealing.

Honestly imagine. Living on the same street as your bachelor best-mates, LAN parties and D&D campaigns with your buds, living in a humble paid off home (debt free), working very few hours, a loyal dogo, maybe a small garden, and all the animus you want; maybe even a robot-waifu (they're coming).

Now imagine the alternative, "happy wife happy life". She wants a big house, she wants a new car, kids ($700k+ each), their college debt, her college debt, expensive holidays, expensive gifts, withholding sex unless you do chores, periods, cheating, her disrespecting you in front of the kids, her limiting who you can be friends with, divorce rape, child-support. I may be biased but I honestly think being a bachelor is amazing.


File: 5329998b6458cd0⋯.png (196.91 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 5329998b6458cd0b3ab13898c9….png)

Greetings from switzerland



Exactly, a big problem is how they act nowadays. I wouldn’t mind 3DPD as much if they weren’t so pozzed (by nature too likely). 2d girls incorporate all of the good aspects of 3d women and remove 99% of the bad aspects. I also can’t wait for robo waifus, even though they will likely be pretty expensive. But like you said, with how much a 3d woman nowadays can cost you a robo waifu will likely be much cheaper even with maintenance and all that too. I’m pretty stoked for the potential of assembling my own robo maid harem honestly. The only shame is that they will still look like 3d women most likely. I can’t wait for truly immersive VR so I could essentially live in an anime



> will look like 3D women

Probably, assuming they're built a corporation. The >>>/robowaifu/ board luckily is trying to make animu styled ones. I think the most developed project rn is currently building the shell before trying to add robotics. Hell, I'm planning to build my own barebones with my CR-10 3D printer over the college break using an anime-aesthetic style robot (as making a realistic anime one will be very hard for a newbie). Within a decade we'll hopefully be able to get a decent one for about $20k, so I'm pretty excited (to say the least).




File: 5d9cfa97bb2afbb⋯.png (495.23 KB, 698x882, 349:441, Rumia 070.png)


Your flag says Venezuela though.



Mine says American even though I'm an Aussie. This site is just weird like that.


File: 9587a53e3228d9d⋯.png (256.06 KB, 424x520, 53:65, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at ….png)


I think it's been 4 years or so since I became a full time 2dfag. Lucid dreaming helps a lot I think.


File: f45ea86d523691b⋯.jpg (160.2 KB, 613x800, 613:800, megumin 1.jpg)


Imma have to try this, I've heard a lot of good things.

Although even if I can lucid dream, at some point I will probably have to try adult dating and have a go at the sex. It's not a big priority by any stretch, but it'll be an experience worth having once I've sorted out more important things (career, house, investments, etc).



JMO but it's worth having sex just to fully understand what a not big deal it is (so you don't become r9k). After the first time I had sex the majority of the times I had sex I thought about how I'd rather be watching anime.



Yeah, well I'll probably consider a prostitute over Tinder as it's more straight forward if I just wanna try it. But heck, I'll probably even try dating if I can find a way of meeting a decent girl outside of internet dating, clubs and bars; but who knows? It seems that most people meet online nowadays so I might just need to bite the bullet and give it a go.


I've been happily with my waifu for several years now, and I wouldn't give her up for anything. 3dpd has nothing good to offer, don't bother with it.

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