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File: 5b4df1c68431f75⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1280x661, 1280:661, LAKJNNSDKJB KWEFWE.png)


<Roughly from favorite to least-favorite:

>Magus Bride

Kind of a frustrating ending to the anime, I wish they just left it unfinished so they could do another season once the manga got ahead but I still really liked it.

>Planet With

I don't fully understand why I enjoyed this so much but I did.

>Gintama "Final" Arc

Not as good as comedy Gintama but still good.

>Goblin Slayer

>Chio's School Road

>Violet Evergarden

>SSSS Gridman

>Overlord 3

>Zombieland Saga

>Darling in the Franxx

>Black Clover

>Toji no Miko

>Boku no Hero Academia 3

>Grancrest Senki

>Stein's Gate 0

>Jashin-chan Dropkick

>Itou Junji Collection

>Basilisk sequel

This one was just frustrating, I try not to hate on sequels too much but this was just a terrible anime and even worse sequel. The original was one of my favorites.

Also not really fair to rank them but One Piece was better than the previous year and I'm excited to have Fairy Tail back.


-Toonari Kyuketsuki

-Uchi Maid

-Tensei Slime

-Jashin-chan Dropkick

-Hakumei to Mikochi

-Golden Kamui

-Kino no Tabi


-Mitsuboshi Colours

-Yuru Camp

There are others I watched but I can't be bothered listing them, I don't regard them as being special enough.


AOTY is Uma Musume or Zombieland Saga. Waiting for the latter to finish before making the final decision. Other than them

>Yuru Camp


>Comic Girls

>Mitsuboshi Colors

>Ryuuou no Oshigoto

>Asobi Asobase

>Gungale Online

>Toji no Miko

>Killing Bites

>Slow Start

>Back Street Girls

>Isekai Maou


>Revue Starlight

>Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

>Planet With




There were some other shows I didn't finish. Also not mentioning this season because it's hard for me to judge them when they're only halfway through.



Did you not like Planet With?



I didn't hate it or anything, it kept me entertained enough to keep watching. It just felt pretty weak compared to Mizukami's other works to me, so I left it feeling a bit disappointed.



I only wish it was longer and had gone without the CGI



Has anything else by him been adapted?


Yeah I agree with that.

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