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Welcome to the jungle.

File: 68a6d3d9c524269⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 275x183, 275:183, sheldy.jpg)


I'm The Proctor. I run this board.

There are no rules here, apart from my whim. Unlike the condescending cunts on the Normiebook pages, I'll let you know why your shit's been deleted or you've been banned.

Other than that, post what you want. Post any questions you have for me in this thread. I'll answer whatever I feel like answering.


>what is this board

This is a board for anybody who goes to or went to Oxford. Memes, gossip, shitposts, or exposes are to be accepted. 8chan is completely anonymous, so feel free to post whatever tf you want without fear.

>will you remove problematic content

piss off

>can i reveal my ID here

Don't recommend it.

>can i do oxfesses/loves/feuds here

Sure. There's a thread for each.

>who are you

Fuck you, ugly.

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Start a dox thread for that. I'm sure you'll make some progress if you get enough of the autists of Oxford to labour towards your goals.

File: c34149664c6272f⋯.jpg (86.58 KB, 800x600, 4:3, hreg9wgblciunhhpdrb9.jpg)


Who are the smartest, single undergrad girls in each college? Looking for an intellectual chirpse.


File: 83a69def9567d0b⋯.jpg (99.96 KB, 600x709, 600:709, 01eaebef0b7b78da962d824906….jpg)


>not getting into all souls

>not having a shifty 150+ IQ gf

poor form

File: 21591f7388fcdb8⋯.png (48.75 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 18194922_129668054248162_1….png)


Tell us about how much you want to kill yourself. We may tell you how to do it.

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having browsed it, that's literally just a ripoff of MDE's kickstarter TV series from 2012ish. MDE is infinitely funnier, too

But yeah, that's a good idea


Does anyone know if any of the spires are available to throw yourself off of? I'm considering going out either via hanging, hydrogen sulfide, or through a public demonstration, and I imagine if I can do it via University Church or Nuffield Tower that'd be perfect for my ends.


How does one go about to acquire some Ritalin? I'll be able to get it legally next year after my diagnosis, but I really need it now



Why would you use Hydrogen Sulfide??? Do you want your corpse to stink of rotten eggs?? Fair enough killing yourself, but at least don't be a problem for others…

(Please don't kill yourself. There's so much stuff left to enjoy. You can't miss out on deadpool 2, surely?! Please talk to someone about it)



There's online pharmacy websites that are alright, I can't remember what they are but if you do some Google crawling you'll come across them - they're the type of places people source Modafinil from.

File: c1d34e78c459ecf⋯.png (44.59 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 23517618_329998764072604_2….png)


Tell us about how angry you are that they didn't use your gender pronouns and how daddy didn't sodomise you as much as your big sister.

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Back in the day, there were only four Oxford pages: Oxmeme, Memeing Spires, Oxlove, and Oxfeud. One of these didn't have a shield at all; Oxmeme and Oxfeud had the circle, whilst Oxlove had the shield. Then, the admins of Oxlove decided to make Oxfess to get more likes. Oxfess was a nice middle ground between the sappy inanity of Oxlove and the 'triggering' of Oxfeud, so it was the most popular.

Then all the stupid spin-off pages were made by their own budding entrepreneurs, and because 90% of them lacked any ability to use Photoshop/Gimp, they went for a low-tier MS Paint edit of the shield because that was easiest.

If you were a real autist, you would support the circle. The so-called 'structural uniformity' is the same level of cultural marxism that you should already hate.



What's wrong with the Polish one?






What is it? Why is this bad?



A tradthot is a woman who feigns being moralistic and old-fashioned by sticking to hot-button topics that the right will generally agree with, whilst actually being promiscuous and has no intent to be traditional (starting a family, having kids, etc).


File: cab930ca0ae8ca8⋯.jpg (88.56 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 28951115_972379216270904_7….jpg)


Does anyone know anywhere I can meet more traditional women in Oxford? I've no interest in dating around or stuff, I just want to find an intelligent and compassionate woman to marry and start a large family with with me as the breadwinner and her as the housewife.

Obviously you can't just go from 0 to 10 instantly, such women aren't a big homogeneous block sharing the same characteristics, and I may have to develop myself further to be worthy of them; but right now I'm having a lot of difficulty finding women who share my values and goals with in the first place atm.

Know any societies, places, or social events where you'd find a lot of these women?

File: c62da0816592637⋯.jpeg (9.65 KB, 182x277, 182:277, images.jpeg)


Is there a free speech club in Oxford? One where you would not be attacked over , for example, questioning PC culture?


Port and Policy for refreshing and fun anti pc shitposting.

Hayek society for genuine discussion and principles


Tangentially related:

Anyone interested in a sort of a gathering that allows for an aggressive and free-form arena? I was thinking a verbal fight-club sort of deal. All language is allowed, civility is actively discouraged, ad-homs and shittalking are the norm. No recording, and just a single referee to keep things flowing.

I feel as if there's a lot of pent-up stress that the saccharine civility of this city builds up. It'd be cool if we could get a few dozen people just going at it, letting out their anger on whatever topic.

File: 1d4dd7bd955c074⋯.jpg (7.7 MB, 6000x4000, 3:2, _DSC0769.JPG)


who do you have to blow to get a secondhand ball ticket around here? Anyone know a better place for ticket resale than just the standard fb pages?


We're prob at the mercy of the scalpers FB pages at this point, tbh. It's fucking ridic but there's not much you can do.

File: 3482e65def9867c⋯.jpg (44.89 KB, 600x600, 1:1, FB_IMG_1522090146994.jpg)


Muh feminism


File: c8bcf0c486e70e8⋯.jpg (30.94 KB, 680x551, 680:551, 29572902_851403038364954_5….jpg)

I liked the articles, presuming what he is saying is true. If phil department is bluntly changing the reading list to accommodate more female writers just because they are female and with no basis for the magical "40%" number then it is absolutely awful.

Oh, and this is the top most comment on the facebook post of this article. Really disappointing to see such a demeaning reply being so popular.

File: c07543d709fe659⋯.png (39.77 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 16649562_194626407687509_8….png)


Post your chirpses. Exchange deets. Regale the public with your cybersex.


To the fatty I fucked,

after a night in PT,

you were gross and weird,

but good enough for me.



"You're nothing. But not to me"

speech 100

File: 74adc2d4414d17c⋯.png (221.1 KB, 320x270, 32:27, jordan_peterson.png)


Hi, I was wondering what is the opinion of Jordan Peterson in Oxford?

I am a science student so I don't find time to read up on various topics Dr. Peterson is discussing in his online videos, but I find things he says (not everything but most things) sound very reasonable. So I would like to hear opinions of students who are actually studying related subjects to what Peterson is talking about.

I shall boldly assume that students at Oxford are intelligent individuals who are able to express their thoughts with an aid of well based arguments.


For phil, he's working well outside of the analytical tradition and doesn't really have the analytical rigour that comes with it. His written works and lectures are more like meandering strolls than concise arguments; pleasant, but he seems to work off the back of heuristics and rules of thumb more than any philosophers working in the anglosphere.

I think there's hope for his project, but it would require a lot of work to make it stand up to the sort of standards you get in analytic phil. But I think he's got a lot to say, and a lot of moral and political phil these days is looking a lot towards their relationship with psych, so he's pretty on the curve. See: Haidt and Moral Foundations Theory.


that's a fair point from phil perspective as his more philosophical views even to me seem to be less well based

but then again, he is a psychology professor, not an academic in phil.

i am curious what are the view of his more controversial statements? about gender pronouns and freedom of speech or about the whole new age tribalism?


He's a reactionary hack, pedalling a cocktail of psychobabble and unoriginal self-help advice.

Look at the brooding, desperately-'macho' way he's staring into the camera. Boooring.


yeah, no, how about come up with a coherent response?

and yeah, his "self-help" stuff is unoriginal. it's , like, almost self evident things he is saying: "take up responsibility for your life". but it seems that people want and need to hear that. and, in my opinion, it's very interesting what he is tapping into in our society.

File: 4aba3b493bb4eab⋯.jpg (194.17 KB, 564x859, 564:859, 3b0481c990e5a9306ecdec39fd….jpg)


How easy would it be to attend lessons at Oxford without being a registered student? do they allow people to audit courses? if not how hard would it be to just sneak in?


Lectures at the exam schools would be very easy to attend imo. Just walk in. Probably some other departmental lectures would also be possible if you were to claim that you were studying another subject (hence why you may not be able to fob open the door) and doing interdisciplinary work.

Classes and tutes would be impossible. They're organised and supervised by colleges, who know all their students well.



As long as you enter during 'rush hour' you could attend most science lectures. They all require keycards to get in, but you can just tailgate your way around.

File: fcc83f1cfdf74e4⋯.jpg (47.18 KB, 320x212, 80:53, sheldonian.jpg)


What's your political ideology?

What's the most pressing current opinion for you?

How do people around you react towards your beliefs?


hi, I stand as somewhat social-liberal. (there are some ideas that I like in socialism, but don't mistake it with Marxism). I believe in fair equality of opportunity and in the equility before the law. And I like to think that people are different fundamentally. And I am not talking about race, sex, sexual preferences or any of that kind of nonsense, even though those are differences. They are the differences that , in principle, do not ( I think we still need to work a bit towards "do not") decide persons success in life. I am talking about pure merit. Some people are smarter, stronger or faster than others and that's all that matters, because that's what dictates success in our society. And I think that we should strive for a society where where wealth and responsible power could be acquired only through merit.

File: b4a372d4c0f5a58⋯.png (901.63 KB, 1200x598, 600:299, modup.png)


Working on a dissertation atm, really keen to get ahold of some Mod and I don't want to wait for it to ship in from abroad. Anyone selling? Will pay good money for 5-6 pills.

File: 46976476f4f0f09⋯.jpg (725.13 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, DSC00946-1.JPG)


I was an American visiting scholar (essentially an exchange student) at Oxford in 2003– Holy fuck time flies. Only time I ever felt truly religious (not just spiritual) in my life was going to church in Oxfordshire and listening to the choirs and taking in the Gothic art.


File: 96c90d142144c30⋯.jpg (322.43 KB, 1000x665, 200:133, high-altar-large.jpg)


only time i went to a religious service that brought me to tears. none of that cringy af guitar shit, just truly powerful traditional mass.

File: 2c45c916e623b4a⋯.jpg (279.28 KB, 620x387, 620:387, rhodes_3592071b.jpg)


Why is this shit invoked at any opportunity by far-left political hacks? do they really believe that muh feels should trump all argument? ffs smh

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