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File: b92c6b062a12780⋯.jpg (10.04 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Q3CTF1.jpg)

aafb5b  No.10345

Pontificating on spiritual themes. No insult or offense offered here. Just questions and references to Q.

I don't even know if this tv show (Supernatural) is still on air. If it is then it must be a real joke by now. I gave up watching around when the angels vs demons theme started kicking into high gear. Big deviation from the show's original theme (urban myths). It's like how Smallville went off track and deteriorated into a most confusing mess.

But here's the thing: do any of you peeps really believe that shit is real? I see too many people making massive spiritual leaps of faith regarding the Q vs Cabal battle. Yeah, I get it. It's the battle of the century. Totally with you there. But angels vs demons?

Did God just suddenly get in the mood to flex his muscles? Activate the NSA and MI, put Trump in office, kick Satan's ass and send all of his followers to hell (or wherever)?

Gotta ask. Where was He during WW1 and WW2? Didn't some ass need kicking back then? Why wait so long for justice?

Look, Q vs Cabal is an organic and historical occurrence. It couldn't not happen. It had to happen at some point. Humanity can't go on like this. It's as simple as that. There is no need to bring up any spiritual theme to try to explain it all.

Again, I am not working up to condemn spirituality in any way. I'm not sure what to believe and I'm not prepared to play the atheist sceptic who denies everything. For sure, there is more to this reality than what we can see with microscopes and telescopes.

But, honestly, aren't we stretching it a bit to ascribe current events to some form of supernatural agent? Good, you have spiritual beliefs which give you hope for humanity but what about having faith in humanity itself? Do you want to believe that we are all just puppets being manipulated by something unseen. That is, I think, a rather fatalistic view. I would prefer to believe that the real power on earth resides INSIDE us not OUTSIDE.

Just a thought.

83a167  No.10469

Good post. For me, a supernatural worldview provided the framework to understand history, life events, and dealing with the weird. Keep digging and searching.

For me it began with a belief that we weren’t alone in the universe. But why come all this way to abduct people. Why did ‘aliens’ not develop the ability to totally knock out people instead of just messing with memories? We use painkillers even with livestock veterinary medicine.

In the end, angels / demons was the best explanation for alien abduction phenomena. Granted some military involvement there…makes a good cover.

As far as why now for God to kick butt. God respects free will. My opinion is humanity was Managed in a way that eliminated free will. Lies from media, religious figures, and government kept us as exploited sheep. Then the internet happened and people started waking up and petitioned God to judge things based on free will.

fba65f  No.10528

One aspect of God though Jesus Christ that gets overlooked is His perfect patience. No one surpasses him, or even comes close to his ability to handle us with care, even in our worst fits of sin, with the life-changing strength of gentle kindness. “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”- 2 Peter 3:9

You wrongly assumed God was watching a commercial while WW1 and WW2 happened. The word patience is derived from the Greek word makrothumia. It is often translated literally as longuffering. When Adam sinned, God did not charge into garden with a drawn sword. Rather, He walked in and called out for Adam. Similarly, God's patience enables Him to come after us. Jesus said, "For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost."

The patience of God is God choosing to delay His reaction to my sin so that I can reflect and repent of my sin. Life is hard "God will bring us back in countless ways to the same point over and over again. And He never tires of bringing us back to that one point until we learn the lesson, because His purpose is to produce the finished product. The longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah" (1Peter 3:20). But God's patience did not last forever. The flood came (2Peter 2:5). So it is today with the assault of Christians nearing the Roman coliseum days of feeding them to the lions for sport. His patience will only last so long.

Through every generation God holds people accountable in this way. God's statement about Jezebel is instructive. "I gave her time to repent but she does not want to." God makes it clear that he does not want Jezebel and her followers to continue in sin, nor does he want to punish them. He wants them to repent. However he warns of "great tribulation unless they repent…" (Revelation 2:20-23).

3bef7c  No.10549

The people who believe in angels and demons are often Christians. Their proof is that the Bible is legitimate (the bible talks about angels and demons) and that God exists. If you're not sure what to believe, start by scrutinizing and examining every aspect of Christian theology. First start with whether God exists. If God exists, then is he the Christian God or some other religion's? If he is the Christian God, what does he say and teach in the Bible? Is there evidence that the Bible is even reliable? What does the Bible actually say about angels, hell, free will, evil/suffering, love, etc. Lots of atheists have done the above, became Christians, and then wrote a book about their experiences. Check out Cold Case Christianity by j. warner wallace. Evidence that demands a verdict by Josh mcdowell is also good

Those who deny the existence of demons and angels don't really mention (in my experience) any evidence to support their claims other than it just seems a bit too wacky. But then the other side claims to have a bunch of evidence…

Where was God during X event is a question you may find answers to on this journey

7c1664  No.10693

As the story goes when Adam and Eve ate of the "forbidden fruit", their eyes were opened to good and evil. This must needs be understood that they opened themselves up to the experience of evil. Experiential knowledge of evil. Theretofore, they were spiritually insulated from evil. That is, no experiential knowledge of it, it didn't exist in their perceived reality. When their "eyes were opened" (not a good thing in context) they perceived they were naked (shame felt). Thus, evil, which is a spiritual matter, entered the realm of man's experience. Shame and guilt entered the realm of man's experience. Life is a spiritual competition. Good and evil the combatants. Most are not even aware of the arena. Yet all are subject to the spiritual power called evil.

aafb5b  No.10785

Site says "Flood detected. Discarding reply." Hmmm. Trying to restore thread.

74b3a4  No.11224

We're talking about a number of groups which are easiest described as satanic. Do they believe in angels and demons? Do they believe in ETs and inner earth people who appear as gods? This ww battle is indeed being won on many levels, call them what you will. Galactic politics and cosmic cycles are at play. I'm just happy to see how humanity is responding, including the panic of the old guard.

IMHO God doesn't create an entire universe just to mess with it directly as an anthropomorphic diety. No need to after splitting into all of the entities and energies of the cosmos. But if we align ourselves with the will of the One Infinite Creator the result is always overflowing love, followed by a powerful desire for liberty and truth.

d75c37  No.11230

Thing is we are ALL part of God whether we think we are or not.

There is so much that we have forgotton but it is within us ALL.

The knowledge of how to access this is around but we have been encouraged to look in the wrong place.

We have been going around in circles for millennia as we can all see in our ancient history. Why???

We are stuck in a loop because of our frequency/energy/vibration.

It is all about balance and there IS more dark than light because we've mistakenly fed the dark!!!

We forgot that we are part of God and forgot that we were creators too. We are still creating even though we are (mostly) not aware of it.

Love your enemies was said for a reason….

Love diffuses.

Hate feeds .

Love feeds.

What we think about we get more of…..

The cabal know this but they are stuck in their own loop of dark feeding dark.

Jesus, knew this and he fed love/light with love and light.

We did not pay enough attention to the message.. We got caught up in the messenger.

Q knows this.

aae5c2  No.11269

Work backwards.

What we see is a large, decentralized organization with apparently little communication between its member parts. That it operates so effectively would be quite surprising if that's all there was to it. It would be much less surprising if there was an unseen apex of the pyramid. What might be there? The prince of the world fits well; many of the members put him at the top of their pyramid, being able to telepathically give orders explains the apparent lack of communication, and the name describes it pretty well–doesn't it?

If you're going to have the Devil, there better be a God. The attacks on Christianity instruct us that it is through this lens we must look. If you are going to attack supernatural evil, you need the armor of God; that's what Q and the patriots wear, even if they don't know it themselves yet.

83a332  No.11301

Tumblr folks would be very upset with you for saying Supernatural is a joke. I mean, there are jokes, funny ones, memes for EVERYTHING. It has quite a following. Misha is adorable.

All of the everything, on earth, is Good v. Evil. Whether there are long times of peace and then it cycles again to war, dunno. It’s the story of earth, “Soul Battles”. Could have a whole series from the angel’s POV, the demon’s, the human’s, the woke, the sleepy sheeps, etc. Inter-dimensional cable, of course.

aafb5b  No.11304

I like the replies here. Food for thinking. Does belief in angels or demons or other supernatural forces require belief in Satan? Aleister Crowley did not believe in Satan yet many of his followers are satanists. Mind you, the Church of Satan also does not believe in Satan. If Satan does not exist, does God exist? Is the yin/yang required?

Imagine that the universe has no God and no Satan but it has angels and demons. Perhaps they are locked in an eternal struggle, seeking to control the souls which inhabit many worlds like this one. I suppose that this is a scary thought. It is comforting to believe that the universe has an overseer who will ultimately end the battle between good and evil. Even scarier: what if there are only demons, no angels?

I will also note that belief in Christianity or the Bible is not a requirement. Can one believe in the supernatural without adhering to any religion?

0629ee  No.11929

God and Satan are real but right now, Satan is powerful in our world since the fall of man. That basically gave Satan and the fallen angels who were on his side (and cast out of Heaven) license to wreak havoc on earth. God does not cause the misery and He hates it. Satan hates us because we are made in the image of God and he only comes to kill, steal and destroy.

Since man has free will to choose to obey or reject God, his choice determines where he will spend eternity.

God gave us a free (but not cheap) gift—our solution to break free from Satan and restore our original relationship with God before Adam and Eve disobeyed Him. And of course, that was sending His Son, Jesus to pay the penalty that we deserved by dying and shedding His blood for us. This gift is available to every person on Earth but it’s only good when we accept it. Jesus never pushed Himself on anyone. He just told people who he was, why he was here and let them use their free will to accept His offer or leave it.

Until then, the Hebrews had to make blood sacrifices from animals each year for their sins. (For without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin) but when Jesus, a perfect Human in God’s image, was sacrificed, it was done once and for all, for all mankind.

But it’s up to us to take it or leave it. That’s why while all of us are created in the image of God, only those who have accepted Jesussacrifice are the children of God. It is very simple, really and yes, very black and white. That’s what confuses a lot of Westerners. People in third world countries see more people being saved because they already understand about blood sacrifices.

At any rate, this is about good versus evil and Christians mainly are fighting on a spiritual plane, which shows itself here on Earth.

Satan has already lost the war (when Jesus was resurrected) but his hate and ouose don’t change and he is going to take as many peop,e with him as he can.

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