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File: 7fd8d01cfef3f4a⋯.jpeg (180.09 KB, 626x432, 313:216, 3A69770C-9323-4BCD-B21C-9….jpeg)

354d23  No.11422

President Trump’s comments at a rally this week has MSM drooling on themselves. The aggressive posturing CNN Whitehouse reporter Jim Acosta took with Sarah Sanders reflects the frenzied desire MSM has to push this narrative.

“We need to believe women.” A MSM/Hollywood mantra set to put women’s interests and value back a century or more. A general and ambiguous statement that is void of integrity and true human justice. It is a vile statement that every woman should understand. If you are a human being, it is not inherent that values, morals, and individual integrity will be part of your psychological make up and habits you practice. It is a choice each individual wrestles with throughout their life. Women and men have complete equality in this area. For MSM/Hollywood to continue this forced theme, what are they really trying to accomplish? What are the possibilities? The degradation of Due Process? Further division between political parties? Subjugation of strong, bright, and balanced men? Weakening the true righteous voice of victims? We have a long history with MSM/Hollywood. The hypocrisy is unpalatable. This should wake every man and woman. We are being manipulated. Mr. President how long must

women (and men) wait for liberty?


fcd35b  No.11766

File: 5e0ca2268ccd6bd⋯.jpg (78.2 KB, 710x932, 355:466, 1533084444667.jpg)

Women shouldn't be allowed to vote or participate in politics in any way above secretary.

daad73  No.11776

Well, since most women i know lie like rugs .. and im female…they are highly suspect. Sorry but not sorry. Thats what it is

a758a2  No.11880

Why? Why not believe the Truth?

Never figured it mattered which gender had any bearing. Truth is Truth.

It knows NO gender.

If the feminazi's were honest with themselves the would learn misandry is just as wrong as misogyny.

767f46  No.11914

File: f2620affc15a642⋯.jpeg (160.87 KB, 1182x1189, 1182:1189, A61447C9-D08B-47C4-A2DA-5….jpeg)

How many women LIE about being raped? Many!

No woman should be believed automatically. There MUST be accompanying EVIDENCE .

Without evidence we are ALL innocent until proven guilty.

Anyone not wanting to live in our REPUBLIC should move and find the country where the laws suit them.

America has never been, is not now and with God’s grace will never be, a Democravy. We are a Constitutional Republic!

I guess the Leftist indoctrination centers don’t teach this any longer..


767f46  No.11918


I have seen more skin at the beach.

The First Lady was a model for many years and was photographed in seductive poses.


She was NEVER an escort as the Fake News reported.

When God FORGIVES you no man can point a finger at you & call you guilty!

fcd35b  No.11920

File: adbcc2ff1f6241b⋯.jpg (95.1 KB, 737x374, 67:34, oGQRstD.jpg)


Um, hey dipshit, do you have an actual point?

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