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1412a5  No.11877




1412a5  No.11878

Q is doing the heavy lifting!!!!

What should we do to take back education of our children

Propaganda machine needs to be stopped

36476b  No.11881

Maybe paying attention and voting in your local school board elections? Step two would be abolishing the Dept of Ed at the Fed level.

361d8f  No.11896


1) we need to punish students who make false allegations and parents who threaten frivolous lawsuits (yes, these are both extremely common)

2) we need to dis-empower administrators and power individual teachers. A few teachers, especially the older ones, are shitty at what they do and don't care about kids. The vast majority do. Where it gets fucked up is all the games administrators can play to fuck over a good teacher who disrupts their control.

1412a5  No.11902

Depoliticize School Boards!!! Retiree's help us by taking up some of the burden and run for the school boards. We need common sense, elimination of entitled positions, support for Principals that want to make a difference by enforcing good teaching

361d8f  No.11937


the vast majority of principals don't give two shits about good teaching. They care about three things:

1. Potential lawsuits against the school

2. On-time graduation rate

3. Standardized test scores

1412a5  No.12029


You are correct. But there are some good ones. We need to take back our School Boards, reward good principals and fire bad ones. Eliminating the federal involvement is a knee jerk reaction. We need strong school boards, True educators, and an unbiased curiculum.

361d8f  No.12066


imo you're approaching the problem backwards. The problem isn't that we need new leadership, it's that the current system incentivizes dishonest, disingenuous, and biased leadership.

We really need to disempower administrators - both at the school level and district level - and empower teachers.

1412a5  No.12121

Empowering Teachers means breaking the "teachers union". To do that means driving privatization of Schools. Again this is a huge leadership change with the ability to crack the urban city based monster schools systems where the union money and power base comes from. Disenfranchising School Boards and public administration needs a purposeful plan. Charter Schools are not enough. But we can enforce baby steps.. Roll Back common core, enforce teacher evaluations with ability to fire regardless of seniority or tenure, bring some lawsuits to break the union up into smaller pieces. Reignite Bi-modal education with creation of trade schools and practical apprenticeships. Comments please and some thoughts on concrete steps we can begin or join to move this issue.

70fc20  No.12128

Thanks, Anon - necessary thread.

Globalists are taking over our education. Many good articles here:


361d8f  No.12141


I'm in my 7th year as a teacher. The idea of "tenure" of public school teachers is an absolute myth. Most schools have contracts where teachers who are on "provisional" status - i.e. within their first 3 years and still on comprehensive evaluations - can be dismissed FOR ANY REASON. After that, a teacher must have a justification to be fired, but those justifications are plenty. If a teacher is ineffective, that's grounds for termination.

On top of that, there are many shady as fuck games that administrators play to fuck over good teachers they have problems with. "Passing the trash" is one move where a school can destroy a teacher's schedule and give them something wildly fucked up (4 preps, split between two schools) which then forces the teacher to transfer to another position.

Admins can also control scheduling where they take every behavioral-problem and low-end testing (but not technically SPED) student and dump them on one teacher. Then they can use poor test scores as an "AHA GOTCHA UR FIRED" when the truth is they gave that teacher unmanageable classes.

The biggest reason that shitty teachers are polluting schools is because there is a nationwide teacher shortage. The reason there's a shortage is that teachers are being underpaid, having COLAs frozen for years (which unions can't do shit about except strike… which is another grounds for termination), and being treated like shit.

EVERYTHING comes down to administrative fuckery. If you want to fix public education, start with a purge of corrupt/inept/incompetent superintendents and administrators who don't give a fuck about education and are only bean counters protecting their schools from lawsuits by letting shitty students and parents run the circus.

70d8f5  No.12261

Simply take the "PUBLIC" out of our Local Schools! Make all schools "PRIVATE" and funded by School Vouchers. Gets the GOV and Politics out of the Education Business and restores basic rights back to the Education Process!

1412a5  No.12494

Getting Public Out requires Public Legislation. This requires a full out campaign to reeducate parents on what the schools are teaching and how it is dumbing our children down instead of teaching them real skills either academic or practical. I agree administrative fuckery is a huge obstacle. Look at big city school systems which have become the indoctrination camps for socialism through both curriculum and choice of teachers. To go private we must break the back of these monstrosities from both an administrative perspective and pay them much better to combat the union grip on their careers and lives.

1412a5  No.12528


My father grew up in Nazi Germany and taught me at home to see through propaganda, we must do the same for children and grandchildren until we make the transition.

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