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September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: ad93ff6a07f1e5e⋯.gif (3.68 KB, 301x101, 301:101, RWA.gif)

1412a5  No.11877




1412a5  No.11878

Q is doing the heavy lifting!!!!

What should we do to take back education of our children

Propaganda machine needs to be stopped

36476b  No.11881

Maybe paying attention and voting in your local school board elections? Step two would be abolishing the Dept of Ed at the Fed level.

361d8f  No.11896


1) we need to punish students who make false allegations and parents who threaten frivolous lawsuits (yes, these are both extremely common)

2) we need to dis-empower administrators and power individual teachers. A few teachers, especially the older ones, are shitty at what they do and don't care about kids. The vast majority do. Where it gets fucked up is all the games administrators can play to fuck over a good teacher who disrupts their control.

1412a5  No.11902

Depoliticize School Boards!!! Retiree's help us by taking up some of the burden and run for the school boards. We need common sense, elimination of entitled positions, support for Principals that want to make a difference by enforcing good teaching

361d8f  No.11937


the vast majority of principals don't give two shits about good teaching. They care about three things:

1. Potential lawsuits against the school

2. On-time graduation rate

3. Standardized test scores

1412a5  No.12029


You are correct. But there are some good ones. We need to take back our School Boards, reward good principals and fire bad ones. Eliminating the federal involvement is a knee jerk reaction. We need strong school boards, True educators, and an unbiased curiculum.

361d8f  No.12066


imo you're approaching the problem backwards. The problem isn't that we need new leadership, it's that the current system incentivizes dishonest, disingenuous, and biased leadership.

We really need to disempower administrators - both at the school level and district level - and empower teachers.

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