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File: 3b48698462eb7cb⋯.jpg (27.36 KB, 250x255, 50:51, wwg1wga.jpg)

6d1074  No.11895


We understand [Process and Planing-Law and Order]

[Military OP]

We all appreciate all the progress your team has made. We have never been here before…we are moving to a new phase which nobody has ever witnessed in recent history. Please don't take our frustration for what we see as the "Slow wheels of justice" to affect you and your team has accomplished. Steady as YOU go!

The fight for righteousness ,law and our Freedoms starts with you and your Team. We would never ever have gotten here if not for that! I [we] thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

It is unfortunate that they think we will sit back and let them run this country into the ground without consequences….this will not happen on our watch. And I say this with Pride….

"What are your orders"?

4af641  No.11940

I am so glad Q talked about doing this the law and order route. Without using 'law and order' way to save the republic would destroy it as well. Hell of a tight path to walk.

692511  No.11950

At this point, I am thinking that there is more to this than just legality and due process. I'll bet that the declas has already happened but Trump is sitting on it. The Kavanaugh confirmation took longer than expected and the dems have whipped themselves and every progressive activist into a frothing frenzy. CNN is trying hard to avoid calling the Democrat mob what it is. Clinton is promising an end to civility (as if they were ever civil). The dems are openly calling for violence. This is gonna get a lot worse than it has been.

Perhaps Q underestimated the aftermath of the K confirmation. It seems certain that the dems are whipping up this frenzy on purpose to try to avoid what they know is coming. In any case, Q and Trump have to proceed slowly and carefully. Any miscalculation could lead to unpleasant consequences. MKUltra puppets could be triggered for public assassinations. Riots could be orchestrated as well. The media stands ready to blame Q for anything that happens.

Releasing the declassified documents now and following up with mass arrests is the worst possible course of action. I have no idea what Q is planning now. Maybe the situation is so volatile that nothing can be done till after the election, if even then. We will continue to be frustrated by the apparent lack of progress.

In my mind, the best way out of this mess would be to get the culprits to "fall on the sword" for the greater good. Any possibility of appealing to the better side of these criminals? Q might need to resort to some darker methods. Pray that this is not the case.

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